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Omhealth was founded in April 2001 to promote the awareness of natural healing methods such as Colour, Music, Aroma Dance therapy, in urban Singapore. Besides introducing lively workshops and seminars. Visit Omhealth Blog ( for latest newsletter for beauty and health

Founded by Bryan Gan, a certified Aromatherapist, certified Pyschology Affirmation, certified reiki II , Qi Kong 8 movement and practitioner of color, dance and music therapy, omhealth comprises of a group of enthusiastic young people including Neo Say Wee and Edric Hsu, each bringing his own individual talents, skills, and most importantly, heart and passion, into this system.

Bryan is one of the Singapore's foremost leading speakers in the field of Aroma , Color, Music, Acupressure, Integrated Healing, Body and Mind and Affirmation Crystal medicine and PRana Qi Gong healthcare. He is a master Natural Therapist with over 15 years experience and is an expert in the Natural Preventive Maintenance system. Bryan is a renowned writer for Iweekly , Health, beauty and Fengshui and is the founding director founder of Omhealth, and a consultant for schools on natural therapy. He has developed and tested numerous skin/health care products. His 15 years career span includes cosmetology, makeup, healthcare, TCM and Natural therapy, crystal color therapy and music therapy, dance therapy and Yoga, qi gong

Bryan graduated from Queensland University in 1997, Bachelor of Science, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology began his clinical studies and practice on herbology. His interest took him to Taiwan, where he began a series of learning with several masters on ancient healing and fengshui art.

Bryan Gan has introduced unique ways of relaxing the body system through his special techniques not taught in other schools. This techniques like aroma butterfly dance has gain popularity in many. He was featured in Channel U, Suria, NewsRadio 938 and Sunday Times.

All of us have a strong passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle especially in our hectic society, and our main mission is to propagate the importance and benefits of natural healing methods, having a compassionate heart for all people and to respect the Mother Earth.

To date, we have conducted many successful workshops at various venues, including major corporations and statutory boards. The many positive feedback we gathered especially mentioned our active involvement of the audience and the interesting hands-on exercises, which are usually accompanied with plenty of fun and laughter.

We have also produced various holistic products such as special aromatherapy oil blends, recipes and eye-pillows, crystal jewelry and pyramids etc, as well as regular informative newsletters.

Please feel free to contact us at for any consultation, health queries, or to make any purchases.