Meet Up with Bryan Lao Shi

Meet up will be in  Heritage CEnter, Tan Quee Lan Street; 02-08

SO for new comers, please attend NOvember Health and Beauty Talk first before attending this meetup will be beneficial.

Schedule for Health and Beauty MEETUP

Green Meet Up

Date: 29 Sep 2013; 

Time: 10am to 12pm

Arrived 930am so can talk more

Venue: Heritage CEnter


Projection of Meetup

S/N Green Meet Up [$50] Yellow Meet Up [$50] Red Meet Up Blue Meet Up White MEET UP
1 29 Sep 2014 October 2013 December 2013 2014

First lessons must be GREEN CLASS FIRST; Than this 2 years I will spread out 5 other classes and u will be my exclusive students for volunteer work and also garden visits:>



Why and What is MEETUP

THere are many feedbacks with meetups :

For 15 years, I have started out from giving workshop from group of 10 to 1000.

And past 7 years I was extremely excited to share with many on big scale seminars.

As times goes by,omhealth students has a database of 8000 plus. Time is ripe to give small workshop again.

So from now, I will once a month or once every 2 months organise a less than 20 to 30 MEETUPs.

Is important to share the informations with focus on each students now.

This kind of workshop cost $200 now a lesson in Australia or overseas for these concepts.

But I remains at $50 to $80 (specialised one with items) depends on the workshop topics.




A) Strictly Health and Beauty.

Total 5 meetups span throughout 1-2 years. All students, health conditions will be monitor. After 5 meetup , will have a simple tea session with cakes.

$50 each session includes tea and biscuits/dessert.


B) Good - Luck MEETUP

Chinese Tradition of non superstitous way of good luck and the myth of wrong methods disclosure. ANd simple Fengshui

2 meet-up a year. All about luck and luck improvements and sharing. Only for students who attended Bai Bai before or my yearly fengshui talk before, or pendulum, crystal class before.

$68 each session includes a good luck item


Schedule for Good Luck MeetUP


Before hand tell me your animal sign and year of birth and full name in NRIC.

MeetUp Date: To be announced soon.