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Neroli Facial Oil
Neroli Facial Oil

Extracted from 100% pure and natural flowers and plants.




S$ 45


6 Month

About Product:

Neroli oil supports skin regeneration (reducing scars, diminish stretch marks, broken capillaries) especially for both sensitive and matured skin.

The aroma of Neroli oil is effective for treating nervous depression and shock and calms stress-related conditions. It calms one's mind and is relaxing to the body.

It supports the digestive system in cases of certain infections and upsets resulting from nervous tension.


Contains 100% pure and natural flowers and plants extract and blended with Apricot Kernel oil.

Direction of Use (either one of the following usage):
For Face Massage
  • Cleanse face with Astiquer Facial Treatment Cleanser
  • Pour Lavendula Vera Organic Floral Water Hydrosol on palm and dap onto face
  • Take 3 to 5 drops of Neroli Facial Oil and massage gently onto face for 2 minutes or until completely absorbed by the face
  • Dap the face with a piece of tissue
  • Twice a week

Bryan Lao Shi's Radiant Face - DIY

Wet your cleansed face with organic Lavendula Vera charcoal water. Thereafter, apply 4 drops of Rice bran oil or Neroli facial oil and massage your face for 2 mins. Next, use a clean warm face towel to cover your face for 1 min. Wipe off any excess oil with this towel gently. (Note: The face towel must be clean and must be warm not hot).

Results: A radiant look. Tired eyes and fatigue skin recovered by 70%. If you have these oil, please try this method. It is really really effective.

For Neck & Shoulder Massage

Take 4 drops and massage onto neck and shoulder before sleep. And rub some around chest area. Promote deep sleep.

As Travelling Oil

2 drop apply face before flight. Deeply hydrate skin. In hotel use this oil as moisturiser for face. Carry with you to winter country and skin will stay radiant.

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