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Positive Affirmation Talk  200 Gathering renew energy.

NON RELIGIOUS and NO Praying event. Is scientific Affirmation an Unique Approach to LifeLong Vitality.


This class only conduct once a year. The previous class was conducted in September 2009 before the mooncake festival. This is professional positive affirmation class. This year the class will be conducted on 14 Sep 2013. It is a special day accompanied with many good luck stars that appears together once in many years. Do your affirmation again on the day before mooncake festival. You do not need to attend this class again. However, if you are new comers, do come for this exciting class.


S$ 35

Positive Affirmation

Before Mooncake Festival is a day we can get together to do a Mass Human Power positive affirmations.

Positive energy of many people at one time & one location, doing positive affirmations to transform your energy to a higher level. These positive vibrations are designed by me to lift everyone in the group to a state of abundance, success, and joy.

1) Affirmation methods as taught in School of Affirmations by certified Affirmation Therapist.
2) Body Energy Blockages area.
3) Tapping Meridian Method to clear all blockages of chronic sickness and emotional problems.
4) Group Positive affirmations to allow effective wish come true.
5) Music Therapy Aura cleansing.
6) Moelcular Transformations
7) trinity flower for positive thinking.
8) How to attract love if you are single or enjoy a harmony relationship if you have a family.
9) 5 colors soup method for good luck.
10) Dap Skin Beauty.

The day before Mooncake festival:
Bryan will invite the world famous FlOWER LION DANCE to wash away all negative energy and bring a non religious blessing of happiness to all to welcome the new ENERGY of the Year 2013, before FULL Moon Festival to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Upcoming class:  

14 Sept 2013
10:00am to 12:00 PM
Civil Service Club, Tessohsohn Road

To register:  

Email to :
Include your name and mobile number with class/workshop title as Subject.