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Everyone is born with pure heart. Is very important we must understand the meaning of chanting mantra is to cultivate our mind and heart. We should not chant mantra with expectation (even there are many benefits). We should not chant mantra  like a "trade" with God (example, every moment u chant, u think of your problems and keep expecting chanting mantra to solve ur problems, or u say bryan I chant many months le, no effect [halo bryan chanted for 10 over years not asking for effects.....etc).  

This religion or that religion... Well in the end , is our heart calmness is the most difficult to achieve. Dont u agreed, u can go temple everyday or stay in temple or stay in Church or pray until very powerful. But once u left the temple, ur heart go back to the disturbed case and difficult to get into peace? Well this is the time u exercise your faith and your determination. Being and Doing... We have be Doing alot alot, but we have not Being with God. Also attachment is the problem to many development in life. Attached to a temple , to a master etc.... become self centered. As a result I dont have a fix master. I do what I need to do as a human and in my heart the Master is Divine Kwan Yin, God . And be with them. 

The true intention of chanting mantra is no expectation, but not purposely telling urself there is no expectation as is kind of expectation. With growing expectation it becomes greediness and mind cluttered. We should just chant faithfully and  just focus 一心不乱 niam niam niam. 

5 minutes a day to kick start is really nothing to cultivate a person heart. U can see human beings can spend alot of time on facebook or computer. Why u cant spare five mins to cultivate ur heart and improve your life from within. Mantra can be considered to be a linguistic device for deepening ones thought.With repetition Mantras will eventually quiet the mind.

Mantras start a powerful vocal vibration, which corresponds to both a spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Over time which varies from person to person, the mantra stills all other vibrations or thoughts



Her elegant sashes flutter as she passes,
her white silk robe radiant as holy light,
her golden belts blessing the air.
A perfected mind and a golden body:
pearls and jade fringe her face
and dark hair coiled like a dragon;
brows like new moons, eyes like stars
and a flash of red from her joyous lips.
She holds a vase full of willow branches
from which she casts redeeming water.
Her orchid heart loves green bamboo
which grows on her sacred mountain,
in the cave of tidal sound.

----Chinese hymn to Kuan-Yin from Patricia Monaghan’s book, “The Goddess Companion.”

A simple way to welcome Kuan Yin into your life or space is to chant, “Om Mani Padme Hum” . To invoke Kuan Yin’s compassion, chant “Namo, Guan, Shih Yin Pusa” (which is essentially a greeting/homage).

All if u feel abit upset now and feel affected by Fortune Teller or life issues. Look at above picture( which I felt strong energy). Chant Kwan Yin/ Tara Mantra. U will be ok:>When you invoke the name of the bodhisattva Kuan Yin, beloved goddess of compassion, you are calling upon a powerful force to bring you strength, healing, and unconditional love.

Super New Beginners: Just Chant the name of Kwan Yin Pusa

Gwan Yin Bodhisattva’s compassion for all beings is so vast and inconceivable, our gratitude cannot comprehend nor fully express the magnitude of her blessings. Her body and garments of brilliant, translucent White Light. Her adornments, a white vase of Compassionate Water in her left hand, The Sacred Willow Branch in her right hand. 
Enlightened through infinite acts of compassion countless lifetimes ago. Her feet rest upon a fragrant red lotus flower above a vast ocean. Her brows curved and radiant like the crescent of an autumn moon. With the sweet dew drops she sprinkles from her vase, She relieves the suffering of beings everywhere and always, for countless autumns.
Prayers for help arise from thousands of hearts, and thousands of prayers are answered by her vow of eternal compassion: Beings in Samsara, who sail the ocean of suffering, She will guide and deliver safely to the ultimate shore of enlightenment.

We like to make ourselves worry in many areas.Have a calm and peaceful heart . Kwan Yin Ma is not religious, is the spirit of compassion and loving kindness. Kwan Yin is a philosophy of Great Compassion. Chanting mantra  is to tame your mind too . Remember is wrong to think, oh this mantra more powerful than that mantra.  I always do homework one. Example, I keep a diary, I will chant mantra A) for 1 week, mantra B for another week so I can focus.... etc... Be creative , don't be so so so.... eerrrrr.

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Bryan's Charity Group has gathered many to 

i) DOnate food, medicine, coffin, physio machine from temples, to different races and religion. As we work one heart to heart together and do good. When you do good, u dont expect things to return. U just do with love:> That is Kwan Yin Love , that is kwan Yin compassion.


A)Kwan Yin Name

A1) Kwan Yin Mantra (Immediately chant if some FSM do funny things on u)

B) Da Bo Gong Mantra (scroll down) 

[ Normally I chant Da Bo Gong mantra 3 times follow by 3 or 9 times kwan yin mantra.]

C) Imparted by 2 Master Prayer method for Purifying and Luck (scroll down)

D) Cancer research Mantra (scroll down) AND THE BOOK TOO

E) Buddha Speaks The Sutra on Maha-Cundi Dharani -- The Heart of The Mother of 70 billion Buddhas  

f) FAQ with bryan

G)  How to pray to KWAN YIN if someone instil fear in your life or say bad things or affected by BAD FSM or FT.

I) Happiness and You

J) Black Magic and "Kong Dao"

K) Heaven Door Open Day (Once a year event)

L) 3 Joss Paper

M) Heart Sutra

N) Incense 

i) KM Yan Cleansing

ii) Healing incense

iii) Healing Coil Incense

O) 88 Buddha Prayer

P)English Text too for 88 Buddha

Q) Lord Ganesha

R) Bank Account and Luck (Must read)

S) Thank You Rinpoche Site:>

T) Coil Incense Pagoda

U) Ancestor Prayers 






NB: Or you can focus just one , chant for 1 month, than alternate with another 1 for a month. Aiya is up to you, chant with heart no need so much procedure. And no need sing.


A) Kwan Yin Mantra

A very Good mantra for heart , love, motivation, fight depressions, insomnia, anger,ward off  problems and negative energy. This mantra is advised to me by my Master. It can help many modern problems we face. Many positive feedbacks I received.

Personally I find that chanting of mantra helps in many  areas of my life. And I hope I can share with you. IN the class , many who I shared this mantra with, has seen vast improvements.

Kwan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition. Also known as Kuan Yin, Quan'Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin (Bali), She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As the Bodhisattva of Compassion, She hears the cries of all beings. Quan Yin enjoys a strong resonance with the Christian Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Tibetan goddess Tara.
In many images She is depicted carrying the pearls of illumination. Often Quan Yin is shown pouring a stream of healing water, the "Water of Life," from a small vase. With this water devotees and all living things are blessed with physical and spiritual peace.

You can use Black tourmaline bracelet or a mala. once chanted for many years, the whole bracelet will have a strong energy. And can be hand behind door which will protect whole family.


nā mó fónā mó fǎnā mó sēng
nā mó jiù kǔ jiù nàn guān shì yīn pú sà
dá zhí duōōngqié là fá duōqié là fá duō
qié hē fá duōlà qié fá duōlà qié fá duōsuō pó hē
tiān luó shéndì luó shénrén lí nàn
nàn lí shēnyí qiè zāi yāng huà wéi chén
nā mó mó hē bō rě bō luó mì

After Chanting say : I dedicate the merits of this chanting to all beings. Also May my health and luck ......(use ur own words to make wish)

Chant 3 or 7 or 9 times daily. (Once a day ba, for me i chant as and when)

Video at : 


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B) 福德正神

Gratitude to Da Bo Gong and give thanks for what we have (food, shelter and alot of blessing). Many  things in our life is not coincident , is a blessing, we can seat here now and alive. Gratitude. (Video)

Read more from: 

Namo San man Duo Moto Num Om duru duru diwei soha


When chanting any mantra, you can chant this mantra few times to invite protection from all directions.
This mantra helps in business and career and chronic illness too. Especially protection when travel to places you feel uncomfortable.

Chant with happiness daily with mala or black tourmaline bracelet and improve well-being and luck.

After chant dedicate merits to all beings and also request for healing on health and improvement in career or business.

Da Bo Gong is an example of a very Compassionate and Loving Kindness GOD.


You can have alot of alot good luck, but are you respectable? Everyone looks for happiness and luck Life is not just about receiving good luck and good opportunities, is more about receive good luck with compassion and merits.

福而有德”的人 is a person who have alot of wealth but do not lost in direction and has gone through hardship with a positive attitude to achieve the present wealth.

If you complaint about wealth, have you reflected did you make an effort. Or daily go around saying no money? Are you jealous of people's achievement? Are you kind to your parents?


Little POEMS:

Wealth came from God (Heaven).

Moral/Kind action (Te) came from the heart

Must honest to ownself and others;

One who pray will receive blessings.

That is a free gift.

But the one that can see/meet good fortune, it's a different thing.

Gift is only given to those who have affinity.

Studying isnt base on who is first and who is last.

Only the successful can become leader.

Too much freedom , we must learn to control,

just like bright sun -ligh that may cause damage, we must decrease it's intense.

Too much control and limit ownself, we must learn to free a little,

just like a person surrounded by fog, a simple lamp will show the way:>





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3 Joss Luck Paper

C) 3  Joss Luck Method: This was imparted to me by Two Lady Master, do continuous 3 days if luck super block . And do twice a month to maintain. Each set if u calculate is less than 50cent. SOme luck very low they do 7 days. But again if even u do one time and forget next time is ok:>

Beside the set is simplest power set for special days of the year.

Set A:

1) 3  piece of Tian Gong Jin

2) 3 pieces of Shen Ding

3) 1 piece of Zao Cai Jin

Light 3 incense and hold the Joss paper and pray: The prayer speech is below.


Pray already burn downstairs . But if pray in temple burn at temple Urn.

How to do it? See procedures below

Commercial Rate:

Tian Gong Jin , $2 one stack (50 pieces)

ShenDing , $2 one stack(50pieces)

Zao Cai Jin $2 (10pieces)


Buy and keep and use when needed. All of these can be found in Joss paper shop. Please make effort.

Figure B: With Altar at home.

Those without also can put a temporay container (clean one) tupperware also can, fill with rice. Once pray finish bring back home keep in cupboard



U can do this for Heaven Door Open Day in temple or home;


Which praying u can light KM yan set , at main door. Super good luck. Invite Good energy to the house:>

KM Yan set will dispel negative Qi and brings in good Qi to the House.

Bryan's Secret Master:

Confession are excellent means to remove emotional burdens such as guilt, as well as to pacify the obstacles to our happiness . This prayers below helps us to change our bad habits, and subdue obstacles to long life and success in spiritually and also all positive things.

Burning joss paper has deep meaning behind which many. Bai Bai students you all should understand. Every day in life we are creating negative energy  unknowingly like loosing temper, jealous of colleagues, scold people, gossips..... scold people in ur heart ...... Is quite normal you might says as  we are human, but all these block your luck. So start doing something.... improve yourself. And burning Joss paper doesnt mean more is good.

Why some people has a series of event happen and happen which totally shattered their faith in GOD? Well , remember everyone born will have certain year and time where luck is worst plus sometimes ur past life karma attack u at the same time. If your worst timing arises, that split seconds and you have accumulated alot fuqi than damage will be minimum. There was once a lady with a Bazi that she will meet danger on a day time and year. But hor she is a kind person and during that timing she was having a nap at home, and escape the bad luck. DO you know the high tendency u will meet a bad Fengshui Master if ur luck no good and worsen. I think u heard of many go see Fengshui Master already feel worst.

Certain people accumulate bad luck very easily and some Bazi born which think negatively easily. Because the Body is very "Yin". But who cares about Bazi, because now I  learn about this prayer method which helps. Also I dedicate myself in chanting mantra daily. It increase our Yang Qi.

Why not start doing good and accumulate Fu Qi?

3 piece Joss paper is a powerful way to improve a person luck. And create compassionate in our life. Through connection with Infinite Wisdom from God, all becomes possible. You can do it at home or temple:>


(Please do no "Ban Dan",  So stop creating stress and human procedures.)

A) With Altar of Tian Gong at Home as shown in figure B below.

First shower and final rinse with 5 element oil. Light the KM yan set at main door; Follow by following procedures.

1) Any date you like as long as is in the morning and not raining.  Light 3 incense and pray to Heaven saying your name and some prayer words. Put the incense and take SET A and  look up at sky and bow three times and say the following speech. 

Prayer Speech
  1. Oh  天公(Ti Gong),众神 (zong shen), 第子(di zi) ___ ____(ur name) would like to confess on all the negative speech ,action and thinking I have accumulated and I will strive to be better person. Please forgive me. By confessing and acknowledging all my negativity, I hope to attain inner peace and abide in happiness. Thank you. I will like to give thanks for all the things I have in life. Really thank You from my heart, (some may starts to tear here).

  2.  Report Your problems " Oh Ti Gong, lately my sleep pattern worries me, I hope to meet the right person or doctor to heal me, please send me healing energy and I will patiently wait for my timing, thank you.

  3. Bow 3 times again with a smile.

(Alot of people pray with face black black, God see already also sian la... (joking) )


Some ask me what items to pray: U can put 5 oranges and 3 cup of tea:>



When incesne burn to 1/3 bring to house down stair and burn. And look up to the sky and smile:> At temple same ba.

B) Without Altar

Can put a temporary container . Do the same as above. Or go temple, pray to TiGong and say the same things.

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D) Health Mantra from Buddha

During Buddha time, it does have people have cancer.  So chanting this Sutra helps cancer people. When chanting this sutra and mantra we must have the right intention not only wish your love one ok but also all beings:> Now let us chant together:> In ancient time Cancer , is call 痔。I was amaze in this book, since 2500 ago talk about stomach cancer, eye cancer etc. No wonder science and Buddhism.....

Short History: Once a Buddha's disciple 具寿阿难陀 at a town saw many many monk suffer from Cancer at head, stomach, mouth very suffering so the disciple with respect ask Buddha What to do?This cancer patient suffer pain and kept loosing weight.

Buddha Say : Let me teach U this sutra and chant more, and don't forget must tell more people to chant ok? 

So this book explain how mantra come about and share the mantra. The full Poem is at  And the mantra is recited many times in my video:>


2 Years ago being “Kia Su" I asked my Master, besides taking good care of parents, what can I chant or how to pray to prevent them having cancer and terminal illness etc.... As an only child, I constantly worry for parents health:>

He says a human will age , sick and die ---is part of life. But having cancer is more than suffering and it can be avoided by not getting angry and perform breathing exercise, let go and chanting a mantra.

He says often cancer are caused by cell deformation due to a bad qi accumulated in body also some are negative qi from past. And when luck is low , this bad qi will transmute the cells. Helping ourselves is best way and if parents cant chant mantra we can chant for them.....

My parents work hard whole life and I just don't want them to have terminal illness in later part of their life, I think inside our heart all of us scare of scary illnesses.  This mantra is powerful and will help many people.  Is a mantra we chant but we dont expect result , just chant with pure heart and dedicates to love one:>  I make it a point to chant 9 times before sleep and dedicate to parents.


Video of mantra: 


Mantra is  (dan)(zhi)(ta) 


(An) (Lan) (Mi)




(san)(po)(ba)(dou) (suo)(ha)

Below is a text extracted from Buddha's Speech on Cancer more  than 2000 years ago. Remember this mantra helps and can help in healing process and also let a person who already have no cure to feel better and also remember our life doesn't end when we exit from earth.... Soul continues and this soul is good to be taken care of:> 

History of Bryan's journey to find this mantra:

In 2009 Bryan was taught this mantra, he didnt share until research is completed. For 3 years he cant find the mantra until June 2011:

Bryan's Words: " According to  6636 sense, I just went to the famous Arumugam Road temple. Coincidentally is the Main God birthday, I prayed as usual and also the thing about cancer came to my mind and again I prayed for peace for everyone too.

Suddenly , i was drawn to one of the altar table  and found a book and so coincidentally I turn the page and immediately point to the mantra that my Master taught me and infact...... the mantra : Orignated by Buddha Himself more than 2500 years ago... and he talks about , mouth cancer, body cancer and suddenly I found the mantra.... exactly what my Master taught me. I was like wow.


1) No procedure at all. Just chant the mantra 9 times daily ba:> Also if can slowly learn the "Poems". All can chant de la:>


 U can read the book once, in future u chant the mantra only:> For me I like to read the book once a week, and rest of week I chant the mantra. Dearest all, no procedure just chant. Buddhism is simple and calm, dont always stress yourself ahahah and than stress sms me :>



Chant beginning to respect Buddha and may we learn the true meaning and develop loving kindness of this sutra.
This talks about the disciple of Buddha saw many monk suffering de:>
The disciple request Buddha for advise:>
Description of different type of cancer.
The mantra to chant with pure heart and faith and sincere.
Talk about a kind of tree . Buddha give an analogy :>
Dedicate to all beings

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E) Cundi Kwan Yin

Homework for everyone for 2 months: Buddha Speaks The Sutra on Maha-Cundi Dharani -- The Heart of The Mother of 70 billion Buddhas

Once, the Buddha was dwelling near Shravasti, at the Anathapindada Garden in the Jeta Forest. At that time the World-Honoured One was contemplating and observing the sentient beings of the future. Out of great compassion for them, the Buddha decided to expound on the Dharani of Cundi, the heart of the mother of seven kotis of buddhas. Thus, the Buddha revealed the mantra:   Do you know the waterloo Kwan Yin Temple, the Kwan yin is known as Cundi Kwan Yin? 
The whole sutra theory can be found in .

Video How to Chant? 

How to chant the mantra?

First time new to this mantra, u all read the above link one time to know how this mantra comes about.

Bryan recommended Daily  Practice Method:

Chant One time:


南无飒哆喃 三藐三菩陀俱胝南 怛侄他唵折隶 主隶 准提 娑婆合)

qi shou gui yi su xi di

tou mian ding li qi ju zhi

wo jin chen zan da zhun ti

wei yuan ci bei chui jia hu

 namo sa dou nan

san miao san pu tuo

ju zhi nan

da zhi ta

Om zeli zuli cunti suo po ho x (21 or 108 times)

And follow by Chanting the mantra

A) Long version or Short version

Long version:南无飒哆喃 三藐三菩陀俱胝南 怛侄他唵折隶 主隶 准提 娑婆合)

Short version:唵折隶 主隶 准提 娑婆合) Om Zeli Zuli Zhunti Sa Po Ho.

Bryan's 2014 CUNDI Pendant 



Is good to have CUndi pendant this 2014 to overcome the poison fire.



Bryan lao shi FAQ

1)  What is your experience with CUNDI mantra

Cundi mantra was mentioned to me , in 1999 by an uncle who do alot of charity and helping peope. I just keep it in my mind. Until not long ago I started to practice. It helps a few of my clients family problems. The most amazing is once we dedicate to chant hor, we see things clearer. Very compassionate answers will surface from a problem. Most amazing thing was once, a husband was cheating on the wife. The wife so so so sad. I teach her to chant this mantra. Guess what, the wife suddenly receive alot of evidence... ... anyway resolved le....:> Actually many cases.

Bryan's  Personal Experience: The mantra improves ren yuan. Help solve many relationship problems. Work related issues. Many cases, husband wife relationship problems , I see good results.  Lately I saw Lilian too start to share with many on CUNDI news.

However I want you all to chant without thinking the benefits. Just chant wholeheartedly. DO not set high target for yourself making yourself stress. Just chant few a day. And dedicate minimum 3 to 5mins a day to chant. But if that day forget , don' t feel bad. Must be chant with a happy carefree heart. Human heart is forever thinking of alot of things. Is normal when u first starting to chant, u will think of alot of things. Just acknowledge and let it pass by your mind:>

2)  Lao shi, u have few mantra here, which to chant?

Well for me I make effort, what I do is I create a diary, and I see which mantra i want to practice first. Than I will spend a month just do that mantra... focus.

SO u just create your own procedure. Remember , write a mini diary of your chanting schedule. After each chant, write down your feelings.

3) Lao shi what is your chanting schedule?

Every few months I change ahahha:> Last month example:

Morning wake up: I do breathing exercise; Chant 3 times Kwan Yin mantra; Than chant 108 times Tara. and 9 time da bo gong mantra. (take less than 10mins)

When walking to MRT or Busstop. I will sing mantra:> in my heart ehehhe:> Works wonder ok;

At night I will chant the "anti-cancer mantra" dedicate to parents and all beings. Than if time allows, I will write a few lines in my diary on my personality development. Example this year, I decided to be more kind to customer and dont scold customers.

U can create your own procedure. U know why u need to record down what procedure? Because u may forget .

4) What is the most difficult things in life to overcome?

Personally I find that, u can conquer people at office, or family, u can be a boss or manager. U can be a leader. So what if u can conquer the world. People will call you

hero.. So what u can conquer your office colleague, at most they call you BOSS. One thing is most difficult to conquer. This is the thing that we feel more and more when we aged. Is out emotion, our heart. If we can conquer our heart and emotions, we become a saint. Mind, emotions and heart is something very difficult to conquer. EVery mini seconds our mind is thinking and non stop thinking. Example, if now I ask you to take a pen and write on a topic on a piece of paper. Before u want to pen down your thoughts, a simple word, ur mind has already hundreds of things going on. This happen for writers, they can stare on a piece of paper whole day , dont know what to write:>


5) My mother cannot read and cant chant mantra beacuse she finds it confusing what can  I do?

U can teach your mom just to say OMmmmmmmm daily. Or teach her chant  NA MO Ah Me Tuo Fo..... . Remember many people chant wrongly and say O mi tuo fo. Is Ahhhhhhhh mi tuo fo.

EVen one heart , one mind, simple chant ommmmmmmmmmmm, one syllabus is also a mantra which will achieve great results. If u have a kind of heart thinking this mantra more power than that mantra , than all your effort is wasted. A common mistakes in many people, is--- "Oh I attend alot of puja, ownself think they are powerful and look down on people". I feel sad for these people, u wasted all your practice le.

Do you know an OLD ah MA, dont even know any mantra, saying Ah Mi Tuo Fo is also a big accomplishment. Some youngster start to know alot of prayer method, make themselves look very pro... but is just action action show off only, they never cultivate mind and heart. Effort wasted too

SO from now let us cultivate our heart. Whatever religion you are, just focus and what u are doing:>

6Lao SHi, I have learnt alot mantra why my health same.?

Well than u are ignorance. Health problems also need to take care of health and take note what u eat, ur resting time. If a person, whole day chant mantra, whole day, eat junk food. Will the person health improves. If I hear chant medicine buddha mantra, there I cold people, stress with work. Not enough sleep , will my health improves? So we all must learn to exercise our wisdom in all things. In all religion, is not that u pray and pray, u must take effort to improve your health through, right diet, exercise and calm mind. 

Man A: God can u give me happiness?

GOD: I give you blessing, and happiness is up to you to choose.

Remember, alot of times health we know to make an effort. Chanting of mantra improves our body immunity and also prevent illness comes from unknown sources. But if illness is self created, no one time blame...

7) Science of chanting mantra and self healing

It’s also been found that self created sounds such as chanting will cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. Such chanting will also help oxygenate the brain, reduce our heart rate, blood pressure and assist in creating calm brainwave activity. In addition, listening to certain chants has great beneficial effects.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis has utilized the sounds of Gregorian Monks to stimulate the ears, brain and nervous systems of clients. His work is very important with regard to the scientific and medical uses of sound and chant. He found that certain sounds that are particularly high in vocal harmonics will stimulate and charge the cortex of the brain and the nervous system. Self-healing can be accomplished by concentrating qi in certain organs, the result of which can be a clearing of the obstacle or condition. For instance, some people say a certain mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light and result in great beneficial effect.

8) Where and How to chant?

There are no hard-and-fast rules for chanting. The most wonderful thing about mantra meditation is that one may chant anywhere -- at home, at work, driving in the car, or riding on the bus or subway. And one may chant at any time. The only equipment one needs is a tongue and ears. Everyone already has these. The tongue simply has to vibrate the words, and the ears must hear it. By this simple process alone, one can achieve all perfection.

SO when u chant mantra, ----> Chant, Listen, Chant....

9) Cultivation of considerate for people...

In real life , I very scare of some people who try to show off that they are very cultivated in mantras or show me they are Buddhism, or action action very powerful like a monk t look say they chant how many times mantra, how powerful they are, and they are vegetarian. Than his or her effort wasted, we must humble all the time:>

I remember , once I was on vegetarian for many days. But I don't tell anyone, because I don't want to create troublesome 麻烦,for people. Example I go lunch with colleagues, I wont purposely tell them I am on vegetarian end up everyone needs to accommodate ur needs. Or I go my aunt house to eat , I wont tell her I am on vegetarian because she will purposely need to use another pot and cook for family. So if I practice vegetarian for that few days, I will take care of my stomach first:> This is way of life, dont create troublesome for people.


10) Lao Shi... 灌顶 is it necessary? They say no Guan Ding not powerful and is a secret.

秘教 or tibetan buddhism, many mistaken the meaning of secret. If a Master say, you must pay this amount of money and learn the mantra than is powerful. That is rubbish. The secret means here, is our human heart. Human heart has many secret, mind is always thinking and non stop thinking. Chanting mantra is cultivation of body mind and emotions...( shall not explain , is very long). Is not necessary to go for Guan Tin. U can start chanting Cundi mantra faithfully and let Kwan Yin Cundi kwan ding for u , isnt it more powerful (LOL, seriously). I see many of my friends, go around different monk to get Guan Ding.... Do u know every Guan Ding, u must start doing alot of homework.... . So remember class, 轨举念佛咒. DOnt complicate yourself. Even a simple chant of NA MO AHHHH MI TUO FO, u receive blessing from all directions:>


11) Means we chant in Toilet?

I mentioned CUndi mantra can be chanted in toilet and of course not encouraging people to chant in toilet but is such a Fang Bian Fa Meng to reach all beings u can even chant in toilet when u feel not right and YES.

What is dirty, what is not dirty? Is all in our mind. Kwan Yin Pusa transform herself into different forms to help beings. Inside toilet also have beings. Whats wrong with chanting mantra in toilet in time of emergency?

Who say one? Not I say, I am still very stupid and not smart but i try to learn.
Read read the sutra clearly. Even more layman terms: a famous old Master in taiwan says "
Even your hand full of SHIT, u can chant Cundi mantra".

Wake up wakeup, don't bound by so much procedures....


























HOW to Pray to Waterloo Cundi Kwan Yin if u met a Bad FSM or FT that instill fear in you ?

Now may every living thing, young or old, weak or strong, living near or far, known or unknown, living or departed or yet unborn, may every living thing be full of bliss.

1) Buy 5 pink lotus and a packet of soft sweets (those coated sugar soft gum sweets).

Light incense pray. Than go into the hall  kneel down at the red carpet with the lotus and sweets says

" Dear Kwan Yin Pusa ( chant 3 times any KWAN YIN mantra). My Name is "Ah Lian", my DOB is_____ and stay in ____.

 I have seen a FSM yesterday which causes my family in stress (or say any problems), I like to confess  all ignorance I have accumulated daily  and will slowly improve on my personal development/character. From now I will strive hard to be a better person and be a good, helpful better person. Please Help me to take care of current situation and remove all fears and bad energy from my family. Let me face the problems I have with fearlessness. Because I know you will give me the strength that I need now. Please take charge for me (请观音菩萨替我做主)and format away all bad things FSM says

Kept chanting mantra and when u chant mantra look at the kwan yin statue every single details of the Hand and also think it help all people in the temple....Then put the soft sweets on right side of the altar and five lotus too.

Go home sleep..



Bryan Founder of SIngapore English Prayer method.

With less than $3 u can do a power prayer yourself:> 


A memorable class.



I am here to assure you again, beloved children of my heart that I will walk with you throughout all time. That you are never alone and abandon, even at the darkest hour. And your planet as a whole is entering a period of great contribution. Do not attach yourselves to prophecies of time past. What is happening now, beloved ones, is this: A magnifying of all the negativity that is coming to a crux, to the point in which it can be released forever. Like the very wound in a persons body that fills with pus until the moment it explodes and let it all out, to bring healing finally.

So right now it may seem the darkness is overflowing. Because in many areas there are so many aspects of the darkness being expressed. But they are the releasing of aeons of conflicts, so that can all come to surface to be healed. This is the case with so many areas of your planet at this time.

So do not allow yourselves to go into fear. Remember: You are protected. You are protected. You are protected.
And you will be brought to safety if it becomes necessary. Individually and as a group. Allow yourselves to be more connected to the truth of your own heart in this time. So that you can listen to the inner guidance that will come. But when the mind is so busy with its desires, it is difficult to just listen, what the soul is showing as appropriate.







Wearing Buddha Pendant


















Happiness And You

The reason why there is so little happiness in the world now is because there are too much expectation and dependency.

 Happiness is not dependent on anything or anyone or found anywhere. We should not depend on others or things for happiness.

It can be found within us. Is it? HOW? 

Try :daily 5 mins 478 and 21 OM first.

 Do this little homework of 5mins a day to kick start. 

We are not Yogi master or priest, we cant just meditate and immediately find the peace. But we can start by making an effort.

We like to delay our happiness until things are just right in our life or in our way.

 We think we will be happy in future and wonder why we aren't happy now. Happiness is only possible when we are able to accept everyone as they are, at every moment , in all situations. And NOW u must learn to be happy. 

[ Accept your difficult boss?, your husband who have woman outside?, your child who dont appreciate you? your husband or wife that take u for granted? 

No not easy, u are not saint. But 5mins a day send out love instead of anger to them during breathing exercise... see what happen]

(Stop expecting ur husband or wife to love u back alot and wanting them to acknowledge your effort. No need, just continue to love them. They hurt U? let them be, protect yourself and let go. Law of Karma, they will learn.... Forgive them? Not so easy but let go slowly first by doing the heart sun brightening exercise....}


That means an end to judging or resisting others, an end to complaining and blaming, an end to criticizing and controlling others and an end to competing with anyone. It is only when we choose thoughts and feelings aligned with our true nature of purity, peace and love that we shift from asking to sharing, holding on to letting go, expectations to acceptance: past and future to being in the now.



We can create a life of Joy and Happiness if we today, just for today, start 5mins a day on meditation or doing 478 breathings exercise.....


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Black Magic and Protection

This 15 years I do encounter many funny things. A calm heart and mind helps alot. Daily chanting of mantra, wearing just a bracelet and a pendant, strengthen a person aura too. 

Some people say heart have Buddha can le. But again this sentence is easy to say. But when a person encounter  problems, This sentence seems difficult to apply. Only a person who constantly practice good heart and prayers and calm mind can utilise this sentence " Heart have Buddha can le" effectively".

But I  still have not reach the stage yet to overcome all problems. Only high monk daily practice of daily prayers and discipline , do good deeds can say that. We all ah... wait la? 

Heart have Buddha 10 seconds, the other time worries about things. That is why we still need some SOP (standard operating procedures)

Learn to strengthen your aura to have a GOLDEN aura around u.

1) Say 21 OM daily with couch shell mala/bracelet (optional mala)

2) Hold buddha pendant say 3 times (Buddha please bless me and purify my heart). No Buddha pendant can just , close your hearts say. 

3) Bracelet wear left hand when emergency to shield your body. Shower 5 element oil.

Remember: Despair and Suffering in times of hardships and calamity will only worsen with a disturbed cluttered mind. A calm mind will create a powerful aura and shield of protections:>


Black Magic and Kong Dao (Bryan's client real case studies in 1999 and permission given to share)

There was once a good lady she was very kind hearted and married to a rich man son. The rich man son was a playboy. He fool around and know a bad girl who specialized in black magic.---Love charm.

The bad girl do charm for the man to drink and put charm in the house. The good lady, found that the man is getting cold and always find fault to quarrel. The good lady always pray to kwan yin. And one day she just say a simple word "天公保佑,观音佛光,邪不能胜正。" And this good lady, immediately have sixth sense and unknowngingly walk to the bed and below the bed has two charm. She was confused what this charmed was, and suddenly wind blow on the magazine (风采,this is malaysia magazine which always talk about articles on charm etc, and the charm picture tally with the charm she has).

She immediately burn away.  (her friends suggested the good lady to do back the charm, but a good heart good lady wont want, she believe in good heart and merits). She wear a simple Buddha pendant and just chant mantra with love. Radiates from her heart metta.

The bad girl continue to do charm, of course the man also got to be blamed because a cow dont want drink water also cant force. The bad girl often succeeded half way but the aura of Heaven and Kwan Yin always protect the good lady and family. (the bad girl also do charm to send spirit to the house).

End result: The bad girl die from serious cancer and have 5 abortion. The good lady is now a very rice lady in indonesia, the man returns and become useless man lor but good husband in a way la. (man cannot have too much money if not 作怪)。The good lady, continue to do good deeds and her daughter now have good business and good life. Beginning stage not easy as the aborted child from bad lady attack the house. But temporary only.

Ommmm, this good lady is my skincare client now ahahhahah:>

Bryan's research:


 Chances for a normal ppl to get black magic is very ,very low. If you have nice personality and a good heart, i don't see why ppl would like to do 'kong tao' to you and beside that engaging one bomoh etc to perform such magic do not come cheap and there is always repercussion.

Black Magic can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life may it be career/business or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence & happiness

My 90 years old master say that Singapore very difficult to get black magic and black magic find hard to work here because of religious harmony and always have prayers going on. So even a person kana, by chanting mantra and do good deeds can clear quickly.

Black magic may  help a person achieve their task one time , bring alot business one time. Than back to normal and u need to feed the hungry magic forever. And also the black magic will use your future good luck u have rest of ur life to give u one time good luck.

There are some woman, who try to look for black magic to gain back their husband heart. End up back fire. So dont. If a man change heart, what u do or say also useless. U need to do prayers faithfully to gain back ur confident and power.


Guard Yourself? Bryan's method:>

Omhealth do frequent puja and dedicate to all clients too. Below are my power pieces. Oh this type of chrysanthemum is very good to put at home to protect a house from negative forces. 


My 3 treasure with me and helping me to developed loving kindness. Remind me to be firm at times against negative rubbish and be kind too with wisdom.

Bryan's method when I feel something not right.:

1) A black tourmaline bracelet is very useful for protecting urself. Hold it and Say 21 OM in morning faithfully.(it will create a golden shield around ur body.)

2) And wearing a Buddha Pendant (optional) helps to calm your heart and bring a kind of good QI. And say " Buddha please protect me and purify my heart".

3) 5 element oil final rinse for 7 days .

This article is not about me trying to sell you buddha pendant. Even dont have is ok. But through my research , wearing a bracelet and pendant really make a different in my life. Especially for my work I need to meet so many different cases. Tell u some cases can be quite scary.

I find a bracelet on my left hand filter off negative qi. A Buddha pendant wears on my chest protect my qi and strengthen my aura from negative qi wherever I go. Oh my Master say, if u go BKK, Indonesxxx... than u need wear more protection...


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88 Buddha Prayers 

For some I observe , although pray alot alot and do alot good things but the luck still very low. Because the heavy Karmic debt. You can only help yourself de.

Advised by a near 100 years old temple Master that doing 88 Buddha Prayers is very good for this situation. At least once a month yourself or with temple. If you do yourself you can turn on Youtube and chant from there. Is very nice to listen to actually. But once a blue moon can attend a formal ceremony is good.


The power of chanting the buddhas’ names is documented in the past life story of Shakyamuni Buddha at the time of the Buddha Suryarasmi. One day, Shakyamuni Buddha, a practicing monk, heard the chanting of the 53 buddhas’ names and immediately sensed an indescribable joy, which he felt must be shared with all beings. He had the message passed along to 3,000 people, who followed his example and chanted the 53 buddhas’ names with deep respect and remembered each buddha’s name by heart. These people subsequently attained buddhahood in three different time periods, or kalpas.

  Shakyamuni Buddha also felt the suffering of beings who had to carry with them heavy karmic obstacles, so he taught them to repent by chanting the 35 buddhas’ names.

  Chanting the 88 buddhas’ names is a practice that allows us to pay respect to all the buddhas who have already attained enlightenment and the buddha-to-be in each of us. Reflecting on and repenting the bad habits that keep us from enlightenment will reduce our false pride and clear new paths for us in our lives. ... Extracted from Taiwan Website,


Everyday we are creating negativity. If you think carefully, high percentage of our mind is thinking negative de. Our thoughts and actions, are subject to the law of cause and consequence.

The wrongs and harms we committed in the past and present from actions and thoughts bring the obstacles we face in our lives now, and the wrongs and harms we dnow will bring obstacles to our future. These obstacles are called karmic obstacles, which are the ripened fruits of our past actions. They bring hurdles and hardship to our career, family, health, and cultivation.

U think la, normally you only do prayers when have problems and charity when you face obstacles (may not be u la, i just say normally. I was like that last time.)

However, karmic obstacles can be avoided and removed through the process of repentance, which consists of two elements. One involves the rituals of confession prayers of 88 Buddha, we make offerings such as flowers and fruits to the Three Jewels as we sincerely confess and repent our sins. Through these rituals, we look honestly into our minds for the causes of our wrongdoings, sincerely accept responsibility for the harms we have caused, and resolve never to commit the same transgressions again. 

The other involves contemplation in which we reflect on the empty nature of all worldly phenomena, including our body, mind, and karma. When we keep our minds pure, clear, undisturbed by any thoughts, emotions and concepts, we will be able to transcend all karmic obstacles.

That is why I say keep a notebook and pencil is so important daily to reflect. It improves luck.

History of 88 Buddha Prayer : Intention is so important, some people chant to remove bad luck , well we are human is ok, but the deep intention is to be a better person . Removing obstacles is important because if not the obstac

 In the 88 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony, participants repent by chanting the names of 88 buddhas, which is an excellent way to clear our karmic obstacles and draw out our inner wisdom.

  The sources of the names of the 88 buddhas were not recorded in the repentance liturgy and remained unknown until Dao Pai, a Qing Dynasty Dharma Master, decided to look them up. Master Dao Pei was ordained as a monk at a young age. The very first time he chanted the 88 buddhas’ names, he experienced a cool serenity never felt before. Even when he became an old man, he would experience the same pure joy each time he chanted the buddhas’ names, so he set out to look for the sources of the names in the sutra collections. He discovered that the first 53 buddhas’ names came from the Sutra of Visualizing the Two Bodhisattvas, the King of Medicine and the Superior Physician, and the last 35 buddhas’ names came from the Maharatnakuta Sutra. Fearing that without this knowledge, future readers of the liturgy might not treat it with the proper respect and veneration, he added this documentation in the preface to the liturgy with the aim of strengthening the faith and earnestness of the practitioners as they chanted the names of the buddhas.






Everyday we are creating negativity. If you think carefully, high percentage of our mind is thinking negative de. Our thoughts and actions, are subject to the law of cause and consequence.

 The wrongs and harms we committed in the past and present from actions and thoughts bring the obstacles we face in our lives now, and the wrongs and harms we dnow will bring obstacles to our future. These obstacles are called karmic obstacles, which are the ripened fruits of our past actions. They bring hurdles and hardship to our career, family, health, and cultivation.


U think la, normally you only do prayers when have problems and charity when you face obstacles (may not be u la, i just say normally. I was like that last time.)

  However, karmic obstacles can be avoided and removed through the process of repentance, which consists of two elements. One involves the rituals of confession prayers of 88 Buddha, we make offerings such as flowers and fruits to the Three Jewels as we sincerely confess and repent our sins. Through these rituals, we look honestly into our minds for the causes of our wrongdoings, sincerely accept responsibility for the harms we have caused, and resolve never to commit the same transgressions again. 

The other involves contemplation in which we reflect on the empty nature of all worldly phenomena, including our body, mind, and karma. When we keep our minds pure, clear, undisturbed by any thoughts, emotions and concepts, we will be able to transcend all karmic obstacles.

That is why I say keep a notebook and pencil is so important daily to reflect. It improves luck.


History of 88 Buddha Prayer : Intention is so important, some people chant to remove bad luck , well we are human is ok, but the deep intention is to be a better person . Removing obstacles is important because if not the obstac

 In the 88 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony, participants repent by chanting the names of 88 buddhas, which is an excellent way to clear our karmic obstacles and draw out our inner wisdom.

  The sources of the names of the 88 buddhas were not recorded in the repentance liturgy and remained unknown until Dao Pai, a Qing Dynasty Dharma Master, decided to look them up. Master Dao Pei was ordained as a monk at a young age. The very first time he chanted the 88 buddhas’ names, he experienced a cool serenity never felt before. Even when he became an old man, he would experience the same pure joy each time he chanted the buddhas’ names, so he set out to look for the sources of the names in the sutra collections. He discovered that the first 53 buddhas’ names came from the Sutra of Visualizing the Two Bodhisattvas, the King of Medicine and the Superior Physician, and the last 35 buddhas’ names came from the Maharatnakuta Sutra. Fearing that without this knowledge, future readers of the liturgy might not treat it with the proper respect and veneration, he added this documentation in the preface to the liturgy with the aim of strengthening the faith and earnestness of the practitioners as they chanted the names of the buddhas.

  The power of chanting the buddhas’ names is documented in the past life story of Shakyamuni Buddha at the time of the Buddha Suryarasmi. One day, Shakyamuni Buddha, a practicing monk, heard the chanting of the 53 buddhas’ names and immediately sensed an indescribable joy, which he felt must be shared with all beings. He had the message passed along to 3,000 people, who followed his example and chanted the 53 buddhas’ names with deep respect and remembered each buddha’s name by heart. These people subsequently attained buddhahood in three different time periods, or kalpas.

  Shakyamuni Buddha also felt the suffering of beings who had to carry with them heavy karmic obstacles, so he taught them to repent by chanting the 35 buddhas’ names.

  Chanting the 88 buddhas’ names is a practice that allows us to pay respect to all the buddhas who have already attained enlightenment and the buddha-to-be in each of us. Reflecting on and repenting the bad habits that keep us from enlightenment will reduce our false pride and clear new paths for us in our lives. ... Extracted from Taiwan Website,







English Text for the 88 Buddha Prayers: 

Evening Prayers: 

Intention: 1. Refraining from negative deeds, 2. Doing positive deeds, and 3. Doing what is beneficial.  Prayers can be done daily , once a week or once a month.

Doing 88 Buddha prayers is not about how big the event and how nice your voice is. The key is make little effort to improve one's self. And when got temple visit any favourite temple and join in big prayers if you free.  (I go anywhere one ahha)

Example: Before I do the 88 Buddha prayers, I will say things " Oh I have bad temper and may have say things to hurt people... I hope through this confessions, I can slowly improve my emotions...." Than start to chant.

[ You can print this out. Than kneel down , in your bedroom or someone u find is privacy. Rinse your mouth and chant the following.]


NB: Bryan Lao Shi do not attached to any temple; He moves around. No attachment is good. Attachment brings "fan nao". I like to thank all Masters for guiding me and thank you for knowing my style. I am just like a dragonfly, touch and go.


Those in square bracket, you can dont need to say out. For me, I actually go to youtube 88 佛 (佛光山) version and chant with music.

The confession of Transgressions Sutra

Homage to our Teacher, the Bhagavan, the Tathagata, the Completely Enlightened One, the Glorious Victor - Shakyamuni
Homage to Tathagata who Vanquishes through Vajra Essence [Vajramandapramardin]
Homage to Tathagata Emanator of Precious Light Rays [Ratnarchi]
Homage to Tathagata King of the Powerful Nagas [Geyaraja]
Homage to Tathagata Tribe of Heroes [Vorasena]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Happiness [Voranandin]
Homage to Tathagata Precious Fire [Ratnagni]
Homage to Tathagata Precious Moonlight [Ratnachandaprabha]
Homage to Tathagata Meaningful to Behold [Amoghadarshin]
Homage to Tathagata Precious Moon [Ratnachandra]
Homage to Tathagata Stainless [Vimala]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Generosity [Shridatta]
Homage to Tathagata Purity [Brahma]
Homage to Tathagata Bestowed by Purity [Brahmadatta]
Homage to Tathagata Water God [Varuna]
Homage to Tathagata God of the Water God [Varunadeva]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Noble [Shribhadra]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Sandalwood [Chandanashri]
Homage to Tathagata Infinite Brilliance [Anantejas]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Light [Prabhasashri]
Homage to Tathagata Glory of Having No Sorrow [Ashokashri]
Homage to Tathagata Man of No Clinging [Narayana]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Flower [Kusumashri]
Homage to Tathagata Directly Knowing through the Play of Purity's Light Rays [Brahmajyotirvikrodhitabhijna]
Homage to Tathagata Directly Knowing through the Play of the Lotus' Light Rays [Padmajyotirvikrodhitabhijna]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Wealth [Danashri]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Remembrance [Smrtishri]
Homage to Tathagata Most Renowned for Glorious Purity [Brahmashrisuparikirti]
Homage to Tathagata King of the Victory Banner that Flies above Indra [Indraketudhvajaraja]
Homage to Tathagata Glory of Most Complete Dominance [Suvikrantashri]
Homage to Tathagata Most Complete Victory in Battle [Yuddhajaya]
Homage to Tathagata Glory of Having Reached Complete Dominance [Vikrantagamishri]]
Homage to Tathagata Glorious Pattern of Light Everywhere [Samantavabhasavyuhashri}
Homage to the Tathagata Complete Dominance through the Precious Lotus [Ratnapadmavikramin]
Homage to Tathagata, the Arhat, the Completely Enlightened Precious One who Sits on a Lotus - King of the Lord of Mountains [Shailendraraja].

These and all Tathagatas, Arhats, Completely Enlightened Ones and Bhagavans to be found in all the worlds in [all] ten directions - all the living Bhagavan Buddhas in existence - please heed me:
In this rebirth, and in all my rebirth states since beginningless time on the wheel of samsara, I have committed, encouraged others to do, and rejoiced over sinful actions. I have stolen offerings made to stupas, to the Sangha, to the Sangha of the ten directions; I have encouraged others to do these; I have rejoiced over such actions. I have committed the five heinous crimes, encouraged others to do them, and rejoiced over such crimes. I have fulfilled the complete karmic process for the ten non-virtues; I have encouraged others to do this; I have rejoiced when others did this. Obscured by every sort of karmic obscuration, I have been hell beings and have been born in animal states, in the realm of hungry ghosts, in remote regions, as barbarians, as long-lived gods, as [humans] with defective sense organs, as people upholding wrong views and as people who did not rejoice over the coming of a Buddha. Whatever my karmic obscurations may be, I confess them all, admit them all, reveal them all, uncover them all before the Bhagavan Buddhas, who have primal wisdom, the eyes [of compassion], who have power, valid cognition, and see with their omniscience. I future I will cut myself off from such actions, and will refain from them.
All the Bhagavan Buddhas, please heed me:
I may have root virtues from practicing generosity in this rebirth and in my other rebirth states in samsara since beginningless times - even of giving a single scrap of food to beings who have been reborn in animal states. I may have root virtues from safeguarding my ethics; I may have root virtues from practicing celibacy; I may have root virtues from ripening sentient beings, I may have root virtues from developing the wish for supreme enlightenment; I may have root virtues from supreme primal wisdom. All the root virtues I may have, I gather them together, bring them together. I gather them together and dedicate them to the supreme, the highest, the higher-than-high, the supreme of supremes. I dedicate them to my supreme, perfect, complete enlightenment. Just as the Bhagavan Buddhas of the past dedicated their root virtues, and just as the Bhagavan Buddhas yet to come will dedicate their root virtues, and just as the Bhagavan Buddhas still alive at present dedicate their root virtues, so I dedicate mine. I confess each and every sin. I rejoice over all merit. I plead with all the Buddhas and petition them: may I gain holiest and supreme primal wisdom. I fold my hands to all the present Victorious Ones still alive and supreme among humans, to all the Victorious Ones of the past, and to all of time yet to come; may I come under your protection

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Heaven Door Open Day 

First in Singapore organised by Bryan, 4 temple in one morning with 4 different Master , Head of temple blessing and Master from Different countries. Is very blessing.

The Heaven Door Open Day is also known to be celebrated since SONG Dynasty. Other than enhancing one's luck on this day, during Song's dynasty there is practice to place one's books and clothing under the SUN. The practice is believed to get rid of pest so that they would not damage one's book and clothing. Is a day I find that , helps to transform one's luck by improving a person character. If u have joint pain for a long time, apply 3 oil with cream and walk bare foot in gardens. Hug stone lion also super good or temple dragon pillar.

[My dearest all , who have my Fu Qi coin... U can touch and rub it and carry with u this day]


Those who want to pray can use the 3 joss paper method: 

Remember pray with sincere and respect, all will be answered; 


Heavenly Door Opens: U can pray yourself just by looking up to sky or go temple if u can.

We pray to Jade Emperor for longevity, blessings, confession of wrong doings , reduce past life debts and reduce sins.  We may also report to Him of our intention to be a better person (example: Oh Ti Gong thanks for blessing me and I confess I am a gossipy and jealousy person, I will be a better person slowly improve my temper too, [I urge all difficult man or woman, u do this prayers] ....)

Before praying to Jade Emperor or go temple . According to tradition you need to shower in alot of flowers, rice, salt etc.... But for us, we can just final rinse our body with 5 element oil. But those with chronic illness u can scrub ur body with the power Kim sandalwood Powder. 

1) Wear nice nice go temple.

2) If the temple is crowded, very good, the amount of Yang Qi is powerful.

3) If in temple you get angry because people block ur way or suddenly someone call u make u angry (is a test). U quickly say in ur heart "天官赐福,百无禁忌“。

4) Wear ur Jade or crystal or Buddha pendant. As all stones vibrates at its highest energy. If can touch the wall in temple.

5) Do donation to temple and charity; ( Temple C at Lor 27, is the one I will do charity because this temple run by a very Old Monk and not commercialize .

6) Pray at temple, use any prayer set u like. But remember if temple too crowded, even both hand pray with sincere also good:>





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Event successfully Completed with alot of heng heng experience and FA LU too.

All crystals and stones will vibrates at highest energy:> Drink Evian mineral water super good:>


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Video Heng Heng to see is



























Lord Ganesha

Dearest all, now i can see clearly during heaven door open day. The fire FA LU is elephant God face. Can u see?

Being a human being...  should learn, listen more from others and always be humble. Learn to listen and  use our wisdom like a filter to absorb data . And improve ourselves. Harmony and peace are things we should strive to achieve. 

When I was young I dont know what is harmony and peace. I always see why so many rich people and elderly yearn for peace. 

As I am older now, i truly understand now, what is meant by peace. Peace is what we need now and not easy to achieve.

[Dont want disturbed by work, words, relationship etc.... But is so difficult....]

Attachment is no good. As a Buddhist myself, I am open to love and light. In this world, we dont need too many successful man, we have enough. We need compassionate and loving kindness ,peaceful man. Let us cultivate these qualities of  love, joy, gratitude, equanimity..

Non attachment means to live a life like lotus leaf in the waters of life, without being touch and polluted by mud. It is living free from all distractions and illusions. Attachment is like mental bonds. 

I once come a across a student , so call disciple of a Buddhist master... everytime go temple very scare because... she says her master say cannot enter from middle or right And only left... End up this person go temple just to think about doors and entering method... worst when temple is crowded she confused how to enter the temple. I FAINT. This kind of people u try to open them also tough... too bad she no karma for me to share fruits with her. Let her be lor..

Who is Master in this world? Well for me, the Buddha or God . Last time Buddha got tell people not to go there or what anot? NO.

All our sufferings comes from attachment. Let us chant mantra happily daily for peace and wisdom and clear obstacles.

Kwan Yin Ma, Cundi Buddha, Da Bo Gong, Lord Ganesha are all symbol of love and wisdom. And even Mother Mary I respect with my heart. I am not superstitious go around and attachment. For me I study and learn. Only when a person open their mind and heart, can go further. Well I dont expect everyone to accept what I teach. But I hope u all can read this like a book if u disagree. DOnt judge . Love to all of you.


Below message from a Hindu:"Lord Ganesha is known as the first God in Hinduism. My parents taught me to worship lord Ganesha when i was a child and i affectionately call him "Pillayaar". When ever you feel like showing devotion on lord Ganesha and start any new studies,project or do any important works please chant for 12 times or as long as you can

Om Gam Ganapathaye Namaha"

Hinduism is the oldest religion of this world and is all about liberty and freedom to carve one's own path to DIVINE LOVE. It has no concept of apotasy or blasmphemy or even conversion. But even without any push towards conversion it is winning hearts and minds of people all over the world by it's teaching , love and philosphy

Lord Ganesh. Many people, not just Indians know him as the roly-poly lord who removes all obstacles and he is very lovable. But, Ganesh is actually one of the wisest and most skillful in means deities, the archetype of energy that we could all resort to if we recite his name.

You can nurture this relationship for an amazing start to your day, for good beginnings in new projects, and for success in important areas of your life.



U can say his mantra before a project start.

So, the Ganesha Mantra Nine Times:


We look at people and lament their selfishness, without realising that we are just the same. We lament their hating this and wanting that, without realising that we are just the same. Therefore, compassion and love arise from this awareness, as it pulls us all together as human beings. We are all selfish and hate this and want that; this is our nature. Knowing this gives us a great basis for forgiveness, love and compassion for just about anyone. Any ‘wrong’ people do is based upon desire or hate, and thus knowing that we all share these passions, make it easier to accept and forgive such ‘wrongs’. They can be distinguished only in their degree of wrongness, but they all share the same basis; thus no-one is more deserving of forgiveness, than anyone else. No ‘sin’ is worse than any other is: they all derive from the same desire and hate.

So, I want to tell you a little bit about Ganesh first. There is not just one name; usually we say Ganesha, Ganapathy or Vinayak, but these are just the more common affiliations.

There are actually a 1008 names of Ganesha and each one has a different vibration of signature that goes with it. But, basically, we are invoking an archetypal energy that is victorious because Ganesha removes all obstacles on your way in whatever you do, that is why in whatever project or endeavors we undertake, the very first energy that we invoke before all other Gods is Lord Ganesha's name because he then removes all obstacles and gives a screen light on your way

But Ganesha is also a giver of great siddhies, wealth and wisdom. And so, Vinayak is the victorious one and there is also the Ganesha who is wish fulfilling and he removes all of the fears and doubts inside our mind. And one more thing about Ganesha is that although some people think of him as the solivid Brahmin, he has two consorts, which are also his Sakthis, they are feminine energies, the goddess energies which emanate as a life force when we call upon his name......

the most common mantra for Ganesh, his seed sound or the beeja mantra. The seed sound is like the password to each deity because the deities exist in the realm of infrared and they also come through the gamma rays. The gamma rays are the highest vibration cosmic electromechanical energy in the universe. Even NASA doesn't know much about the gamma rays. They say that now there are two huge bubbles of gamma rays that span the entire length of the middle of our Milkyway Galaxy. They are sitting right on the galactic plane. But, nobody knows what the gamma rays have.


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Heart Sutra

“The Heart Sutra” in Mandarin is called the Xin Jing. It is helpful to think of the “Heart” in “The Heart Sutra” in terms of the Mandarin translation of xin. Xin represents not only the emotions and attitudes typically associated in the West with the heart, but also the workings of the mind. The sutra helps explain the impact of our heart/mind on our collective and personal experiences of reality, and it helps us learn how to train our heart/mind to align itself with the deepest core of our being. Through this insight, we can see through illusions and find our “calling,” a deeper meaning and purpose.

For me I hold my Black tourmaline to chant the mantra of heart sutra before sleep to calm my heart.  Really de, life is short. U can read alot of my blog and self help book and feel peace instantly. But the moment u step out to MRT and Office, if u can bring this calmness with u. U win. For me I am learning too. I was a bad tempered person, when young , who dare to shout me or talk rude to me, that person will suffer revenge from me. 

 As a result a ANger will build up and cause harm to luck. Over years of practice,  u see a better person of me. Let us motivate each other hor. Luckily I am not a shop or leader , I am just a down to earth Ah Boy to Man teacher:>. SOmetimes I think, have been working hard for 20 years. Time to let go, and let u all readers to promulgate peace around u. Everyday I received sms or email from people who suffers etc. I find that all that  I can do is write here. And remember, whatever health condition or situations u face....  Kwan Yin is there for u . We may not see or feel her blessings but she tears for us and make great vows to heal us. So just have faith. This life whatever we need to go through, we have to go through. Why some people born to have good husband, but urs is lousy? All this are karma but again cannot everything blame to karma. It may be u. If now u have a good life and husband or wife. Do more good deeds dont waste this life time.

Bryan 2013 100 temple walk part 3.

Sutra in English ( U can copy this also in Exercise Book)

[Before u copy, rinse mouth, dap abit 5 element oil on wrist. Start copy with peace]


Heart Sutra

When Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara was practicing the profound Prajna Paramita, he illuminated the Five Skandhas and saw that they are all empty, and he crossed beyond all suffering and difficulty.

Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form. So too are feeling, cognition, formation, and consciousness.

Shariputra, all Dharmas are empty of characteristics. They are not produced, not destroyed, not defiled, not pure; and they neither increase nor diminish. Therefore, in emptiness there is no form, feeling, cognition, formation, or consciousness; no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, or mind; no sights, sounds, smells, tastes, objects of touch, or Dharmas; no field of the eyes up to and including no field of mind consciousness; and no ignorance or ending of ignorance, up to and including no old age and death or ending of old age and death. There is no suffering, no accumulating, no extinction, and no Way, and no understanding and no attaining.

Because nothing is attained, the Bodhisattva through reliance on Prajna Paramita is unimpeded in his mind. Because there is no impediment, he is not afraid, and he leaves distorted dream-thinking far behind. Ultimately Nirvana! All Buddhas of the three periods of time attain Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi through reliance on Prajna Paramita. Therefore know that Prajna Paramita is a Great Spiritual Mantra, a Great Bright Mantra, a Supreme Mantra, an Unequalled Mantra. It can remove all suffering; it is genuine and not false. That is why the Mantra of Prajna Paramita was spoken. Recite it like this:

Gaté Gaté Paragaté Parasamgaté

Bodhi Svaha!

End of The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra

Copyright © 1997 Buddhist Text Translation Society,

Meaning of some TERMS:

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva
A Bodhisattva is a being who has achieved enlightenment but chooses to remain in the world helping others. Avalokiteshvara, know for compassion, is a Bodhisattva from the Mahayana tradition. In China, Avalokiteshvara is known as Kuan-yin and in Japan as Kannon or Kanzeon. In these countries Avalokiteshvara is feminine.

Prajna Paramita
Transcendent wisdom.
Five conditions
The five conditions or skandas of form, sensation, conception, discrimination and awareness are the aggregates that make up each person.

One of the Buddha's disciples, famous for his wisdom.

The term dharma has many meanings in Buddhism. It sometimes refers to the Buddha's teaching or to the underlying laws which the teaching expresses. In the context of the Heart Sutra it means any compound thing or phenomenon.
No eye, ear, nose, tongue …
Words, ideas and concepts tie us up in knots. When we see ourselves and all things just as they are, without labels or the preconceptions that ride with labels, we are liberated. Yet in the world where we live, concepts and ideas have value. The trick is to see the practical value of ideas while realizing that they are ultimately inadequate for true understanding.

Ignorance, old age and death
This is a reference to the Buddha's teaching on dependent arising. Birth leads to bodily sensations of pleasure or pain which, when we are ignorant, leads to desire which causes rebirth which leads to a new life in which we grow old and die. We break the chain of dependent origination by giving up desire and thus achieve nirvana and are not reborn.

No suffering, no cause of suffering, no extinguishing, no path
Here we see a reference to the Noble Eightfold Path.

A Sanskrit phrase meaning supreme perfect enlightenment.

Mantras are powerful words or phrases used to concentrate the mind. To chant a mantra is a form of meditation.

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate
This has been translated as, "Go, go, hurry quickly, go to the other shore", or " O Wisdom, gone, gone, gone to the other shore, landed at the other shore." Some feel that the mantra can't be translated but should just be chanted with the whole body and mind.


Wisdom based on the insight that all things are one.

An exclamation much like amen or hallelujah .


Our personal all about trinity of spirit, heart, and body is in harmony, each serves the others: body serves spirit and xin, spirit nourishes the body and xin, xin sustains the connection between the other two. When xin does not sustain the connection, and spirit is removed from the equation, the fundamental needs of the body (food, sleep, sex, etc.) and xin (security, intimacy, self-esteem, etc.) can become pathological. 


This is because the needs of the body and xin cannot satisfy our deeper nature on their own, so in an attempt to achieve the authentic fulfillment that can only be achieved with a harmonization of all three, we seek more than what we need. This in turn spreads the imbalance we have within to the world around us. So, if our xin is not calm and clear and therefore blocking or distorting the guidance of the spirit, our lives can manifest more suffering and strife than harmony and healing.


Generation 3 Black Tourmaline has Heart Sutra Cinnabar Stone in it:> Hope all attain peace.

Attaining truth alone is not enough. If someone is thirsty, give them something to drink. If someone is hungry, give them food. When a suffering person appears before you, you only help, with no thinking or checking. The early part of this sutra has no “do-it,” just good speech about attainment and no-attainment.

 But if you attain something, you must do it. That is the meaning behind Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha. 

Step by step, we attain how to function compassionately for others, to use truth for others, spontaneously, from moment to moment. This is the whole point of the Heart Sutra.

From moment to moment, when you are doing something, just do it.

So from today, office bad people or ur husband or MIL(mother in law) or wife sala, just take it easy and calm ur heart and mind. Make right decision, dont blame anyone. Many times is ur choice. Be strong, heart sutra is not asking u to be timid but be fearlessness in all situation. AS Compassion dissolve all curse and bad luck. I dont know u understand anot. But by copying this text. slowly u will know what I mean. All office politics etc are illusions. Sometimes being normal people like me is good , we attain calmness faster. People who have authority and too rich, they will be blinded by fame etc . So rejoice today . We are all commoners with heart of Divine Kwan Yin. or God who ever ur religion is.

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Chanting of Kuan Yin Pu Sa Name ( No time check English, feel the words than structure)

My first encounter with Kwan Yin PuSa was Waterloo Kuan Yim Temple. When I was just 5  i can still remember , weekly visiting this temple because my grandma had a street stall that sell [Hakka Soon Kuek] near the temple. So I have seen how the temple changes its structure. 

Visiting the temple was the happiest time for me. Mom say since baby boy I like to seat near altar at my grandma's house , quietly seat there whole day:> And I love to light incense alot. AHahh I do remember. Infact I do not know the significant of praying to Kwan Yin Pu Sa at that time. I was just feeling Joy. And why so many pray le , why all who enters the temple looks troubled. Why see Kwan Yin dont smile:? Why? 

( So I started my Bai Bai research on How to Pray Happily). 

When prayers become too superstitious is no good. I love Chanting Kwan Yin Name because with faith u see good results. At any situation in life try to think Kwan Yin at center of ur heart.

Motivation of Kwan Yin's  Compassion




Silly People have Silly Luck

Whenever I have chance to do Radio or TV is actually I feel chance given by Kwan Yin. 

Because I remember in prayers I say to Kwan Yin Pu Sa.

May my voice appear on radio , may my voice vibrations send comfort to people who are in distress and may my appearance on TV even is once awhile bring happiness to people.


So to me, even on radio 5 mins , I spend days to research. So my workshop I spend months to do research.

Guess what, help and teachers n professors and all come and help me. Isnt it Lucky and Kwan Yin Pusa Connections.?



Bryan's Experience with Kwan Yin Pu Sa Energy

When I was Primary 3 Time:

Once mom and myself went to temple and pray. That time we were  financially very weak. Mom was a seamstress and just have enough money to pay the rental. So with her $500 cash ( is like owe HDB few month)  in bag (going to go HDBpay rental).... We went to the temple and pray.... After prayers.... to our horror, her bag has a cut and money purse all gone. Till today I still can remember her tearful eyes. Luckily my uncle came to pick us up. So everytime I go Kwan Yin Temple, I give thanks to Kwan Yin for all the things I have now:>  (How I have work hard to be 头家。)

That day when home (I was like pri 3)... I start to think... why pray to kwan yin and still  kana robbery at temple somemore.  

I think and think for many years... until one day... I study my first Buddhist Book <Heart Sutra> and I know all things have a reason. A test is something amazing.  And also alot of times, what u see is a disaster but is a blessing in disguise.  I believe the person who steal her money now... good luck.

Many people go for prayers and always have alot of things in mind (problems). People go temple less when no problems and go temple more when have problems.

Since young I started  to cultivate visiting temple when luck is good to give thanks and when luck is so so... I chant the name of Kwan Yin . I can feel Kwan Yin Pusa giving comfort to me. Do you know, alot of time Kwan Yin Pusa is helping us in many ways.

Again I know some, like dont go temple feel bad and uncomfy. Please temple is in ur heart. If u no time go, just seat at a corner chant the name of Kwan Yin can le; Dont always create problems in ur mind.

In ancient time people climb mountain to temple pray. Now everywhere u can pray but how many is enter temple with calm heart and pray with proper heart.


At that time, where got like now, so many mantra until u confuse urself. I just Chant


imparted to Bryan in 1980s from Bangkok, powerful )

Secondary 4 Time:

Once I have an aunt who go Kwan Yin Temple pray. Her husband was in very bad condition. So she draw lots at temple. After that, she went to outside temple for Lots explanation. (解签)。That time my aunt also not in good financial .. The outside temple uncle want her to pay $300 to burn certain Joss Paper. I was so so shocked. My aunt didnt pay. And luckily when young I know many Joss Paper Aunties which adores me... I manage to find out how to burn and spend $2 to help my aunty get the Joss Paper and burn until good. Her husband at old age ok now. The aunt of mine, husband was in bad conditions for 10 years but every year since that time after prayers have slow improvements. And now very rich family. Of course every year I have a BIG ANG BAO.

That is how Prayer started his Bai Bai experience and year after year 30 years of collecting information.

Time has changed now is era of Fengshui Master but trend is dieing because energy not very pure now...

Alot fortune teller and FSM attack aunty when most vulnerable. So I start my Bai Bai research how aunty can pray urself with just $5. HMPF. I hate CON man and woman.

Help I know Kwan Yin Pu Sa provides.

1) In time of sickness, u feel comfort when chant her name and sometimes when you chant until with alot faith, illness will recover and also u find a good doctor. Or may be find good medicine.

2) When a person upset by relationships or unfaithful husband or wife. U chant Kwan Yin Name(above) with faith... u will find comfort. And slowly u see the person change or u move on and become Tai Tai (hahah meet the right one)

3) Kwan Yin PuSa especially reply prayers fastest, if u do volunteer work and need more volunteers. ( I tell u, this one u can see me as example). I need rice, need anything medicine for poor... Help always come fast. Thank you... U all are all Pu Sa to me.

4) Also if CON by fengshui Master and they may u feel lost and fear... WOW, imparted by a BUGis Aunty... refer to beginning of page how to handle.

5) Black Magic: U siao ah, u think so easy have curse meh... so alot of times 9 out of 10 curse is ur heart not calm.

Sakyamuni Buddha confirmed Kuan Yin's vow: "If a suffering being hears the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and earnestly calls out to the bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara will hear the call and redeem that being from his suffering" ("Universal Gateway," Lotus Sutra).
In other words, this bodhisattva's main attraction for people lies in her efforts to eliminate suffering and to make people live in peace and harmony. This kind of immediate benefit and the ability to receive protection or help simply by calling the bodhisattva's name, similar to children receiving an instant reply when calling their mother, have contributed to Kuan Yin's great popularity.

NB: Alot of time, I teach people to chant of mala or black tourmaline but people no faith. They will say, so simple ah will it works? Haiz... human ah, u want Procedure alot than feel good is it. 

Actually, everyone can be a Kuan Yin. You may say that you don't have a thousand eyes or a thousand hands or that you lack magic powers, but it is your compassion that can transform you into a Kuan Yin. With your eyes and hands you can help others, and with your compassion you can bring peace and tranquility to this planet.

Transformations of Guan Yin

Guan Yin can be identified in sculptures and paintings through a distinct Buddha in her crown. It was said that Guan Yin vowed to save all beings from suffering and if she is unable to do so, she would shatter to a thousand pieces. When Guan Yin realized the immerse suffering, she shattered. Amitabha Buddha, 阿彌陀佛, helped to motivate Guan Yin and henceforth, a small sculpture of Amitabha Buddha is seen in her crown.

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva can hear the sounds of all sentient beings and rescue them from suffering. It is important that you say your prayers to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva and sincerely ask for protection and blessings.

How to Say Prayers to Kwan Yin?

Before pray please confess ur wrong doing like bad temper etc and say u will slowly become better person. Than chant Om Mani Padme Hung 3 times.

Firstly, you should state your full name. Secondly, you need to state the issues that you would like Guan Yin Bodhisattva to help you to resolve.

For example, 

A) “May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, grant me good health, help me to eliminate calamites and extend my life, etc.”

B) “May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, grant me good health, and help me to cure <type of illness>, etc.”

C)“May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, help me to untie my negative karmic knots with <other party’s full name>, and to transform and resolve our conflicts.”

Also end with :

Oh Kwan Yin may I be your instrument of loving kindness and Compassion. May people who see , talk to me be well and be happy. Thank you.

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Bryan's Coil Incense Pagoda

coil  Bryan Lao Shi Coil incense tested in Singapore Lab and is safe to use. Create harmony in house and environment. It is all actiivated with love.
In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, it promotes energy and enthusiasm, increasing your self-esteem and zest for life.  Burn coil  sandalwood during chinese 15th of each month to increase spiritual vibrations inside your home. Burning sandalwood near your door welcomes your guests and attunes them to your home’s positivity, encouraging them to leave their doubts and anger outside.

Bryan's sandalwood related products
i) Powerful Sandalwood powder for scrub , face mask or burning.
ii) And the most expensive sandalwood essential oil from omhealth is Mysore and is 6ml $120 20 bottles a year only and longer u keep the best it is
iii) Best sandalwood bracelet in Singapore, some wear so many years scent around. Only $188 for a bracelet, 

When I was a small boy, there is something about Pagoda coil incense that always excite me. I remember Mom will light it up and offer to Kwan Yin at the altar only on special ocassion. As it symbolise chains of auspiciousness and helps to give hope and strengthen our faith.

And she has been doing it since I was 10. Mom dont know mantra or chanting. She pray with sincere heart thats what I know. And even in our most difficult time, we pray with faith. And I see how many difficult period we gone thru in life, the twice a month of coil incense keep us going. Whenever I see coil incense, i can see how mom hold the coil incense sincerely and pray. Is call peace and faith ba , stronger than me who know so many mantras. Her mantras is Faith. 

You see, there are people who can chant until so powerful, vegeterian and with so many master blessed and techniques......But their heart still very 杂乱。This type of people also have ego alot one, i suggest them to calm down and best way is light a coil incense. Seat down and just chant name of Kwan Yin. 

Kwan Yin Pu Sa is universal and just focus and have faith. There are also some who over pray until confuse, u can do above too and is  called spiritual detox. 

Some keep going too many fortune tellers and keep doing card reading, numerlogy until whole life fedup (cannot use vulgar language ma), do the detox.

Some people keep going puja, prayers, non stop and meet all Guru but neglect family and just over do.... all because they feel insecure of their life. Well just do the detox.

I met many fortune tellers,  great Masters, and even Guru ( i have seen them rise and fall), once they were so confident and compassion than suddenly when climb higher, forget the basic struture and go into messy prayers and not focus and kept doing alot of things until break down.

Human dont like to listen to direct words, but for me I am always direct. Those who understand me ok. Those newbies, cant take my directness may turn to hatred hahaha But when see me real person, likes me again ahahah... That happen. Thats why I dont like whatsapp and sms and wonder if u can email me, and let me take weeks to reply. And if u think many times i didnt reply but I already take note and write articles for u in blog or website le.

Scientific Approach on Good Incense

Do you know why I want to launch on Good Incense. Because u deserve it.

Many religious leader burn incense for millennia and mention is good for the soul. Now biologist have learned that it is good for brains too. An international scientist certain incense can activates poorly understood ions channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or anger depression.

Coil incense should be burned not in enclosed room. But open room. U can see the incense scent gently heal u.

Bryan's incense tested free from chemicals. Smelling gently incense reminds us that we are one with all things, remind us and family members to reduce ego and just enjoying the gently woody sandalwood or incense.
Sandalwood trees are deeply rooted to the earth remind us to be grounded and relaxes me rooted in the present moment and that there is much beauty and peace to be had in this world of suffering.

I think it applies in younger time of my life (those who read my story, period of worries with school, health, rental and family issues) . When mom light the coil incense, the whole family stand strong and give us hope and yes it happens. Again I cant and would never want to say what happen to my family. But what happen allow me to
be in tune with Kwan yin energy and give advise to so many people and activating crystals with simple method. Is all about energy.

However, I keep a bit of distance between myself and the burning incense. Also when the weather is nice I will crack open a window a bit to circulate fresh air.

Sandalwood incense is one of my favorites and it works great for soothing away tension, relaxes, and helps with stress, plus Sandalwood has been used in spiritual groups for creating awareness.

Working with Bryan's Pagoda Incense for issues in life

A) Healing Broken heart cause by love relationship / Office relationships.

i] Shower with seasalt scrub with dash of 5 element oil. (u can take a tablespoon of salt and few drops of 5 element oil in it, than scrub on damp body gently, if sensitive skin, just dissolve salt in a pail of water warm and add five drops 5 element oil, rinse body and rinse with water again). After shower quickly wear cloth la and go to light incense. (It means cleanse and first energy enter your aura is auspicious)

ii] Than light the high energy coil pagoda in your bedroom with window open la. And seat down, and relax awhile, when u feel the pain spot in your chest , massage it. The incense will lifts it out dissolve it. U can chant any mantra u want to. AND dot the affirmations below

Affirmation to do:

I choose to be at peace with the way that things are.
I am willing to be open to the possibility that this relationship was not in my best interest
I am compassionate with myself and my heart.

The pain/problems won’t last forever, but it will pass through a lot quicker if you don’t try to avoid it. You’ll know when the time has come to move on. You’ll begin to feel lighter and ready to stand in the sunlight again.

B) Healing difficult siutations/ luck keep going down/lost and feeling unhappy etc

i] Light coil incense (few times a week) chant Cundi mantra , dont think when will improve luck just chant daily.  U need to chant daily but coil can light 1-2 times up to u, no need everyday light.

After mantra do this affirmations and if u light the incense feel the incense carry energy below to the surrounding. How can good luck not come le/....

Affirmation to say
Positive things always happen to me
I am fulll of gratitude for all I have .
Good fortunes always come in my way, things happen for a reason and for the highest good of all.
I am thankful for the abundance in my life.
Peoples who talk to me, see me, be happy at the instant. Even the most negative person is a treasure I hold them dear and send them love.

C) Lost Faith hope in life and over do person.

Once there was a lady she text me:

Mdm XXX: For  2 years no matter how much i work at something, no matter how much I reach for others, no matter how many meditation class i  go, contribute to charity or attend some expensive motivational class, everything in my life remains the same. Nothing ever changes.... What's wrong and why am I stuck.

Bryan Lao Shi: U too good life, imagine u are born in a war country, see u got time to shit anot.  

This lady suffer from a bad case of superficialicy. If I asked you make a dineer for family, would you run to the kitchen  open all the cupboards and start throwing all food around the room. That is what she is doing to her life. She is like a "KanCheong" spider running from one thing to the next. How to handle?

Bryan's Lao Shi remedies:

Choose a day, stand infront of mirror and say out loud what u want to improve in life and get serious with. At the moment u will find clearly what u want when you  talk to yourself.
Than for a week stop doing anything spiritual except chant om shanti. Is call a week of be with yourself. Only thing to do for this one week, is to nourish your body with proper food .  And every night for 7 days, apply healing trees oil bottom of feet.

And than light a coil incense, chant " Om Shanti (49times).

U will know what to focus on the 7th day and at the same time, u find your heart lighter.

Bryan's Pagoda Coil incense $55 , 60 pieces.

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Ancestral Prayers Importance

While preparing this article this 3 days, dragonfly appear, and butterfly appear. So well there must be something good with this article.

If you are a Chinese, than there is a tradition you must not forget. Even if u have change religion. U can in your heart, say gratitude to ancestor.
If you look at Ngee Ann Company like, outside TakaShimaya, every year they have big prayers to ancestor and giving thanks.  See how good their business is, even beside open alot shopping malls, people prefer walk to Takas than Ioniccc.... Is all about the energy. 1st Feb 2015 will share with you more.

Encounter  A:
Many years ago, while I was on my way to temple for prayers. I passed by a very interesting Joss Paper Shop, owner is an old uncle.
So I decided to visit this shop to add on my Joss Paper set (shop has closed le, ever since renovation of the area).
All of a sudden, the uncle asked me. Are you doing business..... errrr I am amazed he knows I dont work for people ahahaha.
And he asked me did I pray to ancestors....... . I say no.... And he taught me ancestor prayers. And it can be very simple... And according to his 30 years of expereince, many many too many business he has advised and help.... well I cant disclose too much , just share with u the method here ba.

I have spoken to many retired aunties, some chinese traditions cant be explain by Buddhism or What.... is a Chinese thingy.... Do proper and not superstitious is good.
For example some babies cries alot at night, see many doctors also cant recover, need to go temple and do the Joss paper ssweep  one time and recover. This cant explain with science.

For ancestral prayers big got big do, small got small do. Is the intention. For example I teach u now pray ancestor good luck, but when u pray, are u thinking about ancestor or about ur good luck. Dont worry, I have been there, so when u think about good luck , just say , oh i really pray for remembering.... We are all human no saint, so is ok. At least u make effort. Dont be too harsh on urselfd
Whay we need pray to ancestor?
敬祖; is the practice of living family members who try to provide a deceased family member with continuous happiness and well-being in the afterlife. It is a way of continuing to show respect toward them, and it reinforces the unity of family and lineage. Showing respect to ancestors is an ideology deeply rooted in Chinese society. It is based on the idea of (孝, xiào) put forth by Confucious.
Filial piety is the concept of remaining loyal to parents as their child. It is believed that despite the death of a loved one, the original relationship remains intact, and that the deceased possess more spiritual power than they did during life. In a sense, the ancestors became thought of as deities who had the ability to interact and have an effect on the lives of those still living.

So from here, we understand as long as we are having Chinese Blood, ancestral energy do have some effect on our life. Not that they want things from us but is because of the energy of karma which words cant explain. So we can just do alittle prayers not only heart at peace but life for your children also good.

Ancestor has a strand of DNA energy store inside your body. This stored energy affect your health your luck and your thinking. Is called the AKB.  This energy retain in your body 15-25 %. Well dont small see this 15-25%, it can affect your wealth, health also. Not that ancestor punish u etc, is the energy base of ancestor and u. Is all about energy.

But why some no pray ancestor also good luck? Well they have high level of merits and this merits thru charity prayers is transferred to ancestor. But why some do good deeds, pray alot but luck also not good. Well this can be your bad energy is exhausting and also your AKB ancestor energy need to be appeased.

AKB can be done by going to temple or palce where your ancestor tablet reside.  And do some simple prayers. Asking them to be at peace and chant some prayers.

Once a year, u can go JU SHI LING Buddhist Lodge, and put ancestor name for prayers. For instance your surname is Tan. U can put Tan Ancestor. Dont be affected by those very expensive prayers... nowasday can be very expensive simple one once a year is less than $30.

If not u can chant 南无阿弥陀佛 108 times dedicate to ancestor when u go there pray. Or at home chant and say dedicate to  example :Tan 家历代祖先。Or in your daily Chanting u can dedicate to your ancestor too.

Explanation in Luck Level:

Joss Paper is needed . ( uncle me knows alot of past prayers aunties, you know many buildings in Singapore, when have problems with the construction, no matter what religion they are, they run out of ideas, they will pray the earth with Joss Paper and after that the building constructions becomes smooth). So many cases here, I cant name them, wait kana say ahahah.

 I heard of this many years ago and even in a news that energy from ancestors can affect new generation. They even do a test on the EM wave, and it was in the papers. (No wonder I see a give thanks big ceremony at Ngee Ann city every year, no wonder ngee ann city still stand strong among all the new shopping malls.) 

So if you feel your luck is not so smooth, pray to ancestor first.

Our ancestor's healing energy will help us. Pray to your ancestor if possible with some vegeterian food and ancestor joss paper (go to the market and buy $5 or $10 type, they will pack for you). Pray and burn joss paper in temple where your ancestor tablet is. If not, you can ask the temple to put your ancestors' names for prayers.

Frequency: Up to individual. Its good to pray on 上元 17 Feb,中元, 下元。Or any time when you are free  year.

Bryan 老师 method of working healing from ancestors is easy and simple. It has been a tradition since ancient times but overlooked by the new generation. Some Tai Tai go all the way to look for Ang Mo healing on ancestors and spent $$$$$. Actually, we can spend less then $10 through DIY and its more effective .

The Ang Mo Healer said: Ancestral patterns, the concept behind this form of healing is quite simple. It suggests that where traumas, problems or strong types of behaviour have occurred with one or other of your forebears, the energy from this experience gets passed on to future generations. This is so even if the experience happens after the direct offspring have been born. Conversely, if you heal one of the ancestral patterns, it becomes immediately available to your own offspring. The reason why this should happen is, I believe based on 'resonance'. We carry at a genetic level the resonant patterns of our forebears which, like a radio set tuned to our ancestors, allows a transfer of energy or information to take place. Healing this type of situation can be carried out in exactly the same way that you would apply 'distant' healing. You do not need to have a clear picture in your mind of the way that your ancestors looked for the healing to be effective.
...... extracted from "Healing the Family Tree" Dr. Kenneth McAll

R and D:
Ancestor is your line of healing energy that relates directly to you. If they don't help you, who help you. If your luck is not smooth in marriage or have many problems, you should really pay respect to ancestors and request for help if you haven't done so. Remember to give thanks any time you want. Its a universe of free will. Example , Angels will help only if you ask. 

Joss paper is definitely needed. I can't explain why but it works.

My friends of other religions can use your heart, pray and say some prayers for your ancestors. I believe your book has something like this. I saw before.... I have a collection of prayers but haven't do proper research so its not nice for me to say much here.
I saw this during research
In the bible, Numbers 14:18, there is reference for us as children suffering for the sins of our forefathers even unto the third and fourth generations clearly suggesting how integral the ancestors are to our lives, and how we must learn and teach prayer and sacrifice including the giving of ourselves to keep us in harmony with our lineage. This article further makes it clear that many cultures, both sophisticated and primitive pay a great deal of attention to the ancestral family line proving that this form of veneration is one of the most widespread of all religious belief systems

Basic Joss Paper for ancestor ( this is call energy level raise for ancestor and indirect affect you)
Joss Paper Set
1 Gold Joss paper ( 1 or 3 stack)
1 Silver Joss paper (1 or 3 Stack)
3 3 stack Wang Shen Paper (yellow color one)
3 Orange color one  (white square paper)

Above $4 only.

Any food one packet can le ( I always buy those Dried cakes etc)

Pray  at ancestral temple, than burn near the temple or you can burn it or bring home downstairs burn.

I do it 1-3 times a year.  The above set calm the ancestral energy, bring harmonised energy to the ancestral effect to u.

I cant believe some people they pay $3000 to do ancestor reading. No comments. DIY best and rest do charity in their name better, accumulate mertis. When burning Joss Paper u can chant any mantra u know and dedicate to ancestor. Triple power.

Below are yearly Give Thanks Ancestral Ceremony at TAKAMMMM.  Now u know why when u go Orchard more people turn to Takakkkaa side than Ionnnnnis side. Is all about energy.

ta ta2
Big Joss Paper Rice Blessing Ceremony, u can see the name of Earth Bodhisstava.