Bryan Lao Shi 2016 Event Forecast

Omhealth has been conducting workshop since 1999. First workshop was conducted in YMCA with a group of 20 attendees. From that time we have given workshop in many parts of Singapore from CC, Schools (for teachers), Offices and Company events. However past 2 years omhealth has been busy with research and workshop for omhealth students. So 2016 will be a special year to have some wonderful fun workshop

Email to, name and mobile. And will ask u to make payment before class.

S/N Event Name Date/Venue Remarks Comments
1 Welcome 2016 with Bryan lao Shi

24th Jan 2016
NTUC Auditorium
9am seated to 1230pm
It all started in 2001, the first fengshui workshop was given in HDB hub for all staff follow by CPF board, Ministry Man Power, SIA follow by many offices and used to be the busiest workshop for me as I need to go to different companies. But in 2008 I have decided to give this workshop at auditorium once a year for 800 attendees.

Slight religious content
2 Health and Beauty with Bryan Part One

all u want to know about omhealth beauty and skin care method

If u miss moonriver dance
butterfly dance
and all herbs and acupressure tips do come
5th March 2016
Venue: To be decided
10am to 12pm

Fees: $35 and for older students who attended before is $25

(do not miss this workshop as it is the 300 runs and have some free gifts ok)

This is the trademark for omhealth. The very first workshop was conducted in 1999. I put in so much hardwork in creating the materials so that this workshop is equivalent to workshop on health and beauty in market 12 hours compressed to 2 hours. And this workshop is the workshop that runs throughout the year. And it was this workshop that was made famous in media, even in People Association as one of the Star trainer . This is the workshop that touches many people's life and introducing Aroma, Color, Music , Acupress and herbs. It was also one of the most prestiges workshop that omhealth was the first to conduct natural therapy in ISTANA, Prime Minister Office. Zero Religious
3 Pyramid Healing Class

(in exercise attire)
28th Feb 2016
Time 930 to 1230
Fees: $166 include a pyramid

Those with Pyramid come with it at $38
Healing energy of pyramid
Breathing exercise with pyramid
Use of Pyramid in house energy
Use of pyramid for improving health and emotion
How to have strong ionization on body
Basic Exercise techniques for Energy healing
Touch therapy with pyramid healing

Include yoga and breathing and color therapy and crystal

Zero religion content
4 Professional Aromatherapy Class

Handwritten notes by bryan and his teacher 1998. Priceless.

7th May 2016
Time: 930 am to 3pm

Yummy Lunch provided

Fees: $250

1) Carrier oil (not launched)
2) Essential oil blend (not launched)

Limit to 50 students only and u will be the new batch in natural therapy to represent omhealth

Professional: Why do I use the word professional. Well I think when aromatherapy is taught base on ur needs and family health and care for urself and elderly than is call professional.

I think after 18 years I can call this class professional aromatherapy.

Look into oil , blending and usages. A class than enable u to see, analyse and understand flower herbs.

Open to omhealth students only and not for newbies .

New bies means never attend omhealth workshop before.

Non religious and fully beauty and health
2016 Good Luck meetup Talk

Date: 17th April
Fees: $45
Material: 2016 Good luck marble
Time: 930am to 1230pm

Is Da Jia Lai bai bai content plus new topics on improving luck and health luck family luck with all Chinese Tradition.

The class was so popular and even museum
send people come hehhee to record some notes.

Once strait times wanted to publish an article on the Bai bai techniques. But I turn down the interview because the photographer disallow me to show pic of Joss paper and label the usages. So whats the point .

A class for all who have attended the Bai Bai Class and newbies.

Method to improve luck and chat chat , eat a bao drink a tea and chat

obviously religiously chinese way of good luck. Few thousand years of trandition that minus of superstitious and fear method.
6 Crystal healing With Bryan Lao Shi Upcoming

Five element Exercise class Gathering for Old students Only
8 时间吃出按出好健康