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Body, Mind, Emotion
Non religious way to balance body mind and emotion, very effective remedies for stress and chronics illnesses.
Positive Affirmation Talk (200 people full moon affirmations)
( old comers can attend with new informations)
Green Class Meet Up [Heritage Center] 930am report
Music Mantra Meditation (Heal and Balance body, religious free)  (click here)


Preventive and Health Maintenance
Anti-age Method, Healthcare advice and skills

5 Element Qi Gong and Prana Touch Therapy [Action]


East Meet West (Kwa Sa, Fire Cupping, Moxibustion Acupuncture)
2017 Stay tune
Sinew Qi Gong And Tia Da Herbal Making (NEW) [Action]

Ah Ma Secret Recipes and MBBT Magnet Therapy Workshop
Aroma, Acupressure, Yoga (AAY)  


Welcome Rooster Year Talk
8th Jan 2017
大家来拜拜,拜拜来好运。Part 1 [ENGLISH]
(Most fun)

Ancient Tradition Famous Reveal by Bryan lao Shi (1200 students trained)


Office Workshop
Office and Company workshop: Bryan organise 1.5 hour officeworkshop during lunch time. Is fun and awarded as one of the Star workshop in GMS.
Health and beauty with Bryan (For companies and Offices)