Pi Yao History

Chinese love Pi Yao because of its very protective, obedient and loyal nature.  Pi Yao will always try its best to fulfill its owner's wish and protect the wearer from injuries. Smaller version of Pi Yao are often worn as an amulet or carried in one's bag wherever one goes. Many stories have been told where victims of car accidents or robbery assaults surprisingly escaped the ordeal unharmed and found out later that their Pi Yao amulets they were wearing or keeping had mysteriously broken into two or damaged. 

It is said that their Pi Yao had sacrificed themselves to protect their owner. Treat your Pi Yao like it's a real pet. Talk to them, pat them, rub them... a happy Pi Yao will go the extra mile to grant your wishes!

Pixiu or Pi Yao : 貔貅 or pí xiū) originally known as Pi Xie (辟邪; to avoid evil spirits in Chinese) is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature considered to be very a powerful protector . It resembles a winged lion. Pixiu is an earth and sea variation, particularly an influential and auspicious creature for wealth. It is said to have a voracious appetite towards only gold and silver. Therefore traditionally to the Chinese, Pixiu has always been regarded as an auspicious creature that possessed mystical power capable of drawing Cai Qi (財氣 wealth) from all directions. Thus, it is helpful for those who are going through a bad year according to Chinese zodiac. (extracted from Encycopedia)

There are two different types of Pi Xiu. The difference is with their horns. The one with two horns is known as Pi Ya (possibly a corruption from bi xie (辟邪)) and the one with one horn is called Tian Lu (天祿) (Pi Chen).

Bryan's Piyao Properties: Many been to Taiwan and a 2 dimensional Piyao cost $300. But now in Singapore you can get from Bryan's Tian Lu Shop piyao which is 3 dimensional make of genuine crystals and is accompany with other crystals (carnelian, clear quartz, amethyst, aventurine, cintrine, Turquoise).
Two crystals string to piyao means double happiness and double power when activated. Means endless prosperity that will attract from Piyao. Is a unique design. Those with tiger eye piyao, you need not buy or if you want to add on as collectables can be done also. Those with mala can add on as upgrade to your mala too.

py4.jpg (55227 bytes)Piyao design according to measurement by Bryan to bring Tian Di Ren.  Email to Bryan your concern, will select one of the below 

Bryan Quality Design Specifications: 

The design have 3 part Heaven , Earth and Human luck activated. AS you can see the String A represent HEaven Luck, Piyao on Earth and the String B Human luck activated.

S/N Pi Yao Type Remarks
1 Citrine  ($188) 5 pieces made
Amethyst ($188) 5 pieces made
Clear Quartz (not glass or swaroski)  ($188) 5 pieces made

3 of them has the same properites, but may suit different for your priority in life. Email with title piyao for more informations.


                                                                              Table of Properties for individual stones on String A and String B:


Study Career Pen

Soft Launch: $48.

Activated 4 green aventurine pen and a yellow topaz. Your child give them 4 pen to write until pass with flying colors.The Wen Chang Brush represents blessings from the patron saint of intellectual achievements since Song Dynasty (1000 A.D). Wen Chang being one of the 28 constellations and first star in the Big Dipper is believed to help all intellectuals and academic writers enhance their thoughts and become successful in examinations. Also for writers.