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Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Dzi

Black Tourmaline with Dzi is the trademark of Bryan lao shi. Its designed and activated with Tian Di Ren Energy. Pure, Calm and Balance the missing elements in your body.


Design for lady: S$ 280
Design for man : S$ 338 (comes with bigger Dzi and stones )

About Product:

Black tourmaline has a lot of mineral contents. You will be surprised to see how shiny it is even though it is black in colour. It is also known as Shine of Wisdom stone. Back in the ancient China, only the Emperor Royal family will have this stone. It helps to detox negative energy, and most importantly, it absorbs negative body energy and transform it into positive energy. Body negative energy can be in form of illnesses, depression, anger.

Bryan's Black Tourmaline Bracelet brings motivations, happiness, energy and reduce pain in body.

Black tourmaline with smoky quartz and a red essence Dzi. Activated with Zu Sa. Cleanse further with High Energy vibration water. A bracelet one should have. Balance and Protect overall and induce calmness from within.

Heart attack, stress, stroke are the common problems found in city dwellers like us. Black tourmaline is very useful to reduce city stress and maintain health. Black tourmaline bracelet wearing on left hand improves circulation and protection.

For mental/emotional healing, tourmaline appears to help enhance concentration, inspiration and sensitivity. Further, it has been used to stimulate a proper balance between the left and right sides of the brain.

Black tourmaline is also considered to help in all other areas of our lives where a state of equilibrium is required, such as between play & work, ease & pain; or, inner- & outer- consciousnesses.


Please remove your bracelet before you sleep. This is to allow your bracelet to restore energy and at the same time, allowing you to rest well too :>

I do not sell my Black Tourmaline bracelet with Dzi at any shops or shopping malls. Interested parties get it directly from me.


Care for your bracelet:
A) Quick rinse your bracelet with mineral water, or wipe with tissue. Or spray with Protection, space clearing flora water once. Wipe dry and SUN for 5 mins. Do this once a week.


B) Smudge it with Kim's sandalwood powder for 30 seconds. Following that, sun your bracelet for 5mins.

When there is no SUN, you can also put your Black Tourmaline bracelet on a plate of red flowers (Buy from market). ONly red, no other colors. Put on the flowers overnigte.

If you have noticed, I used 4 strings to string all my bracelets. It is more durable this way but of course, wear and tear over a period of time is inevitable. Take good care of it. Should the string get loose and broke, you can send it back for repair.


Q: What is the difference between Black tourmaline bracelet and 5 elements bracelet?

A: Black tourmaline bracelet reduces the effect of yearly unlucky star which are affecting you and the Dzi helps to amplify your luck with love and light, helps a person to calm down and balance the internal organs. Whereas the 5 elements bracelet is normally use to balance the Sun and Moon energy in body. It is a bracelet that brings extra luck to your life. Work on the defects in your Bazhi and try to strengthen you to overcome. Help people who always seems unable to see light in life.
To summarise:
1) Black Tourmaline blocks negativity, grounding and amplify luck with love and light.
2) 5 elements bracelet amplify whatever bazhi goodluck. It is an additional piece on top of Black Tourmaline for collectors.

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