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Healing Mala is specially developed and designed by Bryan with a special Activation Method taught only to Bryan Lao Shi. Key activation of mala with St Germaine Violet Flame and 7th Ray rainbow light


S$ 380 - $450
Healing Mala is specially developed and designed by Bryan in different design. Bryan Lao Shi will design and prescribe mala for you according to your condition.
Should you want to place an order for any item, you can email me ( with title 'Mala'.

About Product:

This famous mala was designed for protection in general and from anger, jealousy and fear. In addition, it can help with manifestation of one's desires, and brings good luck. It helps to ease or remove sorrows. It also help to stabilize energies at home. Well, I have decided to remake this again because it helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure.

This mala is also good to be used to chant mantra. It was said having it chanted 10800 times, you can hang behind door to protect the house from negativity. I have also designed it to strengthen family ties.


Many of you who bought your mala from me, feedback that the colour of Dzi changes. This is very normal, due to the activated vibrational energy. What you need to do is, continue to treasure it and use it for breathing exercise, or carry it with you for good luck.

Direction of Use:
Procedures to work with Energy of Mala:
Helps to work with problems, issues , emotions problems, office issues....
  • 6-3-6 Breathing Exercise
  • Inhale slowly 6 counts, hold your breath 3 counts and exhale slowly 6 counts, perform 3 to 6 times. When exhale visualize all problems resolved. Inhale once more deeply exhale all worries.

  • Serious neck pain you can wear as necklace for 10mins to release ache.

  • Tummy Breathing Exercise
  • Lie down on bed or hard floor. Put mala on tummy and perform deep breathing exercise (10 times) to boost energy. Then, normal breathing and rest abit. There are also many usages just be creative and don’t be superstitious.

Procedures for Wishfuling Method:
Success will come if you make an effort in your life, and things fall in right time, period and situation. Is a month when whatever you wish will come true if you are able to find or attract the “ wishfuling jewel”. This may materialize in your life in form of a mentor (Gui ren), health, job opportunity.
  • Handling of difficult people or poor ren yuan
  • Handling of Poor Luck or Illnesses or Protections

The mala is best energized. if you can chant 'Om mani padme Hung' once a day. And dedicate to all beings around you. This will create the cause for an influential mentor to come into your life too.

Or you can hold mala put near your heart and chant Kwan Yin mantra or Da bo gong mantra. But daily holding with mala and chant is good. Chant 3 , 6 or 9. Normally I chant Da Bo Gong Mantra 3 times follow by kwan Yin mantra 9 times.

** For Other religion : you can hold mala to perform 6 3 6 breathing exercise.

Procedure for Maintaining the Energy:
Once a month wipe with mineral water (mineral water like ice mountain) or smudge with sandalwood incense for 1 minute. Or run thru the incense at temple. If you are other religion u can use a small bowl of rose petals or red flower and put on it once a month. Or one drop of eucalyptus in a bowl water and use to wet the tissue and wipe it.
You can use as a protective piece to carry around in a nice pouch. When travel you can put beside pillow or under pillow for better sleep and protection.

  • Step A:
  • Put the mala on a plate of rose petal (red )or red flower for a day at least 4 hours.

  • Step B:
  • Next day or any day at about noontime on a bright sunny day, sit in a comfortable position, back straight and eyes gently closed. In your hands, hold a mala. Visualise the mala receiving light from the sun (you need not be under sun inside house will do). Hold the jewel in both hands. Than think of the wishes and all having positive outcome ***; Over time you will have created your own wish granting jewel.

    *** Example;
    If you sick for long time, just think the white light from sun shine to the mala and the mala emit out violet light cleanse your body like a water fall cleanse your body.
    If you are those that cannot visualize. Just say your wish out.
    But your wish words should not have negative words.

    IS WRONG TO SAY: I will not get sick again .
    AFTER CORRECTION : I am in the process of getting a healthier body.
    TIPS: First time I was doing, I write down the wish list and do it together with family, read out loud and anyone just hold the mala will do.

  • Step C:
  • If you find your house lack of harmony, just think of mala emit out light and harmonsie the family. IF you cannot visualise light just say , My house vibrates with harmony energy and happiness forever. Say out loud with mala holding in your hand.

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