Hi U can go to

Shopping cart to order item le:

(IS convenient and Very Good)

To order, email items to, email will take 3 working days to reply.
Hi all courier company has increased our courier fee for another $3 so our courier now is $9 to $12 (previously they charge us $6 to $9), omhealth absorb LOT LE, so now IS $5 handling fees ok:. This courier fee is stated in Shopping cart on March 2017 take note ok thanks alot for understanding.

Handling fees is $5 for $80 and above order
Handling fees is $7 for below $80
( envelope ah all these packing increase also we absorb aiyo )

Clearly State:
- Item list
- Address with postal code [ many never put]
- Mobile Phone [ some till today dont want put why ah]
-Courier will be weekdays (Courier time is 12pm to 5pm or 5pm to 8pm), only
2 box for me to tick.

[ Sometimes they delay, they will re deliver] 

Do you know if ur things not state clearly, i need to search ur mobile and address from old email. I dont have database yet la:>

From Now try to pay first ok:> Slowly adapt this system. I mean you want Lao Shi spend more time to research and charity work rather than track payment. But so far, u all very nice

always pay on time and old customer i thank you from my heart.


Do transfer amount and email reference number u have paid.

For my tracking purpose, kindly send an email to after transfer is made.  Alot of trust and cooperation is needed from you.


 Example , payment email:

Subject: Payment

Dear Lao Shi, items of amount $222 paid , today/yesterday.

regards VeryHao Xin