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Health and Beauty with Bryan - For companies and Offices  19 years of Teaching.

Aroma, Color, Music, Acupressure, Laughter, Beauty & health, 5 in One workshop [Mental and physical stress release workshop]. Top workshop in Singapore for body wellness for companies (East Meet West Beauty). Bryan Lao Shi is the first in Singapore to develop this workshop which gain recognition internationally. His skills of teaching that focus on wellness has helped many who suffers from common illnesses like neckpain, headaches, dull skin. And his work has even received recognition from the Taiwan TV show 女人我最大,first Singaporean Lao Shi that gain good feedbacks for his beauty and wellness techniques. His way of teaching has gained him recognition from many companies in Singapore. From Mastercard to Istana and all major brands has invited Bryan to give training and fun workshop. A non MLM but for the interest of all.

His students has reached thousands as a result, whatever he mentioned in his famous blog and facebook, it is always sold out. Because care , responsibilities is the key of omhealth. U takes alot of time, sincerity to build trust.

2nd April 2017

Fees $38

Email with name and mobile and payment will be advised.

National Library 930am seated, 10am to 12pm

About Workshop:

    Aim of workshop:
  • To reduce mental and physical stress in a natural way music and body movement.
  • To experience the art of self acupressure, DIY method to overcome common illnesses.
  • To learn basic herbs to improve health and improve working attitude, productivity and quality at work through positive thinking in a fun way.
  • To learn the Yin and Yang of food-cure and the use of Herbs and flowers for beauty and health
  • East Meet West antiage technique( dark eye circle, wrinkles, dull skin, Hair loss etc)
  • Stress could lead to insomnia, depression, back pain, headache, migraine, indigestion, chronic fatigue.

Bryan started customized school workshops with a lot of positive feedbacks. Come and learn simple ways of releasing your physical and mental stress through aromatherapy, acupressure, breathing and aroma reflexology techniques.

    In this fun and relaxing workshop, you will learn:
  • hands-on breathing exercises
  • simple reflexology and acupressure to manage stress and pain.
  • Beauty and health tips of China Royal Family dated as far as 1000 years ago
  • Power of aromatherapy oil used in managing mental and physical stress
  • Some of the techniques passed down by ancient Emperor China
  • Uncover TCM secrets on how to apply yin/yang principles in making herbal tea, balancing of your body’s needs and to cure common ailments.
  • Right acupressure to relieve different common illness neck shoulder pain, back pain and headaches
  • Office pantry DIY herbal tea
  • Simple body movement dance with laughter music fun and relaxing .

  Bryan's foodcure is fun and easy to make

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