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5 Dynasty Coin / 6 Dynasty Coin Hulu

5 Dynasty Coin is known to block Sha Qi, sharp edges, Office Fax or all kind of bad office fengshui related to bad location or facing door etc. Just put on the office table or anywhere that fengshui is not good, will be good enough.


5 Dynasty Coin : S$ 38
6 Dynasty Coin Hulu: S$ 48

About Product:

Features of Bryan's 5 Dynasty coin :
Specially using 3 fire method and zu sa to activate.
New comers( The market rate for a zu sa coin is $108 and $128. A lot of effort is put in for Bryan's good luck items. Activation method by zu sa is also originated and powered by my master.)

6 dynasty Coin Hulu: Heaven Luck also to reduce the effects of Negative Star influence like illness star. One of the best use is hand behind main door or bed room window to activate the health star. It can activate money luck indirectly too. It can be used for North where illness star is in 2012. Also u can use it to activate Number 6 white star for change in life, such as traveling, moving house or job change.

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