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And below is a sample of the positive accolades I've received from my clients for my services and products:

"He is so impressed with the session, the first held by Bryan , It's a great way to end working week and relieve stress. Dance instructor Bryan Gan's cheesy humour..."
--The Sunday Times, 13 nov 2005

"Mr Bryan Sen Seh has put in great effort in introducing Natural health therapy in Singapore. I greatly respect his effort in promoting healthy living using bamboo charcoal without asking for any benefits in return. Charcoal making and bamboo charcoal is a important respectable Mother Earth way to heal, purify the Earth. Bryan's effort has gained respect and thus he will be the next ambassador for Bamboo Charcoal Japan in Singapore. Bryan's down to earth character and his passion will continue to go further. Thank you Bryan Sen Seh." (click here to read entire blog entry)
--Mr Yusuka Urushibata, Japan

"Hi Bryan, I thought I'd drop u an sms to feedback about your essential oil. Chanced upon it from my mother's friend while I was preparing for my final exam. I had been having sleepless nights during my Post Graduate exam and none of the medications I took helped. However, after using your lavender oil ,I was able to sleep well after the second night of usage. Keep the good work up and I hope my testimony will help many others who are in the same situation as me."
--from a Western Doctor located in Pasir Ris

"Bryan, your grapefruit pink with lavendula vera handbath allows me to sleep so well last night. Keep up the great work" --from BD Technologies staff, K.K

"Good morning lao shi, I wanted to let you know that the mask and serum was amazing! face felt so good after i used it! even had a shine to it!I am going to continue using and will let you know when the scars go away!" --from Gsh.HDB

"Bryan Lao Shi, my dad had right upper back pain and soreness for 2 weeks. Tried accupuncture and Tui na and took Ibuofen pain killers still not much improvements. Last week, I tried your three oil method apply to the upper back and leave a few cups and do cup moving for him. Less than 20 seconds, black red mark came out from his upper back..... . He felt immediate relief and was amazed by your 3 oil and cream method." --from Jermine

"Hi Bryan Lao Shi, my friends commented that my face looks more radiant n youthful recently. I believed it's e facial mist that I've bought from u. Thk u for this wonderful concoction :-) "
--from Sabrina

"Hi Bryan. After the Ah Ma class. I use the magnet on my 12 yr old daughter becuase she cant sleep. Within 15 min she fell asleep. It works. "
--Richard Neo

"Lao shi, my son failed in his school exam but got Bs for O level... Thank God and your study oil helps."--Bryan's Study Oils customer

"Dr Phua slimming recipes (delicious) and Lao Shi your sunflower stomach massage has brought about some major changes, which have improved my health and mind. Not only my consitpation problems has been resolved but I lost 1 inch. I have since recommended Qi Gong to family, friends, and colleagues and will continue to do so, as my results speak for themselves. "
--Jennifer Yip

"I have developed cervical neck bone degeneration many years ago with constant pain and headaches. Spent alot of money on bone therapy like $150 everyweek. After attending the power talk, finger walk method did help and now I go to bone therapy only twice a week which helps me to save $300 a month. My doctor is surprised with my progress."--Omhealth product customer

"I have been using antiage set for 3 weeks. My skin is definitely smoother and all lines have softened. First week slight breakout as I used too much. I am 52 and have normal aging, dry skin (minimal exposure to the sun). I think each person's results will depend on their hormone levels and skin exposure. I have been very pleased with the results so far." --Mdm Seet Hui Jia

"Lao shi, my dad has neck shoulder pain for 3 months plus. We tried different therapy method but in vain. I saw your video on 3 oil method. So last week I ordered and try. Amazingly he has recovered 80%. Thank you."
--Omhealth product customer

"Bryan good news. I have stomach problems for 2 months, slight nausea and bloated and just don't feel right. I see western doctor yes with slight improvements. So I attended your kwa sa class and do moxibustion on Zu San Li. Combine with remove dampness tea. My stomach is perfect now.... The kind of feeling is beyond words can describe , as there is not a feeling of blocking at the chest area due to stomach. I am glad to attend your East Meet West Kwa Sa class."
-- Hong Yuan