Good Luck (Fengshui) Items
Good Luck (Fengshui) Items

A must see of what we must know for Good and Peaceful Luck; A basic definition of Luck by DR Phua will help us to know more:>

How big is the power of feng shui to change your luck? And how long do you have to wait to see the results? Being neither religion nor superstition, here is what feng shui wisdom says about changing human luck.

There are three types of luck - Tien, Ti and Ren.
  • Tien is Heaven Luck, and it is a level that no one can change for you. You simply cannot change the time and place of your birth, the family you were born into or your early life circumstances.
  • Ti is the Earth Luck, and this is the level where feng shui can help strengthen your luck and attract good into your life. By using feng shui to work with your immediate environment, you can considerably change your luck for the better and prevent bad luck.
  • Ren is the Mankind Luck, it is the luck you make by your own efforts by learning, meeting the right people, exploring the world and trying to better your life by growing as a human being. It is the luck you create by good work, strong focus and smart decisions, loving kindness and compassion.

Bryan's method of achiving good luck is neither a religion, nor superstition. It is an ancient body of knowledge that has survived thousands of years and carries a abundance of wisdom for those who are ready to apply feng shui better their lives

Good Luck (Fengshui) Items in BryanVeryGoodLuck Blog ( )
Black Tourmaline Flower Coins Gui Ren Bag  
Black Tourmaline bracelet with Dzi
S$ 280 (Design for lady) /
S$ 338 (Design for man)
Flower Coins
(to bring good news and wishes)
S$ 48
Gui Ren Bag
(for network and Ren Yuan)
S$ 38
Only available in end of Oct
Mala Tian Lu Wealth Bowl  
S$ 380 - $450
Tian Lu (天祿) / (貔貅 pí xiū)
S$ 238
Wealth Bowl
S$ 380
Wen Chang Pen coins Singing Bowls  
Wen Chang Pen
S$ 48
5 Dynasty Coin / 6 Dynasty Coin Hulu
S$ 38 / $48
7 Metal Tibetan Singing Bowls
S$ 280
Affirmation Bracelet Clarity Healing Bracelet    
Wish Fullfilling Trinity Luck Affirmation Bracelet
S$ 88
Clarity Healing Bracelet
S$ 188