Bryan's Lao Shi Crystal Jade Company.

I used to be a crystal advisor for a famous fengshui master in Singapore. Now he is on his own and have his series of Jade. Now I have launched a Jade company. With guaranteed GRADE A jade, at a price 1/4 lower than market rate. The official launch of this Jade Company will be 1st November 2008.

Year 2009 is a year where jade and fake or low grade jade will flood in the market with high price. This website is meant for those who love jade. And most of the jade comes in one piece and one design only by Bryan Lao Shi.

Jade may be enhanced (sometimes called "stabilized"). There are three main methods, sometimes referred to as the ABC Treatment System:

All Jade is 3-5cm length and width 2cm minimum. Is for hand carry and for touch and may be too big for pendant. Or can hand on a wooden stand. All Jade will come with a wooden stand and u can hang on the dragon stand which look nice

High Quality Lavender Green Shine code A Double Tianlu Bring Happiness and Hulu Health code B TianLu on fruits with Prospertity  code C

code E

code H

3 tone green fu lu shou bring auspicious Deep shine green and yellow wealth  code F prosperity green and 1000 happiness

code G

Health Lingzhi and wealth and happiness