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Aroma, Acupressure, Yoga (AAY)  

First in Singapore to learn the above AAY. Its not really yoga and its non religious.
Come in your exercise attire. All can attend.


S$ 38 (Come in your exercise attire.)

About Workshop:

You will learn 7 types of AAY for individual problems. Each AAY is 3mins.
1. AAY for Dark hair and Hair Growth.
2. AAY for slimming body.
3. AAY for Short sighted and far sighted preventions.
4. AAY for HIVES and Rashes.
5. AAY for Freckles Blemishes.
6. AAY for Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles.
7. AAY for nice body Scent to bee attractive. Emit the scent of fragrance.

Omhealth - Yoga
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