Crystal,Tzi and Black Tourmaline Bracelet (non religious)

Omhealth has designed this heaven and earth black tourmaline with Tzi bracelet since 2001. And last year 2016 we send for testing extra steps and certified Tzi and also black tourmaline le:>
Black tourmaline Bracelet should be the first crystal bracelet to have you have decide on a bracelet.
It can be order thru with ur name, wrist size and any concern you can write in ur email.

Omhealth will design a black tourmaline for u at $380 and max for male is $480.
The black tourmaline beads has 2 sizes and i will decide for u. The Tzi is worth alot in market. Omhealth remains this good price.

I am not a Master but a person with passion to work with crystals, colors, aromatherapy. Be simple and dont complicate ur life. Acceptance, Forgive, Let Go, Move On, Self awakening.

A) History on Omhealth bracelet (since 2001)
B) Background
C) Technical USer Manual

D) Some articles on FAQ:
E) Omhealth Design series of Bracelet
f) Black Tourmaline Bracelet News August 2016


First crystal website in Singapore by omhealth was (started in 2001)

In 2012 , u can see on table i was introducing crystal and color therapy to public.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet was first introduced in 2005; It has gained alot of popularity because of the design, activation and its quality. A black tourmaline bracelet is designed individually for each person base on needs.
Background of omhealth and crystal can traced back to 1996 and first in Singapore to organise crystal training since 2001. History view (need to scroll down)

Related website,,

Omhealth Black tourmaline bracelet since 2005
(appear in magazines and well like by media artiste and u)


Why omhealth design black tourmaline bracelet even though is not fashionable?
Well the reason is this is for personal improvements and wellness and i design this bracelet really not for big sales and marketing. Of course I can start off with many beautiful fashionanle crystal bracelet but this is not my intention.

Intention design for omhealth Black Tourmaline Bracelet:
Many want to have a better life and infact is all about self relisation. With self development and relisation, what we have and dont have wont cause unhappiness. What we lack of in life is grounding. Grounding means having the energy and creativity and excitement to handle situations in life positively. Even when u are upset or unhappy, we can get out of it quickly.

Black tourmaline was designed with the strong motivation of telling people before good things can come u need to detox and prevent negativity. If ur personal negativity is not reduced or removed, how can good things enter.

I have prepared the consolidated FAQs in this page so once and for all answer ur questions. In fact I am thankful to many customer who order black tourmaline from me since 2005 and that time i didnt give much informations. Now is 10 years more le, u all stlill wearing and feel good.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet omhealth design activation is known for

i) Grounding protective formatation to repel negativity and to wake up our idea..
ii) cleanses and balances the aura. Also remind u to be positive at all situations. So take note, nothing in world can prevent all these, what u need to go thru u need to go thru but produce a cushion for u and reduce the up and down effect

iii)strengthen one's fortitude against a highly negative environment, such as what can commonly be found in the workplace or public places. 
iv) protect against stress and to minimize obsessive thoughts.
v) Welcome abundance to our life and also in personal healing for wellness.

Quality of Omhealth Black Tourmaline Bracelet:

Below are article of the Black Tourmaline and the Tzi we used. They are all high quality and cost alot more in market.


Technical User Manual

Below are ways i recommend people to work with Black tourmaline bracelet. Please dont be mistakent that it is a charm or what. but it is like a tool to work with ur intention and amplify on it.

It will be divided into
A) Elaborate Healing
B) Body Placemenet Stomach Wealth Pot healing
C) Wishfulfilling Healing Affirmation with Black Tourmaline
D) Flower essence healing
F) Affirmation with Black tourmaline and crystal water

Using crystal always remind me of sailor moon, than within all of u has a pure crystal heart that needs a key to remind and unlock its powerful energy of calmness and power.

A) Elaborate Healing for wellness and good energy

Below is a healing method using Black tourmaline for daily wellness. Many try 5-10 mins a day and find it fun and wonderful

Elaborate Healing for wellness ( Poor memory, Luck cannot come in, Stress) 10mins

You can put a drop of oil on the bracelet and rub it in with both palm. Than left palm on lap facing up and black tourmaline on head and right hand cover it. U can feel a vortex of energy activating the Bai Hui Point.
This point when combine with our omhealth black tourmaline heaven earth design helps the body’s Yang energy naturally converges. It flows the energy of the body as this point is also known as gate between heaven and earth.  When u do this exercise, relax your shoulder and tuck in ur chin five seconds and relax and repeat 7 times.

Body Placemenet Stomach Wealth Pot healing

Now putting crystal while resting on bed or floor. Base on your intuition, u can put the bracelet on the chest of stomach. And with ur palm by ur side of the body with palm facing up.

This is a very healing overall aura balancing. It tune ur energy of ur body. And many felt rested for that 10mins after the session.

B.1 When bacelet place on chest:

Heal the expectation of cant get what u want in life, release anger, forgive people or situation who have done wrong to you. Also have a open heart and dont treat all things petty way.

Deep beneath our personal stories of suffering and pain lies boundless love and compassion. Wouldn't it be nice to tap into this energy center, the next time your anger overwhelms you. And also less clinging to negative feelings.

B.2 When place on stomach:

Heal the tummy, bloatedness, is amazing many reported by relaxing the stomach with black tourmaline, digestive is improve. Because tension and worries affect a person digestive system. So making an effort daily 5 to 10mins putting crystal on stomach is an effective way to tell the mind " Hey I am relaxing my tumming now". Also stomach side is area of Da Dien for energy fountain of youth and abundance in life

This will work to take care of your emotions and thoughts. Your ego mind, or small mind will have no unwanted influence over your actions.You will know without a doubt, and accept your place in the Universe, have self-love and, in turn, have a great appreciation for all the people in your life and the uniqueness that they bring to world.

You radiate warmth and joy through-out your entire being, and to others who come into contact with you.

C) Wish Fulfilling Affirmations:

Affrimation with crystals is a way to work with crystals and power of words to intune ur system to accept the energy of abundance.

If you are working on canceling some negative emotion through your affirmations, use its antonym. For instance, if you are feeling stress, then use the word “relax”. For irritability, use “calmness”. For anger, use “happy”. In short, use various healing words to override what you are currently feeling.

Touch ur black tourmaline bracelet and says:

D) Flower essenc/ Peridot healing

Once a blue moon, u can put ur black tourmaline or any of my bracelet on a plate of rose petals and the crystal u can rub a drop of either
i) 5 element oil
ii) Purification Oil
iii) Eucalptus Oil
iv) ROsemary Oil
V) Cypress
vi) Dragonfly Aenion

work with the above few oil for different effects,.

U will find ur bracelet energised and lovely when u wear it after putting on this rose petal for an hour.

Sometimes u can put on a plate of peridot ($45 from omhealth)

E) Water Energy

Leave it this way for half hour, water may taste good or same but u feel good drinking it.

The crystals will create an energetic infusion with the Water and the structure of the water will align energetically to the vibration of the Crystals. Honestly, you will feel crystal Water feels so good to drink! Above bottle too big, take just nice cup. Or thos mineral bottle size.


History of Black Tourmaline Bracelet omhealth

U can see the Tzi use are very aunthentic. And which some places cost $800 or more just for the Tzi. But we only have limited pieces per design. U can order by email to

Our Bracelet is $338, 380 to $480.


1995 when I was studying in Australia.
I have my first encounter with crystals. The very first crystal that i come across was a gift from an very rich Ang mo (he is in MLM Herbal Life). That time i took up this part time job in Brisbane as a supplement seller. So I was given a stone which said to  attract business and release stress. Which is now in ur "Gui Ren" bag launch in 2005
From there my journey of crystal healing therapy got into good foundations fron different teaching in brisbane and Sydney.

Anyway.... U got all my stories in the other website. And back in 2001 I started first crystal therapy class from HDB Bukit Merah to Library Orchard to Safra and than to reasonly the new Bugis library. And I was invited to give a first public talk on crystal therapy in Orchard ION.

Now because of my schedule I can only share on blog.

Little Secret Shared:

A) Gui ren bag: Was first introduced in Singapore back in 2005. Err if u look at the old post , it was a great success till today:>

B) Started out my first crystal bracelet business in Singapore. The first batch of customer were to the "powerful one" from the famous composer music (this family write song for many famouse people, that time first bracelet sold to them were turquoise, this bracelet were made popular in HDB hub),Channel news asia director that time a crystal cave, to the Yun Long zi a crystal cave that need a crane to put in his house and I help to set up the simple Zambala card in the cave to raintree production boss that time which was running the show "Bao ba Haizi". All these names I didnt mention last time because they were still working there, but now they have their own business so no harm mentioning.
Follow by the crystal wealthbowl small and power featured many times on Newspaper ahahha.

C) Keeping myself low profile for many years, the crystal business just expanded quietly to some medicorp stars. One of the artiste have not get awarded for ages , so suggester "HIMHER" to use citrine and guess wha that year kana.

I didnt share on above after 10 years because i think is ok to let u all know now la. because last time omhealth no name, so if share people may say u try to use others as marketing. now omhealth also normal name but i think we have different aspect in direction so i can share. My aim direction now is : All my old clients who have my crystal , be happy and strong and have faith in Heaven and urself and work with crystals to improve ur life.


Activation of Crystals upcoming crystals.

Omhealth crystals are all activated with love and light. Back in 80s 90s, crystal was not used in fengshui at all. It is for healing and till today I focus more on that. I dont want it to be too commercialise

So omhealth activate all bracelet and crystals with Sound, Light and Scent.

omhealth bracelet has

1) Clarity Bracelet (for health ) $188
2) Affirmation bracelet (for affirming and positive thoughts) $88
3) All Power Black tourmaline with Tzi since 2005 till now. ( $380 to $480)
(lately we go further steps to test our black tourmaline quality and is good)

And on and off we have single piece crystals like the famous ICE Quartz, Clear quartz, two stone for holding on hand for breathing  etc....



TZI Articles

Tzi and crystals and healing items

Remember when working with crystals,Tzi we should release attachment.

there are diffierent group of people, some are sensitive to energy, they can feel vibration and some are not and to tell u the truth the best is remain neutral and no need to feel

Some people when first hold any crystals and Tzi have vibration feelings and so attached to this feelings. And when times goes by this vibration dont feel much.

Is like a Chi gong master, when first learn chi gong, can feel so strong vibration but after 5 10 years they dont  , they just understand the flow and vibration is part of their life and dont say things like oh today i do qi gong, palm no heat how how how.

remember that is a NO NO in meditation,or qi gong. Some people when do meditation , when first time learn, wa can feel peace and vibration but after few years cant feel the vibration and tot meditation not working. this is wrong. The problem is attachment of feeling

Well vibration is always there just that soon ur body wont feel it much.

This is normal, because ur body get used to it and not because u have no more energy.

Uncle me, work with crystals and Tzi 20 years, if everyday feel energy than how to cope.

My approach is , cleanse ur crystal and energise with 5 element oil once or twice a month . And continue to use it with love and light.

Sometimes u wan, can go temple go over incense 3 times.

Dont get attached to the feeling remember?

FAQs with Crystals: (try to go thru all the " Bank Account" Articles in blog.

Sometimes i turn the TZi to the wrist area and feel peace. U can turn the Tzi to the wrist area when u feel not calm.

Normally i turn to front side

Normally I turn to front.

Q: Bryan I cant wear bracelet to work can u design to be more fashionable?

BA: Bracelet is designed in 2000s and more than 10 years base on inspiration. is not suppose for fashion. U can wear at home awhile daily. Also if at work u can put in ur back. but when have big meetings, u can put in pockets.

Q1: Will my business or my luck or health improve when wear?

BA: I cant answer that, but so far the feedbacks were positive on that. I dont like to give people empty processes and expectations. To me life is up and down and life is about living with peaceful heart and courageous to face issues. And to be able to handle. U see if all lucky charm so powerful, u see why Masters or temple head or famous temple master, they also can suffer from stroke, cancer etc....?

I ask myself that last time. Why people so powerful selling charm still block in situations? Than I learn, only if a person learn to be self relised and work on the inner heart. Than u can be happier. When omhealth activate the crystal bracelet is to motivate a person energy center to vibrate in a positive vibrations. So we feel happy and when happy , luck comes.

Q2. How to activate my bracelet?

BA: Your bracelet is activated by omhealth already, u dont have to reactivate. When U mean is how to re energised. Well, u can put few drops of essential oil as suggested above in a tissue and wrap ur bracelet for 15mins. And than before wear ur bracelet again, hold it and make a wish.
Or u can put the bracelet on a bowl of red color flowers for a night. (this is powerful to do once a month if remember)

Q3.   How to wear bracelet and can peope touch?

BA: U can wear bracelet on left wrist. And sometimes to calm ur heart, u can turn the Tzi to touch the wrist side for awhile and than turn back to top part.

Q4.  I am facing situations in my career , how can I work with bracelet to overcome?
Now when a person face issues with career or business. First thing is to calm down. Dont immediately think is ur luck no good. Is all about our skills, opportunities, whether we are capable or are we slack last time. Or last time u kept complaint about ur job, so universe heard u and let u go.

BA: Our thoughts pain our future or our luck. So what u can do is sort out your thoughts. Than work on it. Follow by, put few drops aroma oil rub the bracelet. Than say some positive works and wear it.

So for 7 days, daily perform this method before wearing bracelet. Or if u are wear just drop a drop oil to the bracelet and say out ur affirmations

Q5: I am really stuck in my work, angry with people , how do I work with bracelet?

BA: If you’re feeling stuck in your career, try to make wish with ur bracelet and put in ur office desk infront of namecards to reignite your passion for your work. 

It encourage u  to energize your aura and have the will to remove obstacles that stand in the way of our success. This efforts help draw more money, clients and positive work to you and your company.U see, looking carefully is ur effort de. Bracelet remind u activate u to have the will to do that.

人 不怕失败,怕是怕在绝望。

Many times an inability to forgive ourselves or others can impede our process in life. omhealth black tourmaline bracelet or latest 3 design help to break down barriers to forgiveness such as anger, resentment and sadness.  This helps us to embrace the sad or angry situation and release it with love.

Working with crystal helps awaken our heart to surrender and letting go.

Understanding Case Studies:
A) Everyday is a gift and blessing
Example: Mr Tan was jobless for 7 months. During this 7 months, he pray and do chanting. On the 8th month, he went for 3 interviews with his friends. All his friends got the job except him. Mr Tan saw my iweekly and emailed to me about his doubts in prayers. Well as usual, I ask him to read my blog on breathing exercise. Saw him during my "Welcome Rabbit year" talk and told him that his luck is coming if he can stop complaining and getting jealous over his friend's job (as they were selected except him).

Being born in the year of Rooster, it will be a tough year for Mr Tan. I told him to do the neccessary procedures, do the "let go breathing exercise" everyday and pray to God just for a peace at heart. He found a job last week 心定好运来。

Subsequently, Mr Tan learnt that his friends who got the job previously were very unhappy with their job...Hmm...

Human are very impatient and ignorant. We only see what we want to see and become so short sighted. God has plans for everyone. We will need to go through and learn more when we doubt and thus not ready to receive. God does not owe us anything. Just pray with faith, request already and let go. God will really bless you and is your choice now to believe, to choose happiness and wait . When you got what you want from prayers, what God want is you to start spreading love kindness and demo to people patience and compassion.

omhealth Other  Bracelets

A) Clarity Bracelet

It was first introduced in one of the welcome year talk. That day, two bracelet were launched. The clarity bracelet and affirmation bracelet. And is so auspicious the price $188 was put on screen. And after the talk many strike first prize 0188.

omhealth has many many lottery testimonials , i really dont know . But many students are not gambler, they just buy 4D on birthday and once a blue moon for fun and many use some of the money to donate rice etc. I think is ok. Thats why i dont put many ticket stub here ehehehe.

Alot of times we clarity the bracelet are not for lottery or etc. But sometimes it happens. I must say well, I dont know why too. But please dont use it as a lottery tool, because it wont work.

Clarity bracelet: Is an auspicious bead used for direct wealth and warding off negativity traditionally. It clears roots of diseases, protecting body from serious illness, and encourage good health and even those with incurable disease, it helps them to think positive and wont leave the world with sadness.. Besides, it will bring back the laughter, Joy and levity.

Design is not fashionable, u can wear to sleep or when doing Qi Gong.

THe bracelet:
  1. They amplify the energy field positive.
  2. They absorb, repel or transmute unbalanced energies.
  3. Encourages a sense of community and 
  4. USe when doing garden walk for inspiration and energetic
  5. Try wearing do yoga or breathing exercise.
  6. perfect for those who are sickly or ill and need to enhance their health.  
  8. The medicine Dzi used is high quality

B) Affirmation bracelet

This bracelet is not easy to make. And is a series of crystals of different tiger eye and also a smoky quartz and lotus cut clear quartz.

BraceletInfused with different good quality stones such as :
1) Smoky Quartz
2) Yellow Tiger Eye
3) Red Tiger Eye
4) Blue Tiger Eye
5) Clear Quartz Ball
6) Lotus Clear Quartz

Designed to bring positive affirmative things to your life. Hold it to say your affirmations. Handmade by Bryan at $88 each. Specially activated by Bryan with love and light for all.

Ruled by the sun and possessing a golden flash of light, this stone is worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence. It is a warm stone, andpromotes energy flow through the body when worn. It is also quite beneficial to the weak or sick. It can help one to find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the will power to carry them into the physical realm. Blue tigers eye can be used for protection. It is also said to bring good luck to one who wears or carries it.
Red tiger's eye is useful in slowing down the third chakra and flushing out excess energy. In general is an emotional balancer that soften stubbornness and gives clear insight. It will ground and center, thus strengthening the connection with will and personal power

Rare and good

Affirmation u can say with this bracelet daily"
Positive affirmation words to be said on its own or with your Mala/Crystals:

"光明普照,神彩吉祥, 胜妙安乐, 五福齐天, 消灾延寿, 除病安乐, 裨益身心, 随心满愿,财宝富饶. May everyone who sees or talk to me, be happy"

C) Law of Attraction of Good Luck Bracelet
Well this is the collection bracelet. It is made of Hametite stone. Remember the Stone that were used in your Gui ren bag. is a magnet of good things and also heal body. It was said in ancient this stone encourage to have better memory, concentration & focus. 
This design deflects negativity. Stimulates the desire for peace and inner happiness, enhancing one's ability to attract love.

It is says to
balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable system. It seems to focus energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit.

For people who wants to clear away bad habit, u can try this bracelet too. It is good for timid people as it boost ur self esteem and surviability, willpower and imparting confidence . This bracelet encourage a person to restore the strengthens and help blood supply.
This bracelet is good to wear for people with leg and insomnia issues (it encourage u to do stretching daily).

D) Mother of Abundance and Well to do.
This bracelet talks about believe, joy , abundance and the need to know that we need to be contented for what we have.
This design activate the energy of love-kindness and compassion & joy. 
Clears blockages that block u from getting what u want in life, allowing light of happiness to enter & transformation to occur. It has a stabilizing effect on energy in the home. Awakens inner talents & creativity.

This bracelet also stands for authority for those who need to give command and control at work. Alot of time people who give command and control suffers alot of stress. No matter how good u do, there are people will hate u, haters will always hate. So this bracelet, reflect this energy and envelop u with power of love. If u are a bad person, wearing this bracelet, slowly open u up to have a bigger heart. All problems and sadness comes from a narrow heart.

E) Lapis of Mother of Healing

Inspire by the lapis light of healing. Alot of illnesses are cause by our jealousy, anger, sadness.  And this bracelet is to tell all health is important. Also may all who are in darkness, enjoy this light of lapis and live with virtue.
This bracelet is a must for high stress workers, it quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace.  It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.  Encourages self-awareness, allows  honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. 

I find that this bracelet is to reduce inflamation as red is inflammation and blue is to calm it down. It is a good stone bracelet to wear to feel the royalty of feeling good and be willing to receive healing. I find that wearing this bracelet and do touch therapy is good. I love it as it create a protective auric and awaken mind. Assists with spiritual growth,  intuitive perception and objectivity. Mentally calming, supports clarity & helps one to organize day to day activities. Enhances serenity, acceptance and calmness

F) Blue Healing Stone with Lotus Tzi

Sparkle blue stone and Radiance Lotus Tzi Healing Bracelet
Blue sparkle stone represent 进取、成功、胜利和荣耀;可增强领导才能和坚固权力,能提升人体的正气、排去邪气;清晰头脑、
舒缓压力。that's what those China Tai tai says

The Tzi use here is a special made with Fire energy Tzi.  This Tzi  better understanding of life and reminds us that beauty can even grow and thrive under very hard circumstances. The bracelet remind us, purifies the mind and should contribute to a good health.

This blue stone sparkle  is known as a lucky stone and is good for stable emotion, lifting sadness. And is great for anxiety and learning to communicate with people. All must take note this gold blue stone is a man enhance gemstone that has been around since the European Rennaissance.

 A blue sparkle stone amulet from 12th-century Persia . In healing Blue sparkle stone is

 man-made(Historical Glass) and is  called master healer since ancient time. 

Says to connects one with the Divine and provides one with wisdom, energy and courage. Assisting with learning and communication, it teaches one to see the light at the end of the darkness and that everything is the source of energy and vibration.
Speically manmade sparkle  as one of the best stones for Empaths, people dealing with hypersensitivity.  

This bracelet vibrates at balance energy and is associated with the Throat Chakra, it encourages acceptance of who we are,


Black Tourmaline News August 2016

Omhealth Black tourmaline is using of very good quality black tourmaline . The Tzi use are very unique too with effort in designing. The design is meant to dissolve the negative energy and polluted energy in affecting our mood. Even if u dont wear , putting beside bed can produce a protection energy.

Before sleep, rub both palm with the bracelet and put beside bed if the sleep quality was not good overseas.

Omhealth Black Tourmaline Bracelet is called thw warrior of anti negativity. Now we need to understand that our thoughts paints our future. If we dont do something to purify our mind. Even u wear the most powerful things are useless.

So connections is important when wearing omhealth bracelet. Hold it daily or touch it and do some deep breathing follow by saying ur wishes.

Further USages of Black tourmaline bracelet

1) Visiting of Hospital or funeral is something all human need to go thru . But we need to have a compassion heart. Imagine a good friend go hospital , just because of luck will u not go and see?

So to settle the ignorace mind and prevent us from maneifesting negative thoughts. Wearing a bracelet helps u to calm mind and emotion.

This will also reduce the " Sickness Ki: from entering ur body.

My observation is when a person aura is weak, entering low energy place do affect abit but with crystal or ur positive thoughts all will be ok:>

Wear Right Hand or Left Hand.

U once a week can wear right hand:>

Right hand when u wear, it absorb negativity from body.

So once a week, I will put 2-3 drops purification oil on tissue wrap the bracelet few minutes than wear right wrist.

Wear Left

To block negativity:>

:) This applies to other bracelet from omhealth.