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Queries about products:

Features of all Bryan's Skin Care and Hair care range: Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free; Propylene glycol-free, silicone-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free.

List of Clinical Aromatherapy Oil and Special Blend

Facial Skin  Care [Cleanser, tone, serum moisturiser)

Preventive Maintenance Care (MASK & Scrub)
Special Wrinkle Care ( Face tonic neroli facial oil and anti-wrinkle capsule)
Body Care  (Rice Bran oil and Orange Mango extract Body lotion)
Hair Care 
Mind AND Emotion Care
Home Spa DIY Care 
Effective Slimming and detox
Health Care -- Blood circulation blemishes and Bodyache


Full Product List

S/N Product Name Price
01 Astiquer Facial Cleanser $50
02 Lavendula vera Charcoal Flora Water Hydrosol  110ml $45
03 Skin Vita Serum and Antiage Serum  45 , 68
04 Moisturiser (Collagen Moisturiser / Lotus Revitalising lotion) 55
05 Anti-age SET : Astiquer Facial Cleanser + Antiage serum + Collagen celestial cream + Flora Water 205
06 Flora Face Renewal SCRUB--- Renew your skin, make your skin easier to absorb nuitrients and all skin type to be used once a week only (click for more details)   50ml $45


01 Uneven skin tone, freckles reduction set: Ginger oil + Pearl Green clay + Skin vita serum + Cleanser 155
02 Body ache set, cold hand cold feet set: Lavendula+ Peppermint+ Majoram + Ginger  120
03 Slimming Serum + Massage stick 60


Hydrating Eye And Face Mask     (hydrating) 68
05 Green clay Pink Clay and Yellow clay $28 each
  1. Beauty Hair set A = Comb wooden  + Lavendula vera + Rosemary spanish ($60)
  2. Beauty Hair set B= Comb wooden + Lavendula vera + Rosemary Spanish + Rice Bran Oil ($100)


07 Rice Bran Oil


08 Orange Mango Extract Body Lotion


08 Neroli Facial Oil



Aromatherapy Oil --- I am known in Singapore for fresh oil, all oil from different country and i spend 10 years to research and find the best oil. For example lavender has 280 species and it takes me 4 years to find the top 4. All the oil is highly charge with high medicine values. Bryan's Oil has effect on emotion and physical too.

Clinical OIL


Price List

Lavendula Vera

Best grade with high clinical medicinal and calming properties.  Good for bodyache, pimples, cuts, burnts, insomnia and lost of hair shine.


Rosemary Oil     

A hair booster. Wonderful for clearing the mind. Famous for stimulating brain cell. 


Eucalyptus Radiata Oil   

Clears the mind and focus concentration, while reducing swelling in the mucus membranes. It is very valuable in fighting respiratory problems.


Petitgrain Oil  

Helps with nervous exhaustion, stress-related conditions, anger and panic. Relax muscle spasms and stomach pains.


Sandalwood East India (Mysore) 

Great for its anti-ageing properties. Powerful oil for protection and good for cleansing the house. Good for cough and respiratory system.


Rose Otto Bulgaria 

Known as the oil of love for its  ability to heal emotional wounds by bringing warmth to the soul.   It has a soothing effect on the entire nervous system.


Tea Tree Oil 

Effective against all three varieties of infectious organisms: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses.  Well known to cure skin infection, pimples and blemishes.


Rose Geranium 

Relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, and to balance the hormone system.  An oil to use for PMS discomfort due to its actions on female hormones. Found in many beauty products for its properties of toning skin texture.



Refreshing the spirit and stimulating mental agility and improving concentration. Minty delightful oil to overcome indigestion, nausea and muscular aches.


Grapefruit Pink 

Uplifting and euphoric.  It increases self-esteem and bolsters confidence. Good for chronic fatigue, stress and depression. Purest citrus oil use to prevent cellulite.  Anti-aging and high antioxidant.




Soothes and calms the mind. A skin tonic that helps rejuvenate ageing skin.



Tangy and sweet smelling.  Refines the texture of the skin, while also having good antiseptic and cell rejuvenating properties.



Boosts the immune system and cleanses the body, improves the functions of the digestive system.



Great for fighting depression and anxiety. Great diuretic properties and also helps break down cellulite, while stimulating the regeneration of skin cells.



Great benefits as a muscle and skin toner, revitalizes the body and mind.  Bring down fevers. Keeps the family free from bugs and insects.


Ylang Ylang 1st

Great for fighting anxiety and tension.   Used to stimulate hair growth.



Calms emotions, relieves anxiety and stress. Good muscle relaxant and pain killing properties.  Used for headaches, migraines and insomnia, although it can diminish sexual desire.



Great for creating a more relaxed and happy feeling. Can be used in the treatment of depression, stress, tension, fear



Ease colds and flu, muscle aches and pains, as well as poor circulation and arthritic pain.


 Bryan's Special Blend for Healing 

Bryan's Relaxation Blend  ($45) Instantly calm your mind and release stress. Long term stress.
Bryan's 5 element oil        ($38) Cleanse environment, Cleanse the house, Clear negative energy.
Bryan's Healing Blend     ($68) Specially blended to heal emotional trauma and long term sadness. Drama in life and break through pattern of issues that have been disturbing your for years.

How to use Bryan's Blend?

Health Care 

Poor flow of Qi is the cause of blemishes and body ache. Simple stretch and breathing exercise helps alot. Do attend my class.

Uneven skin tone, freckles reduction set: Ginger oil + Pearl Green clay + Skin vita serum ($100)

Uneven skin tone, freckles can be due to sun, aging, sleeping patterns. But most of the time I find many are due to poor blood circulations too. 

Footbath with Ginger Oil is a good way to improve body blood circulation, once blood circulation improves a person will not form blemishes so easily. Twice a week. (also prevent cold hand and cold feet).

Skin vita serum helps to achieve fairer and radiantskin. Able to reduce dark spots (but can never remove) and darkening of skin. It helps to stimulates cell renewal and repair dry skin A good hydrator too. Is to use after cleansing.

reen clay whiten skin, control oil and rejuvenate skin. It helps the skin to be clear and clean . So whatever product you apply, skin can absorb quickly. However a very thin layer will do. (once a week)

Herbs: that reduce freckles is Bei Qi and red dates tea. Don drink when sick. 3 times a week.


Lavendula vera




4 oil at $120

Bryan'a Anti body ache set, cold hand cold feet set:

If u have: Aches and Pains after sport or gardening,Muscular Stiffness,Backache: pain, stiffness and poor circulation,Repetitive Strain Injury, describes a condition that arises from repeatedly overusing the same group of muscles and joints

Just one drop each; Majoram,lavendula vera and peppermint on 20cent size moisturize cream, blend with index finger and massage at the ache or tense area.

The blend could be used in times of pain and tension at neck shoulder back or joints pain. The oil can penetrate to the blood cell and nerves to relax then and also warm the area. This improves blood flows. And certain oil has the properties of anti-inflammation and soothing. Target to remove the damp energy working long term in air con office.

This is a traditional blend of warming essential oils specially formulated for active bodies.Office sickness like Neck , shoulder, Knee Cap etc pain.


Body ache Cold and cold feet and General tiredness and poor circulation footbath

2 drop Ginger 2 drop lavendula vera and 2 drop peppermint in warm water and footbath for 15mins 3 times a week,

The above method is strong direct method not to be used daily.

To use daily: Power anti body ache cream:  (50ml lotion , 3 drop lavendula, peppermint, petitgrain and ginger) mix well.

And u can use this mixture daily to massage affected area.

 Herbs: He shou wu, black bean are good for body ache



Bryan's Anti-age Step to beautiful skin (all skin type):


Cleansing:     Astiquer Facial Treatment cleanser ($50)    (Antiage and deep cleanse without causing dryness)

TONE :            Fresh Lavendula charcoal flora water ($45)  ( is more than toner, we should call it hydrosol)

Serum:            Antiage serum ($68)  (optional, nite can change to vita serum)

Moisturiser :   3 different Collagen cream ($55)  or lotus revitalising lotion  (with aloe juice, may have biting feeling first few usage)  Is good to try all three, one after another.


Your investment:  $205 only for all of the above 4 items

Optional: At night replace antiage serum with skin vita serum(freckles and blemishes).

NB: Flora water and collagen moisturiser best to keep in fridge.

Procedures to use antiage set

Step A: Damp your face, wet your palm and squeeze out the cleanser (small amount), massage the whole face and wash clean.

Step B: Dap your face with lavendula charcoal hydrosol 

Step C: Apply antiage serum into face. I have designed it with less thickening agent to makesure as natural as possible. Apply and it will absorb quickly.

Step C: Thin layer of collagen cream and massage whole face.

Antiage soup: Black chicken soup with red dates soup.


Bryan's Skin Vita Serum was first introduced in 2007. It is a high performance and value-for-money skin whitening serum that can cater to your desire for a fair complexion. This natural whitening formula contains antioxidants and bearberry extract. It does not only lighten your skin but regulates melanogenesis and also reduce dark spot.
嶷泣: Free from harmful Chemicals. SLS, etc...

Bryan's Antiage serum was also subsequently in 2007. It was initially introduced for very sensitve skin but later on, it becomes a very powerful skin hydrator. It refined skin grain, enhanced radiance and strengthen the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin to improve skin texture and appearance.

Here is the FAQ for my facial serum - Vita & Antiage Serum.

1. Why is serum so expensive in the market?
First they need to pay for rental, advertisement etc. SO a serum may cost up to $200 a bottle.

2. Why does our skin need serum?
Serums have been recognized as the most efficient vehicles to deliver ingredients with therapeutic effects to the epidermis and deeper layers.

3. What is Skin Vita serum ?
It contains brightening herbs that can help to naturally restore the glow back to your skin. Apply at night before sleep. Cleanse face, serum and followed by your moisturiser. It helps to reduce freckles and uneven tone. Not for very sensitive skin.

4. What is antiage serum?
Many sensitive skin cannot use serum, but this serum is designed specially for sesitive skin. Its main purpose is to pump the skin with moisture and reduce sagging, dehydrated wrinkled skin, Sensitive, dry, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin types. Suitable for day and night application.

5. Will it cause allergy?
No matter what product you used, no one can guarantee it will not cause allergy. Because there are many skin types. So far this serum have been well received by sensitive skin. Only vita serum is not suitable for sensitive skin.

6. I have never use serum before, which one should I get? Vita serum or Antiage serum?
Personally, I prefer to use Antiage serum for the first month. After the first month, you can start using Vita serum if you do not have sensitive skin. You will see the glow. Some love to use skin antiage serum in day time and vita serum at night.

7. Why is your serum so cheap?
No rental to pay, no advertising, no harmful ingredients, no nice packaging. All of you are the best spokespersons for my serum. Through words of mouth, I saved on advertising cost :D Therefore, theres no need for me to mark up my price..

8. What is the lifespan?
One year.

9. I have acne skin. Which serum do you recommend?
Acne is like a skin disease. Have it cured first. Once recovered or half recovered, you can start using antiage serum for skin repair.

Astiquer Facial Treatment cleanser

1. What is treatment cleanser

This is a unique low foaming cream cleanser. It provides the best of both worlds with the foaming cleanser easily removing dirt and grime, while the cream cleanser provides emolliency, replenishing the skins natural oils. The effect is a luxurious lather that feels like a moisturiser. With charcoal negative ions in it too.
Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free; propylene glycol-free, silicone-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free.

2. Is it different from normal cleanser?

Is mildcreamy but not oily at all, one use you will feel the different. Is not good to use foaming cleanser daily , because as we aged this may wash away skin natural moisturise which results in dry and wrinkled.

3. How many cleanser do we need for cleansing.

A good skin care should have 2 cleanser. We do need use foaming cleanser 1-2 times a week, invest in either, eversoft foaming, neutrogena or Olay foaming cleanser (less than $6). Than daily you can use the facial treatment cleanser.

4.IS your cleanser sutitable for all skin type?

Yes especially from dry, normal, ageging, dehydrated and sensitive skin. But for very oily skin, may be day time u use my facial treatment cleanser, night time u can use foaming cleanser, but some oily skin, just use my cleanser, it really depends.

5. What feeling does this cleanser give u?

Scentless,gentle and comforting cleanser. Provides a quick and easy cleansing. Incredibly fresh and soft sensation.

6. How to use it?

First time use , pump out 5 cent coin size or less, massage over damp face (not wet , slight damp). Circular movement, than rinse off.

7. How many ml is this bottle?

This bottle is 200ml, and cost $50, the ingredients are really natural and finest quality to take care your skin.

8. When near End of cleanser i cannot pump them out will be wastage?

Add abit of water to the bottle (distilled water) and u can continue to use the cleanser.















Slimming OIL  

Cellulite lies just under the skin giving the rippled appearance is not a different kind of fat cell, but a collection of waterlogged cells that squeeze the capillaries and decrease circulation. 
Daily massage with an anti-cellulite oil, exercise and diet can improve the appearance of your skin. The astringent essential oils tighten tissue, reduce water retention and help to detoxify the blood


Organic Sunflower ---Sunflower oil is a versatile oil valued for health benefits by supplying more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. A good oil for massage as it is easily absorbed into the skin, all the while softening and moisturizing.

Blended with cypress, Juniper Berry, Mandarin, Sweet Orange etc.

• Reduce appearance of sponginess.
• Boost skin's tone.
• Increase Firmness of skin.
• Add elasticity to the skin.

U can use massage stick to press the points.

Directions of use: Once or twice a day after cleansing the body. Massage the gel into the areas where there is excessive fatty tissue or the appearance of cellulite. Press acupressure point 6 second relase for 3 mins, Point A four fingers above navel and Point B  2 finger beside navel to remove fats and water. 2 minutes per point. Refer to blog slimming section

Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerine, Marine Collagen, Apple Fruit Extract, Melon Fruit Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Fig Fruit Extract, Natto Gum, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Soy Amino Acids, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, ß-Glucan, Xanthan Gum,  Kola Nut Extract, Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract, Evening Primrose Vegetable Oil, Rose Hip Vegetable Oil, Jojoba Vegetable Oil, Green Tea Extract, Seaweed Extract, Grape Seed Extract  


Slimming Exercise

Energy ,Tummy and wasiteline slimming:
Spray slimming serum on your tummy, massage in,also thigh.
Step 1: Wrap hands back of head, stand straight.
Step 2: Slowly bend knee 45 degree with back straighten.
Step 3: Than bend back 45 degree.
Step 4: Jump up.



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Rose Otto

1 kilo of rose oil oil from 4,000 kilos of flowers using modern distillation processes. Under very favourable conditions only 2,600 kilos of roses may be required to produce 1 kilo of oil, whereas under less favourable conditions up to 8,000 kilos of flowers may be required to produce the same amount of oil.

Rose oil is a gentle tonic for the heart, with the key to Rose's psychological properties being its effect on the center of emotional being. Rose calms and supports the heart, helping to nourish 'heart-yin' and restore a sense of well-being. The flower has been considered great in its ability to heal emotional wounds by bringing warmth to the soul.

There is perhaps no better essential oil for women and men than Rose oil for use in treating conditions of the reproductive system. It is highly valued in formulas for mature, dry and sensitive skin, and its tonic action on the heart appears to help relieve cardiac congestion, improve sluggish circulation, and tone the capillaries.

How to Use:

Dap abit at wrist in time of stress and inhale from wrist. Just a small dap. If u wan to save, just dap abit at cotton and put in an empty container, inhale from it.

To improve reproductive system , dap abit at 2 finger below navel. Rub 30 times and than press with two finger (index and middle finger) 6 seconds release and repeat 7 times. A light acupressure.

Commonly called 'Bulgarian Rose'. It opens the heart and soothes feelings such as anger, fear and anxiety. Most agree Rose Oil is effective for all levels of life, for the soul, spirit and body. The scent is well known to give comfort in heartbreak, emotional losses, broken trust and violated feelings in general. Caution: Since it is an emmenagogue best avoided in pregnancy.

Rose Otto Rosa damascena is steam distilled in Bulgaria . It is pale green in color and has a strong, very rich, deep floral and slightly spicy scent. Rose absolute has a much stronger "fresh picked rose" scent to it than the rose otto does, I chose to carry the rose otto because there are no solvents used in the extraction process. Rose otto is antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, laxative, regulator of appetite, sedative and tonic. It is wonderful for many forms of skin care including broken capillaries, dry skin, eczema, herpes, mature and sensitive skin and wrinkles. It is a great oil for women as it helps balance female hormones, and helps with irregular menstruation, PMS, menopause as well as uterine disorders. It is also beneficial for poor circulation, asthma, coughs, nausea, depression, impotence, insomnia, frigidy, headache, nervous tension and general stress related disorders. Rose otto is known mostly for the ability to give a feeling of well being. Rose otto is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing.


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Orange Mango Extract body Lotion $45 

Light yet highly moisturising hydrate your body with nature in a bottle.

This silky body lotion contains aloe, chamomile, and lavender extract to calm and soothe skin. It is a great lotion to use after shower. Orange extract helps to balance skin by improving skin's ability to regulate its own moisture levels.  A series of added herbs added  are known for the warming properties and their ability to soothe anxious or restless minds. This exotic concoction will repair proteins in rough skin and works to rebuild collagen levels.

Rice Bran Oil 110ml $45

New and nourishing - a powerful skin protectant, rich in gamma-oryzanol, which will protect and replenish your skin.   Rich in phytosterols, Rice Bran oil can be an effective substitute for lanolin, and can help reduce inflammation and soothe discomfort. It's a wonderful oil for itchy "alligator" skin.   Rice bran oil has long been used in Japan to protect and moisturize the skin, but is a relatively new discovery here in the USA.Rice Bran oil has a high level of the antioxidants gammaoryzanol and tocotrienols (vitamin E), both of which contribute to the oil¨s stability.

Rice Bran is one of the richer carrier oils, and takes a moment to sink in.  We have seldom experienced a softer, more velvety feel from any of the carriers we offer. 

Rice Bran oil is also rich in anti-oxidants so could play a valuable role in skincare product

To use:


Method 1: Twice a week, in the evening, after cleansed face,put 2- 4 drops on palm rub both palm for 4 seconds and massage into face, neck & chest using gentle upward strokes . Relax for  few minutes, thereafter, use a piece of tissue to dap off the excess oil on your face. For me I have dry skin so I leave it on. Some may experience a bit of outbreak (rare) because normally massage will detox skin.

Method 2. Once a week, I will perform a power anti-age treatment on my face. First after cleansed face, dap face with lavendula Charcoal flora water or distilled water to the face. 3 drops of the oil and massage whole face. Than use a warm towel and cover face for 2 minutes. Wipe off the excess oil. The whole face really glow and you feel great.  (H2O2) method. Water oil technology

Method 3. 


1 tablespoon of rice bran oil, 250 gram of fine sea salt (from Nature Farm), 4 drops Lavendula Vera, 2 drops Peppermint, 2 drops Rose Geranium in a nice jar. Shake well. This is the same salt scrub that you saw in some health shops or spas but they are selling at around $60 per bottle. Keep this bodyscrub in cupboard.

Method: Wet your body. Use a tablespoon of the mixture and gently scrub your body a few times only. Leave it on for 1 min and rinse off. You can scrub a few more times at neckache area or cellulite area. After rinsing, do not use soap. To enhance the effect of reducing celullite, applying slim serum at cellulite area is recommended.

Method 4. Bryan Lao Shi's honey-oil body bath. You can save $$$ by making your own honey oil bath. I heard one bottle of honey oil (20ml) is selling about $40 in the market.
Method : Add 5ml honey water into a 10ml bottle (Dissolve honey in water first). Next, add 5ml of ricebran oil into the bottle as well. So you will have the ricebran oil floating on top of the honeywater. This is the best bath oil. Shake well before use. Pour a bit onto your palm. Apply and massage this onto whole body and rinse off. You will find your body skin super silky smooth! Do not use soap during this shower. Try it. I do it twice a week.
Method 5. Hair treatment,

To recondition hair. Massage 15 drops to the hair. (optional) Than wrap your head with warm dry towel. Set for 10 minutes.  U can wash off or wipe with towel and leave it on.

Method 6. 1 tablespoon to 200ml of body lotion.



















Skin Repair Moisturizer (can be used day or night cream) ($55)

Our skin should be fed with different moisturser; So u can alternate once finished. So your skin can enjoy the benefits of different plant extract that I design for you.

Recommended Use: To be applied morning or evening all over face and neck, after thoroughly cleansing the skin with the hydrating cleanser, followed by serum than the one of the following cream. 

All the moisturiser has Marine Collagen  (All Skin Type) restores moisture level while smoothes fine lines. It creates the ideal moisture support for the skin to increase hydration and suppleness. Regular use of  Bryan's moisturiser leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Marine Collagen Cream

Enriched with the soothing, hydrating properties of Aloe vera, marine collagen, this moisturiser soothes and softens the skin, and is particularly good for dehydrated or damaged skins.

Silky-textured, this cream enhances skin's appearance by combining Collagen, vitamins A (for skin normalisation), E (for moisturising), Provitamin B5 to restore damaged cells, and the power of Sodium PCA (part of your skin's "Natural Moisturising Factor"); while Jojoba, Avocado and Evening Primrose oils soften and hydrate the skin.

Treat yourself to this powerful and luxurious replenishing emollient cream base, and put back into your skin, what your busy day takes out!

(Day or night but some like to use as night) 

Lotus revitalising Lotion

Contains Tea, Ginger,
lotus flower, Avacado, Vitamin A, B5, Sunflower Oil. 

Benefits: For very tired skin to apply during day OR night. The high quality nano ginger essence will improve the "Qi" of your face, making you feel good. It increases circulation for those who have dull skin, and also prevent the growth of bacteria for those with troubled complexions. Office ladies can say bye bye to pale dull skin due to air-con or stress.

(DAy or nite but some like to use as DAY)

Day Hydrating lite

For those who cannotwant to have a lightmoisturising effect on face,

Silk Collagen Pink/white lotus Night Cream

This specially formulated moisture retaining properties of SILK collagen & Vitamin E Collagen Night cream is to be applied in the evening to revitalise and nourish the skin. 

It contains higher levels of emollient to moisturise the skin. The addition of  Pink and white lotus extract is for mature and dehydrated skin. It very rich but not oily. 

To be used at night only. ($60)

























Hair Beautifying technique

Bryan 仔剋直 with 2 oil hair method.

Comb Hair Method

One drop rosemary and one drop lavendula in a wooden comb(drip the oil to the wood comb only once a week). Rub and make sure the oil completely absorb to the wooden comb. Than use this wooden comb, comb your hair every day with this comb, scalp to the neck and scalp to shoulder, from front to back 10-20 times. 

This wood is known as Wang Yang wood.Used by Last empress of CHina which has health benefit properties.

Hair care set B: Rice Bran Oil, Rosemary Spanish, Lavendual vera and wooden comb $100
Hair care set A: Rosemary Spanish + Lavendula vera + wooden comb $60


Other use of rosemary spanish and Lavendula vera

  1. Twice a week, in 500ml of water with one drop rosemary and lavendula vera in it, final rinse your hair after hair wash. COntrol oil scalp and dandraff

  2. Hair treatment, in 10ml of rice bran oil, mix with 1 lavendula vera and one rosemary oil. Mix well, everytime just use this blend abit and apply the hair and massage, wrap with warm towel, wipe or rinse off after 15mins. For dry hair, white hair problem.

Hair Knowledge

TONE YOUR SCALP for oily hair:  
Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and add a pinch of salt. Massage into your scalp with the finger tips and repeat twice a week, leave on for 20mins before rinse off in cold water. It cleanse and tone the scalp prevent oiliness and add shine to the hair.

Once cleanse comb with the above 2 oil wooden comb.



























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Once a week facial steaming set

Facial steaming combination:

Lavendula + Grapefruit pink = Happiness, calming, improve skin tone, Anger, Blemishes

Rose geranium + Frankincense = Anti-age, wrinkles, anti-inflammation, PMS, Acne, Black heads.

Facial steaming can only be done once a week.


Herbs : White fungus+ Birdnest boil with rock sugar.





















Sandalwood research

Email to enquire the price for 5ml and 10ml sandalwood mysore oil

Sandalwood essential oil acts to regulate and balance the mood and is excellent for stabilizing the mind and emotions when feeling upset by life circumstances.
Helpful for dispelling feelings of self doubt, nervousness, fear, insecurity & hypersensitivity.
If you are reacting to others with judgment, irritability and frustration then it's time to inhale the scent of Sandalwood essential oil. It will slow your respiration and calm your mind and emotions
Uses: , I just dap one drop on some wooden accesories beads or tissue and inhale from it. If u put on wooden beads (non religious) and wear on ur wrist it smells nice and instant calming. Of course if you find the round beads looks religious u can buy any accessories that is not round , even wooden pendant and dap on it. IF you use in tissue the smell last for few days.
Facial steaming once a week 1 drop sandalwood.
One drop sandalwood in 10ml rice bran oil, massage face or body once a week. Fight wrinkles.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, the sweet aroma of Sandalwood oil is used to regulate and pacify both Vata and Pitta imbalances. Symptoms of Vata imbalance are premenstrual syndrome, constipation, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety or worry. Symptoms of Pitta imbalance include feelings of frustration and anger, tendency to emotional upset and over reaction, high blood pressure and an inability to relax and go with the flow.

This aromatherapy scent is warm, balsamic,woodsy, and earthy. Sandalwood has a euphoric yet grounding psychological effect that promotes a sense of well being. A base note in perfumery.

There is very little true Mysore Sandalwood available in today's market. The Indian Government has severely limited the export of this oil until the trees have had a chance for regrowth.

Steam distilled from the heart wood. Sandalwood is one of the oldest known materials and dates back 4000 years. Highly valued as fragrance,incense ingredient and mainstay of yoga and meditation practices. A popular ingredient in cosmetics not only for it¹s skin care benefits but also for it¹s wonderful scent. Helpful for dry, chapped, cracked, aging skin.

Emotional Benefits
       Promotes sensitivity, wisdom, insight, harmony, peace, serenity, unity.
Physical Benefits
Known to be helpful as an antiseptic, antidepressant, diuretic, tonic, calmative, anti-infectious, decongestant. Helpful for insomnia, nervous tension, stress. An aphrodisiac, helpful with impotence. Said to stimulate sex hormones. Purifying for urinary bladder infections.
Eases coughs, bronchitis,laryngitis and other throat afflictions. Use as a compress.
Helpful with muscle spasms, sciatica, neuralgia, said to strengthen connective tissue. use in massage blend.
Cardiac and Circulatory Systems
A heart regulator, increases circulation, helpful for varicose veins.
Immune System
Stimulates the immune system, bactericidal
Helpful for diarrhea, nausea, heartburn
Blends well with: Black Pepper, Frankincense, Patchouli, Jasmine, Rose, Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lemon, Lavender


Sandalwood Oil
Research scientists have discovered the chemical substance responsible for Sandalwood's erotic effect on our senses. A man's natural body scent is similar in chemical structure as the male hormone testosterone.
Sandalwood supports the circulatory systems and enhances lymph, nerve and blood supply to all the organs and systems and has traditionally been used for skin regeneration and healing.
As a regulating oil Sandalwood is beneficial for mature skin and known to balance both dry and oily skin conditions. Consider Sandalwood for treating skin rash, eczema and psoriasis. A natural antiseptic it is helpful for treating acne, blend with Lavendula vera or Tea oils to enhance this effect.
Sandalwood oil opens and clears your emotional centers and is a great aid to those who may isolate themselves due to an overly sensitive or accommodating nature. Sandalwood oil strengthens your ability to make contact with others with an open and compassionate heart. Sandalwood fosters your feelings of self acceptance and inner sense of connection so that your relationships with others can be strengthened and stabilized. Read more at




























Marjoram oil has a warming action and calms emotions, relieves anxiety as well as stress and helps to calms hyperactive people. It has good muscle relaxant properties and the pain killing properties are useful for rheumatic pains as well as sprains, strains and spasms, as well as swollen joints and painful muscles.

It soothes the digestive system and helps with cramps, indigestion, constipation and flatulence and has a beneficial action on colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma.
As a general relaxant, marjoram oil is used for headaches, migraines and insomnia and although it can diminish sexual desire, it is great for treating delayed, painful or scanty monthly periods as well as menstrual cramps.

Therapeutic Properties


Marjoram oil has a warming action and calms emotions, relieves anxiety as well as stress and helps to calms hyperactive people. It has good muscle relaxant properties and the pain killing properties are useful for rheumatic pains as well as sprains, strains and spasms, as well as swollen joints and painful muscles.

It soothes the digestive system and helps with cramps, indigestion, constipation and flatulence and has a beneficial action on colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma.

As a general relaxant, marjoram oil is used for headaches, migraines and insomnia and although it can diminish sexual desire, it is great for treating delayed, painful or scanty monthly periods as well as menstrual cramps.


Marjoram oil can be beneficial in cases of nervous tension, respiratory congestion, painful muscles and joints, digestive problems and menstrual disorders.

For neck back pain, 

For any body ache (knee, neck , back)

1 drop each; Majoramn,lavendula vera and peppermint on 20cent size moisturize cream, blend with index finger and massage at the ache or tense area.





























Lavendula vera Charcoal Flora Water



Hydrosols can be dap with cotton directly on the skin anytime of day or act as toner. ,

Dap some on clean hand and dap to face. Or any parts of body or rashes. 

Dap some  on cotton, and compress at eyes for 5mins to reduce tired and puffy eyes. 

Benefits: Perfect daily skin care treatment for any skin type. Especially cooling for eczema and rejevenating for fragile or damaged skin. Cleansing and refreshing, add it to masks, use before and after shaving to prevent inflammation and ingrown hairs, or use in the home, car or office to promote calmness. Act as toner after cleansing.

Special Anti- age treatment

Damp your face with flora water, than apply neroli facial oil and massage whole face. Wipe off extra with tissue to end the treatment.

FAQ: How is  hydrosol different from flora water?

Is the collection of the steam from the production of pure Lavender flowers from steam distillation. Hydrosol contains the same medicinal properties as essential oil. Lavender hydrosol will hydrate, refresh and soothe all skin types.Made from organic Lavender from Provence - contains no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, alcohol, preservatives or any other toxins.  

What is hydrolsol?  

Organic Hydrosol acts as a humectant and also helps to balance the skin. It can be used for all skin types including combination skin. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful in the prevention and healing of acne. It is also known for its ability to help cool sunburn and sooth insect bites. It is a good cleanser for wounds. f

Organic Hydrosol is calming and is safe to use in babycare and childcare formulations. Its remarkable calming properties makes it a wonderful addition to sprays for baby's room, baby's bathwater and for use to wipe after diaper changes. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and can be used as a soothing wetting agent for natural baby wipes.

Please do not confuse misters (water with added essential oils) with True Hydrosols ( also called Floral Waters, Herbal Waters or Hydrolates) .A True Hydrosol comes ONLY from the distillation process and carries minute particles of essential oil (in suspension) and the hydrophillic (water-loving) properties of the plant.

With added charcoal and vinegar properties, the smell needs to be adapted. Nice and soothing to the face.




















Preventive Maintenance Mask

Mask can be divided to detox mask and hydrating mask. Detox mask u can perform once a week. But hydrating mask as many times as you want.

Hydrating Face and eye Mask ( 2 in 1)

Directions: Use on cleansed skin. Apply a thin layer over dry areas or the entire face as often as needed. Leave on for at least 15 minutes or as long as desired. Rinse with water and follow with the appropriate serum and moisturizer, or specialty product. For eye area too.

  • Enriched with natural herbs.
  • From the moment you apply it, this mask penetrates deep to restore skin's natural moisture barrier
  • emollient-packed formula feels wonderfully moist on the skin
  • Unique combination of rich plant oils provides essential fatty acids and lipids dry skin needs to replenish itself and look radiant
  • Contains plant- and vitamin-based antioxidants to reduce inflammation
  • Easy to apply and rinse from the skin
  • May be used as a mask or a moisturizer/ face or eye gel
  • 100% fragrance- and colorant free.
  • Purifies, rebalances and tones skin. -
  • Provides Best moisture. - Relaxes facial features with aromatic plants. -
  •  Helps reduce signs of stress and fatigue. -Promotes a clear, smooth, fresh complexion.
  • Helps to fight dark eye circles and puffy eyes.

Ingredients: A synergy blend of aloe vera, cucumber extract and oil with marine collagen to moisturise, the antioxidant powers of white tea, the vitamin and mineral rich buckthorn oil know for its anti aging effect and the toning abilities of witch hazel, for eyes and face.


Green Clay (detox mask)

(Powder form) Just take half tea spoon mix with abit water and apply whole face)

All types of skin care conditions. It can be used to balance combination skin, normalize oily skin, and revitalize dry skin. It is rich in vitamin and minerals and has antiseptic healing properties that leave the skin feeling silky smooth. 

Smooth out rough skin, restore balance to your skin, diminish acne and other blemishes, shrink pores, detoxify your skin by pulling out impurities and toxins.

Yellow Clay 

(Powder form) Just take half tea spoon mix with abit water and apply whole face)

Heal sensitive skin. Instead that it draw oil, it exfoliates, and  mineral are deposited on the skin to help it heal and become less sensitized. Is for sundamage skin and T zone oily skin too. But those with no skin problems can use yellow clay once a week too to give the skin a new mineral.

Pink Clay 

(Powder form) Just take half tea spoon mix with abit water and apply whole face)

Pink clay is made up of variable amounts of white and red clay, making it highly effective for face masks and body wraps, and is good for dehydrated skins. Because of it richness in minerals, pink clay heals and disinfects very effectively and will assist tissue firming, particularly for the bust, thighs, stomach and upper arms. Not to be taken internally. GOod for mature skin

Hydrate skin and make ur skin look pinkish healthy.


Green Pink or Yellow? Get three of them and it will last for 2 years. One color a week.



Antiage Face Renewal Flora Scrub

Mild xfoliating Jojoba Beads teamed with a deliciously fragrant blend of Essential Oils have been blended into a Mild Cleansing Cream Base to exfoliate dead skin and replenish natural oils, making your skin fresh, soft and newer looking. Gently cleanses and exfoliates with a low foam level in the sink, bath or shower. Added pearl powder to improve skin texture.

A mild surfactant allows the dead skin to be gently rinsed away removing dirt and grime, while the cream cleanser provides emolliency, replenishing the natural oils of the skin. The effect is a luxurious lather that feels like a moisturiser.

If you find your face dull and not able to apply foundation easily, is time to scrub with this wonderful flora scrub.


Jojoba Beads are tiny spherically shaped beads consisting of hydrogenated jojoba oil (wax). The round shape offers effective exfoliation with out the harshness of typical abrasives, no sharp edges. Very mild with natural emollient properties make them ideal for sensitive skin.

Blended with flowers and herbs to fight free radicals and improve skin tone. Ability for the skin to breath. After one scrub you will feel smooth naturally. When you are above 25 you can scrub up to twice a week.


Wet your face, just a bit of the scrub, and rub all over the face gently for 10 to 15 seconds. Wash off . Follow by serum .





































Special Wrinkle and dry skin Care:

Wrinkle formation are speed up when u pass 30. Preventive maintenance is extremely important. If you think carefully people with oily skin dont form wrinkle that quickly but they may have other skin problems. But if you can feed good oil to your skin few times a week without clogging the pores. Why not? Neroli facial oil or rice bran oil is the key to good skin and hydrate skin from within. Use 3  times week as moisturiser at night.   It contains vitamin E and is rich in protein. It is suitable for all skin types, especially dry


Neroli Facial Oil

Extracted from 100% pure and natural essential flowers and plants, Bryan's Neroli facial Neroli Face Oil effectively comforts and soothes skin exposed to the stresses of intirincis and extrinsic ageing - such as pollution, air conditioning, wind and rain. It rejuvenate skin and slow down aging proces , relaxes the skin and reinforces the benefits of your regular moisturiser.

Best way to use neroli facial Oil:

  1. Cleanse you face by wither, facial steaming, cleansing or scrub

  2. Follow by damp your face with flora water or water.

  3. Apply 3 to 5 drops neroli facial oil on both palm and massage whole face for 2 minutes

  4. Massage into face, neck & chest using gentle upward strokes.

  5. Leave it on and wipe off excess with tissue. 

  6. Follow by apply 4 drops to neck and shoulder for better sleep and enable skin cell regeneration when u sleep.

Above are special care but you can apply daily if u want to. It can be applied to hair of face.

Bryan Lao shi neroli facial oil is blended with Apricot Kernel oil for skin renewal and relaxing. Doing facial oil massage with neroli or ricebran oil helps to 


It is also known as 'orange blossom' and it takes about 1000 lbs. of orange blossoms to make 1 lb. of Neroli oil. The name is said to have originated from the Italian princess, Anne-Marie de la Tremoille (Countess of Nerola) who used the oil as a perfume and to scent her bathwater and gloves. It is still an ingredient for making traditional smelling eau-de-cologne.

Orange petals are often associated with marriage, purity and brides, as brides traditionally wore orange buds in their hair.

Neroli oil is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritant and non-phototoxic yet must be used sparingly when a sharp clear head is needed, as it can be very relaxing.

Properties of pure neroli oil

The therapeutic properties of Neroli oil are antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, cordial, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative and tonic .Neroli essential oils tone and rejuvenate the complexion, especially dry or undernourished skins; ease nervous indigestion and irritable bowel symptoms; helps calm panic, shock, and sudden emotional upsets.

On the skin, neroli oil can help to regenerate skin cells and is a rejuvenating oil useful to prevent ugly scar tissue, promote a smoother skin, fighting stretch marks and broken capillaries.


Special Wrinkle Care:

Small bullet of the revolutionary concentrated anti-wrinkle treatment peptite ®.
it  reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expression, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.
It is a safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to Botulinum Toxin, topically targeting the same wrinkle-formation mechanism in a very different way.


Use alternate days for two months before sleep. Cleanse serum follow by the bullet.