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Bryan Bryan Lao Shi is the founder of Omhealth, and a consultant for schools on natural therapy. He has developed and tested numerous skin/health care products. His 18 years career span includes cosmetology, makeup, healthcare, TCM and Natural therapy, crystal color therapy and music therapy, dance therapy and Yoga, qi gong. U all ah, must learn to support local artiste and nuitritionist, so far omhealth has helped many newbies le. First in Singapore to work with Music therapy in wellness.

Bryan is a regular contributor for years on Iweekly Magainze written more than 300 health articles and local 小毛病大问题 event speakers for past 10 years. Bryan lao Shi has been recognized as a Wellness and Beauty Guru in creating high quality and empowering lifestyle content. And his blog reaching over 30,000 unique viewers per month. 
But her expertise is requested by many media outlets including Starhub and MediaCorp.

Recent wellness talk with more than 800 pax and doctors professors all celebrated a Brainy Day with Bryan

U can now read his Life Story (Singlish)

In life we need to be strong and be determined to be successful. Listen to how omhealth succeeded in the radio interview from his most famous blog

Bryan began his natural pharmacy and aromatherapy in Brisbane Aromatherapy School in the winter of 1996. He is equipped with Bachelor of Science, Certified aromatherapist, crystal color therapist, practitioner of Acupressure, music therapy and founder of Dance and Qi Gong therapy in Singapore. Bryan's self acupressure with aromatherapy Qi are both substantiated and highly regarded.

In 2005, Bryan pursued his passion for helping others to Live life Naturally. After years in the Information Technology Head Auditor industry (first in Singapore to assist an Media firm to be ISO certified in Singapore), he decided to go full time in natural therapy and thus had the opportunity to switch careers and pursue helping others to relieve pain and discomfort. Bryan's work has been approved by TCM and Western Doctor as a reputable practitioner.

Bryan is the recognized leader in the advancement of Aromatherapy for environmental and self care. Possessing the knowledge in Aromatherapy, Skin Physiology and Cosmetic industry, Bryan has created competitive advantage for the finest workshops and enhanced the health and beauty of women and men who benefit from his seminar and products daily. With his knowledge, he has been invited as speaker for a number of major event such as World Women Health Exhibition And Forum 2009 (WWHEF 2009).

Bryan's broad based knowledge of applied science is well-rounded with the raw talent of a compassionate healer. As a ISO 9001 consultant, Bryan applies the knowledge of Quality and customer satisfaction in his work.

Articles Written

Article in I-Weekly Article in I-Weekly

Bryan writes a weekly DIY beauty, health, aromatherapy, color therapy related article for her local magazine, I-Weekly Magazine. Other magazine and newspaper includes SPH Lian He Wan Bao, The Sunday Times, The Straits Times, U-Weekly. Till today, he has written share with public with more than few hundreds articles in health beauty (longest writer in Singapore) and Fengshui. He is one of the popular guest speakers on LOVE 97.2FM. He also featured as an advisor for Health and Beauty in MediaCorp TV Channel 8, Channel U and Suria, The MediaCorp Radio (Y.E.S. 93.3FM, 938LIVE, LOVE 97.2FM), Safra Radio 883Jia FM, SPH Radio 100.3. And has been interviewed by International Journalists.

Video Clips - Bryan appearance in Imedeen Beautique and Workshops
Represented Singapore as World Leading Natural Therapist (see Bryan at 1:45 min)

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