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5 Element Qi Gong and Prana Touch Therapy  

Qi Gong can help to heal many health problems. This is a class to learn Qi Gong in one lesson. Specially designed for you. Its a special skill to learn to strengthen your health and skin.
Qi Gong , Prana Touch therapy is created by Bryan for very busy people like you and me to improve health. Especially for touch therapy, where you can do it for children, yourself or older people for 8 minutes to balance overall system and improve sleep.


S$ 38

About Workshop:

You will learn essence of qi breathing and touch therapy in this class. This is not a seat there and listen lesson. But a self Qi Healing session for beauty and health.
A one lesson to learn techniques to :

  • Heal your back pain
  • Remedies to do when a acute pain is about to happen.
  • Show you causes of bloated stomach and back pain
  • Quickens the healing process. To realign the spine by enhancing the flow of energy or ‘qi' on the back
  • Strengthen your Back
  • Resolve Fatigue all the time
  • Uplift your body Qi
  • Heal your skin disorder
  • Detox your body, improve digestive system
  • Reduce Sinus problems
  • Cleansing your BODY

Upcoming class:  

23rd Feb 2013
10.00am - 12.00pm
WaterLoo Center Dance Studio Map at blog

To register:  

Email to :
Include your name and mobile number with class/workshop title as Subject.