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East Meet West (Kwa Sa, Fire Cupping, Moxibustion Acupuncture)  

East Meet West Natural Therapy Class includes moxibustion, fire cupping and kwa sa. A class of one lesson will help you to improve your health.


S$ 55 (material included : Kwa sa Plate, Moxibustion Stick and Notes)

About Workshop:

A workshop with practical handson to learn touch therapy, Kwa sa(Basic) and Moxbustion.
Each participants will get a high quality kwa sa plate, a moxibustion stick.

Do you want to learn
1) Touch Therapy
2) Cupping back massage Practical
3) Moxibustion acupuncture and Ginger Moxibustion
4) Kwa sa for insomnia, bloated stomach, Headaches, fatigue etc
5) Herbal flower foot bath DIY

And where can you find a class that includes all the above? Of course, Bryan 老师 offers them all :D There will also be hands on practical where we will practise moxibustion and Bryan's 4 points moxibustion for health preventive maintenance. Participants will also learn to use fire cupping for slimming or cupping back massage. This touch therapy is also one of the syllabus in one of my certification course in hand reflex for a school. Sincerely design for you all.

Omhealth - East Meet West

Everything starts with 気 (ki, or qi in Chinese), the energy or vital force responsible for controlling the workings of the human mind and body. Ki flows through the body via channels or pathways called meridians. There are a total of 20 meridians: 12 primary meridians, which correspond to specific organs, organ systems or functions, and eight secondary meridians. Imbalances in the flow of ki cause illness; correction of this flow restores the body to balance.

Upcoming class:  

6th April 2013 CSC, Venus Room, 930am to 1230pm.

To register:  

Email to :
Include your name and mobile number with class/workshop title as Subject.