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Hi all I have divided my workshop into 3 main categories

To register for class, clearly state class titles, Name, Mobile number too. Please make an effort to come once register. Alot of effort is prepared. Thank you. Is a one man show so your effort will really help me .

Map of Civil Service Club (CSC) : look for location     

New Location for Prana QiGong is Waterloo center visit blog for map 

New Workshop: Welcome Rabbit Year 2011 on 15th Jan 2011,CSC auditorium.


Preventive Maintenance Health Beauty

Date Venue Time Status
1 East Meet West (Kwa Sa, Fire Cupping, Moxibustion Acupuncture)

16th July 2011 SMU 9am to 12pm OPEN
2 MBBT and Ah-Ma secret recipe workshop

9th July Bras Basah Complex rm 04-41 10am to 1230pm OPEN
3 AAY Yoga  WaterLoo Dance Studio August CSC 10am to 12pm OPEN



Mind and Body and Emotion

Date Venue Time Status
1 Bryan's Numerology and Pendulum Workshop 23rd July 2011 Bras Basah Complex rm 04-41 10am to 1pm OPEN








Modern Fengshui and Ancient Good Luck Method DIY

Date Venue Time Status
1 寄社栖維維維維栖挫塰。(Most fun)[ENGLISH] (PART 1) 9th Apri 2011  CSC club 10am to 12pm
2 6636 Calculations 18th June SMU .10am to 1230pm .
 BAI Bai 2 $25 5th March Be advised 10am to 1230pm






Office and Company workshop:Bryan organise 1.5 hour officeworkshop during lunch time. Is fun and awarded as one of the Star workshop in GMS. Interested party can email here for a formal proposals


Office Workshop

. . . .
1 Health and beauty with Bryan

Contact Bryan thru

4th Jun . . .
























Inspire, Laughter , Best Office workshop. Featured as Star Trainer in many companies....


Enjoy this series of workshop. Love and Happiness. Let of go of worry, let go of anger, spread happiness, love the mother earth, open your heart to the wonderful healing power from ancient and universe. Whatever pain you experience now is the lesson for you to have a better life in near future. PUT ON A SMILE now.















7thth Bryan Exercise Class with acupressure, music and breathing exercise, Fun and Healing

A class that combines body acupressure, breathing exercise, music therapy, Body Movement Games and stretches to allows body to heal naturally. It helps to relax, slim down tummy, anti age and overall blood circulation. At the same time it brings happiness to your body system and immunity too. Special Dance to fight body tension too. Some breathing to reduce pigmentation and to have more radiant skin.

Body Balance for slimming waisteline Acupressure point for health Laughter therapy to release tension

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Get Younger with Bryan  (Part II) For those who attended part 1 , Beauty and Health with Bryan only.

Date : Nov , Toa Payoh Safra , 7pm to 9pm  Kim Keat Room , $15

This is a workshop continuation from part 1 , Beauty and Health with Bryan

Talk about everything from Mask, skincare DIY, Important acupressure for slowing down aging process. A must attend talk to complete my class.


A workshop that teach you various technique to reduce pain in body. And all various

  1. Ancient techniques to slow down aging process.
  2. Flower tea making for beauty and calming
  3. Leg detox massage (chronic fatigue, insomnia)
  4. Stomach digestive for beauty and health technique will be taught.
  5. Ancient India secret acupressure point for antiageing and beauty.
  6. Various aroma and herbal oil usage
  7. Qing dynasty tea and soup.
  8. Usage of different earth clay for blemishes dull skin and problem hair
  9. H2 O2 technique for silky skin
  10. Hair combing method 2 for more health benefits

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Crystal and color therapy with Bryan

Date: 2012, 3 rd March  to be advised room, 930am to 1pm, $128 Register


Free Chakra bag which has 7 stones for healing.

Colors affect us in many ways. Did you know that lime green can cheer you up? You may want to use turquoise ink to write with to enhance your creativity or you may want to wear red to feel energized and take charge in a situation. Millions of studies have shown that colors can make us feel certain ways. With colors, there are no rules. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

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Certificate in Hand Reflexology with herbal Yin and Yang knowledge

Dates : _______2008 (Sat) 
u can email me to register


Learn a holistic and natural form of massage therapy for pain relieve and enhancement of relaxation. This hands-on application course impart you with the practical knowledge on how to identify hand reflex zones corresponding to the different body parts/organs and how our body responds by relaxing, rebalancing, relieving stress and pain and improving blood circulation.

1. Understanding how Hand Reflexology would enhance beauty when complemented with herbal soup
2. About Hand Meridians & Reflexology Techniques
3. Combining Foot and Hand Reflexology
4. Self Treatment for relieve Pain

Visit our website at or email us at Tel: 6221 2017 if you need more information.

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Part 3 : Practical Technique in TRANSFORMING your skin and Body

Date: to be advised
Class: Max 40 students intake.
Total Training hours 3 hours
TPY Safra Class room, carpeted floor, comfortable room and environment, to be announced in Jun
Fees: $50, Whiteley room
Material included for each participant. [ Materials may change due to availability ]

A holistic and non surgical approach to youth and well being.
Time 9am to 12pm. 3 hours.

1)Body cell regeneration using affirmation for beauty and health (15mins)
2)Few main antiaging herbs to balance the five elements and how to eat (20mins)
3)Practical Massage stick techniques to flatten tummy, and bring radiance back to the skin and health. (20mins)
4) Facelift with ancient acupressure. (20mins)

5) Eye area care (20mins) on just your eyes (dark circle and wrinkles).
6) How to use charcoal water for skin rejuvenation. (15mins)
7) Phoenix stretch for beauty and health. (NEW) (15mins) Pictures notes will be given.

8) Facial Guo Sa for radiant skin(15mins)

Systematic and come with notes, clear instructions to follow. Are you ready to enjoy this new workshop with me :D Part 3 is totally different from Part 1 and 2.

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Health and Beauty with Bryan For companies and Offices

Aroma Color Music Acupressure Laughter Beauty & health, 5 in One workshop [Mental and physical stress release workshop].  Top workshop in Singapore for body wellness for companies (East Meet West Beauty)  

4th Jun 2011; 10am to 12pm, Venue to be announced(room); Location: CSC club $15 per head.

Offices and Companies: Team - Building wellness, worklife balance.Interviewed by Group of Oversea Journalist as one of the most exciting workshop in Singapore.  $800 no limit participants. Minimum 40.



  Aim of workshop:

Bryan started customized school workshops with a lot of positive feedbacks.


Come and learn simple ways of releasing your physical and mental stress through aromatherapy, acupressure, breathing and aroma reflexology techniques.

In this fun and relaxing workshop, you will learn:

  1. hands-on breathing exercises 
  2. simple reflexology and acupressure to manage stress and pain.
  3. Beauty and health tips of China Royal Family dated as far as 1000 years ago
  4. Power of aromatherapy oil used in managing mental and physical stress
  5. Some of the techniques passed down by ancient Emperor China
  6. Uncover TCM secrets on how to apply yin/yang principles in making herbal tea, balancing of your body¨s needs and to cure common ailments.
  7. Right acupressure to relieve different common illness neck shoulder pain, back pain and headaches
  8. Office pantry DIY herbal tea
  9. Simple body movement dance with laughter music fun and relaxing .

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Bryan's Cooking Class for beauty and health (SOUP AND TEA)



The heart of good health and beauty is good eating and drinking of good herbal tea/soup.

 At young age Bryan has absorbed the knowledge of the medicinal aspects and technique of cooking, in the kitchens of mothers and grandmothers.

 By applying the yin/yang principle in cooking, it has the power to cure illnesses in the body.

  Let Mother and son share with you:

  1. Basic 5 element Yin/Yang properties of kitchen herbs
  2. making of beauty Soup from Han and Qing Dynasty
  3. making of beauty Tea for detox and slimming.
  4. Simple facial acupressure while drinking tea for beauty
  5. Special Soup to target back-pain.
  6. More secret cooking receipes 

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Welcome Fengshui 2011   CSC @ Tessensohn Road. Map of Civil Service Club :   Room to be advised when near.

Civil Service club email to , will provide you with details.














Effective Modern Fengshui and Ancient Chinese Tradition of Improving luck

(Other religion u can attend with an open mind. But this workshop is purely sharing of Ancient Chinese Taoism way and Buddhist way of happiness and luck, plus ancient Western Luck enhance techniques). I will share on some Taoist or Buddhist Scripture on luck improvements and how those "Bugis Aunties" pray for people for luck.

Date: 15th Aug 2011

Time: 10am to 1pm

Fees: $68

Venue:Map of Civil Service Club :   Auditorium

This is a workshop that look into details on fengshui basic. On reading compass. Chinese God , Auspicious symbols and how to use them for improving one's luck and family luck. The 8 main directions located in your house and how to activate them.

Also identify your Health direction, career direction and Love direction and how to activate them correctly.

What can Feng Shui do for you?

 Prayer methods and explanation in details of the art of Joss paper. How do you pray correctly and achieve what you want in life.


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Reunion with Bryan --- only for those who have attended my workshop, first timer should attend my part 1 first.









New Age Therapy East Meet West with Bryan

Date: 16th July 2011, Time 9am to 12pm ,

Fees: $50 per head.

Material: Kwa sa Plate and notes

Venue : SMU see blog

NEW CLASS : 16th July 2011

A workshop with practical handson to learn touch therapy, Kwa sa(Basic) and Moxbustion.

Each participants will get a high quality kwa sa plate, a moxibustion stick.

Do you want to learn
1) Touch Therapy
2) Cupping back massage Practical
3) Moxibustion acupuncture and Ginger Moxibustion
4) Kwa sa for insomnia, bloated stomach, Headaches, fatigue etc
5) Herbal flower foot bath DIY

And where can you find a class that includes all the above? Of course, Bryan
析弗 offers them all :D There will also be hands on practical where we will practise moxibustion and Bryan's 4 points moxibustion for health preventive maintenance. Participants will also learn to use fire cupping for slimming or cupping back massage. This touch therapy is also one of the syllabus in one of my certification course in hand reflex for a school. Sincerely design for you all.

Everything starts with (ki, or qi in Chinese), the energy or vital force responsible for controlling the workings of the human mind and body. Ki flows through the body via channels or pathways called meridians. There are a total of 20 meridians: 12 primary meridians, which correspond to specific organs, organ systems or functions, and eight secondary meridians. Imbalances in the flow of ki cause illness; correction of this flow restores the body to balance


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Meditation with music breathing exercise laughter for health and beauty

Date:  1st Dec 2010

 7pm to 830pm to be advised . Email to , Title Meditation class with Bryan, Fees $25, 

Venue : Civil Service Club 

Modern life tends to divert us from nature. Practising meditation is a good way to relieve tireness and reconnect us with nature once again. Meditation helps to banish worries, discover inner smile, balance 5 organs, improve listening skill and letting go of the past. Thereby, achieving a more radiant and serenity outlook.

It reaps especially good result for those with chronic illnesses or tiredness.

Well, do not be put off by the word "Meditation". Many people thought they will not be able to do meditation because they are not able to concentrate. While many others have the misconcept that meditation is only connected to certain religions. No No Noooo....

Bryan's meditation class is more new age. Absolutely not religious at all :D It is more of doing breathing exercises with music. I can assured you there's no religious content at all. In IT terms, it is as though defragmentation of the computer so that it has more space and operate at a faster speed. 5 mins to 10mins a day of "Defragmentation" will be good enough :)

This class was inspired by my conference last week on DNA of mind. I have specially designed the class to help unclutter and defrag your mind. We are always so busy with work, family etc . Learning some techniques such as breathing, music and posture to quiet down your mind helps to bring balance back to your life.

During the class, I will share the simplest breathing techniques so that you can do it daily. All are welcome, do register now. Music played in the class are very therapeutic.















BRYAN LAO SHI  Prana Qi breathing exercise and Touch therapy and Yoga 3 IN 1

26th Feb 2011  SAT 

Attire: Comfy cloth for exercise.A long towel.

Date: 26th Feb 2011 SAT

Health Investment: $35,    Time: 10am to 12pm ;Waterloo center ; refer blog

To register email to , title Prana Qi. 

Once and for all I am going to teach you the essence of qi breathing, touch therapy and Yoga.  This is not a seat there and listen lesson. Is not an aerobic class. But a self Qi Healing session for beauty and health. 

A one lesson to learn techniques to :


Class is divided into 3 section: 

Section A: Touch therapy; a unique palm touch therapy to place palm on few areas around body. Is very good for insomnia, headaches, dull skin, exhaustion, memory and concentration. (The therapy uses a gentle hand motion either on or above the skin to "smooth" the body's energy field. During a touch therapy session, patients often relax so completely that they fall asleep.)

This syllabus is part of my Certificate in Hand reflexology course.

Section B: Power color therapy Breathing and simple yoga to strengthen back and reduce bloated stomach problems.

Section C: Prana 励佩賑孔Qi Movement exercise. Kidney Qi Breathing Exercise.

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Healing Art Therapy with Symbols

NEW Workshop! : Healing Art Therapy with Symbols (A skill u can use for urself and help everyone) . Help to breakthrough in life and Transformations.

Date: 2011
Time: 10am to 12pm
Fees: $38 (Colour Pencils and Paper Included)
Venue: Library Imagination room
Suitable for: all
Registration: Email your name and contact number, indicating `Art Therapy¨ as the email subject title to

Come and join me for this 2-hour interesting workshop learning more how drawing and colouring your own mandalas can help to find one¨s life focus, energy healing methods, how one can send healing energy to our loved ones and how chord cutting method can help to remove any bonds which obstruct one¨s relationship or holding it back.

Interesting Topics

1. Mandala Coloring : Exploring the Mind and release of unwanted Junks with color pencils

Find out how we can gather the strands of our life and find a point of focus within them through our mandala drawings and colouring. Identify and removal of obstacles that prevent you from Rising.

2. Energy Healing Symbols (Create your healing symbols for multi use)

In this interesting session, you will find out more on how to create healing symbols to help remove negative energy and release stagnant energy.

3. Energy Sending (Non-Religious)

How healing energy can be sent to the rest of the world.

4. Chord Cutting Method

Have you ever reached a stage in a close relationship where you seem to be hurting one another more than anything else? Find out more about how chord cutting method can help to cut away any bonds which obstruct the relationship or holding it back.

5. Sea Salt Energy Cleasing method for the body. Sweeping COmb method to cleanse energy.

6. Other Healing Techniques

For participants who have crystals bought from other sources and wished to
have them activated and energized, do bring to this workshop. I will perform
the necessary activation for these crystals. Each participant can bring up to
maximum of 3 pieces of their non-activated crystal collections to the class.

For crystals bought from Bryan, there is no need to activate as they have already been activated. Activation brings in more vibrations to all crystals and allow the person to feel great when wearing it. :D

Theory Behind: The Human Energy BodyWe are energy beings. Every atom and every cell of our body is surrounded by an energy field, therefore our entire physical body is surrounded by a field of energy which we refer to as an aura, this spreads about an arm¨s length all around our body.

Often referred to as Chi, Prana or life force, energy flows around and through our body along lines called meridians. When we are healthy and balanced physically, mentally and emotionally then the energy will flow smoothly along the meridians to our entire being to maintain good health and wellbeing.

If our energy flow is inhibited for some reason then we can become sick, depressed and below par. Our aura reflects our state of mind and our emotional balance and before we actually become sick. Energy healing often works to ensure that the aura is clear and that a good and smooth flow is re-established. Let¨s look at what can cause blockages and problems for healthy energy flow.
















Bryan 析弗 Numerlogy and Pendulum Dowsing for health and Luck
Dowsing is the ancient art of finding water, minerals and other objects that seem to have a natural magnetic, electromagnetic. Energies that the body seems to detect with its built-in, laboratory demonstrable sensors that are no more mysterious than seeing, hearing or feeling, and seem to be natural to all of us. As it is with music, many persons can develop a degree of dowsing skill with training, and practice. Dowsing using colors helps you find out which part of your body is out of balance.
Numerology is the study of numbers, and the mysterious manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan..................



First time in Singapore that combine Simple Numerology and Dowsing.

Course Fees:
$78 ; (Market rate $250)  
Material : Included a Pendulum 
Venue :
Bras Basah Comple 04-41
Date:  23rd July 2011 
Time: 10am to 1pm


Part ONE Heal you life with Numerology:

This course attempts to explain the basics of this fascinating subject and teaches the student how to change the course of your life. To add numbers into your life  which will then reveal so much more about your character and hidden potential.
Reveals your grand potential, who you're 'truly meant to be', reveals limiting factors that may be holding you back from expressing your full capacity, and grants information regarding 'how to' change your unconscious patterns so that you can consciously create the life you dream of.

An ancient science that reveals your personal power. It touchesastounding information as to why you were born with the emotional DNA dysfunctions you have, and why you've suffered painful results in life, as well as showing you the adjustments, (self-evolution) that are necessary to liberate yourself into the reality that is your birthright.

Part TWO: Pendulum Dowsing for healing and finding answers:

We all have the natural ability to dowse. Our auric are constantly communicating with the energy around us and within us. We usually make decisions, consciously or unconsciously as a result of this energy of our senses. Many people are blessed with the gift, whereas others may need to practice for some time, all is achievable with the solid base provided in this course.

In general:
  1. Checking of "Qi" and health issues using pendulum
  2. Practical lessons to check
  3. Numerlogy with Ease
  4. Birthchart and missing Life Number
  5. Calculate your numbers, your life path , and more.....
How famous Professors use pendulum to dignose certain hidden health problems?
Einstein's famous equation, E = MC2, equates energy and matter. All living things are a mixture of energy and matter. Gravity holds matter together; there is a similar force that binds energies together, and pervades the whole universe















寄社栖維維維維栖挫塰 with Bryan

Part 1 for new comers

9th Apri 2011 Sat
10am to 12pm
100 people class to chant Mantra 9 times with single heart for
world peace and clear obstacles.

Email to with phone.

 Fees : $18

    The most detailed research on Joss paper by Bryan Gan.
Fun. A great insight how people pray.
Come with an open heart & an open mind to learn.
Non superstitious but an observer and studies on how Joss paper is used. How to pray with results.
(Great practical on how to pray using Joss paper for 2010)


Joss paper has more than 2000 years of history. The use of Joss paper - was it a
Myth, superstitious or ?? We shall not comment unless we know the history well.
The energy behind few thousand years of essence is tremendous.

Things tat will be shared

1) How to clear 郊掲笥斧。盾俔佛。爺盾仇盾。
B) Wealth cannot stay and how to pray till wealth is locked and opportunities.
C) House fengshui not very good; How to create Art therapy Joss paper formation to help with less than $10.
D) Personal Bazhi lack of a lot elements and with a lot of negative stars such as anger and emotional problems, keep meeting wrong people in relationships etc. How?
E) How bugis aunty sweep your bad luck away? A paper formation method lost and reveal today. Simple, easy and happy.
F) Down on luck for years..was it yourself or your luck? How to clear this once and for all with positive thinking and motivation?
G) House affected by Negative "Qi". How to clear it?
H) Body pain and giddiness for years. Consulted many doctors, specialists and TCM but no improvements? What else can you do?

I) 2 hundreds people attended , u want to come?




















6636 Calculation Method

Used by 幗乞疏 to accurately determined simple outcome of issues with thousand years calender. This skill will be imparted to you in this class. Certainly not to be missed. No praying or chanting, but mathematical calculations using 6 fingers method :)

Those who are skilled in combat, do not become angered, those who are skilled at winning, do not become afraid. Thus the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.----Zhuge Liang---Now Bryan 析弗 has mastered this 6 finger 6 transformation mathematical calculation skills and share with you.

Course Title:
Bryan 析弗 6 6 36 calculations

Method: 嵐麗岻銚邦葎嵐麗岻坿励佩參邦葎匯,凪隈參埖繍紗扮浬羨膨仁電眉勧鉱咐剩援伏針參畳耳俔撹移。A series of mathematical calculation for event, issues in life whether is Ji or not.... It is an ancient art first taught "openly" in English. Comes with English notes by BRYAN.

Course Details:

Finalised Course Agenda to ensure proper learning and master this art.
A) 6 6 36 calculations to predict the events and situations using date, time and 5 elements with your fingers. Master a very compicated method of trigonometry star calculations in 15mins. How our grandmother advise us where our lost item is by doing some calculations .... Amazing right :p

B) Practical Case Studies for you to familarise and master the techniques of fortune calculations.

C) Activate your own Shen Qi and success directions using your palace number. House fengshui may be too complicated for many. But using your palace direction is always applicable in office or at home. How to use palace direction to improve health, luck and wealth.

D) Omens of eye twitching and hiccups at different timing (A useful lookup table for info only)

E) The basic Iching trigram related to wealth and prosperity and basic Trigram floor map.

G) Surprises........ Aura cleansing to prevent bad luck


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Positive Affirmation Class with EFT  before Moon Cave Festival
Conducted once a year positive affirmation class. This year the class will be conducted on 11 Sep 2011. Students who have attended the class last year, with the given 5 colors string, do your affirmation again on the day before mooncake festival. You do not need to attend this class again. However, if you are new comers, do come for this exciting class :)

One of my Master, Irene (a lawyer cums a believer of positive affirmation) once said, if 30 minds say affirmation together, the energy generated will be so so so strong. Hence, the Law of Attraction will manifest it to happen in a gentle and positive way.
VENUE:  (room will be announced)
Time: 10am to 12 pm
Date: 11 Sep 2011 today is 9 purple star day and Receive day, Wow

TAPPING Techniques........ a very unique way......

Mooncake Festival Good Luck Activation - Positive Affirmation with Bryan 析弗

Before Mooncake Festival is a day we can get together to do a Mass Human Power positive affirmations :D
Positive energy of many people at one time & one location, doing positive affirmations to transform your energy to a higher level. These positive vibrations are designed by me to lift everyone in the group to a state of abundance, success, and joy :)


1) Affirmation methods as taught in School of Affirmations by certified Affirmation Therapist
2) Body Energy Blockages area
3) Tapping Meridian Method to clear all blockages of chronic sickness and emotional problems.
4) Group Positive affirmations to allow effective wish come true.
5) Music Therapy Aura cleansing
6) How to activate and make Dragon water

7) How to find a good job in 48 days
8) How to attract love if you are single or enjoy a harmony relationship if you have a family.
9) 5 colors soup method for good luck
10) 5 colors string energised given to all.

Fees: $28, Free Power Incense given to all which helps to rectify the bad effects of Planet on body system and luck.
Time is 10am to12pm.

To register email to
Subject title: "Positive thinking class".
Include your name and mobile number.

Come and join me with the rest to get your energy activated to the highest level . Rare date hard to come by. Wowoww...the energy will be so good and powerful!

NB: All are welcome, especially students from meditation class and crystal class. Don't miss this chance to polish up the skills you have learnt.

Scientific theory Behind EMF energy Positive thinking

When a moon is on the way to become full moon and when EMF energy of individual is activated, aligned with this energy. What you desired positively will be amplify for the highest good. Think positive, feel great and your energy will also amplify with proper procedure that will be taught in this class. Non religious with the techniques equipped u with tools to align with planets.

From now till 22 Sep , it is the time to make good wishes for the highest good, and get a suitable crystal or mala. On any other days, simply use it to do breathing exercise and think positively :)



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Magnetic Aromatherapy Acupressure Breathing Therapy (MAABT) meet Ah Ma Power Secret Recipes.


Professional workshop to train and share with you on natural therapy.

Magnetic Therapy. (Comes with 20 magnet enough for u to use for two years)

Major secret Point for pain, insomnia and general weakness, combine a method of 5000 years old passed down by chinese combining a system of 3 days magnetic therapy to energisebody and prevent some dreaded illnesses.


B) Yin andYang of Food that affect to and regulate andharmonise your mind and body:

using accupressure