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Affirmation Bracelet
Wish Fullfilling Trinity Luck Affirmation Bracelet

Designed to bring positive affirmative things to your life. Hold it to say your affirmations. Handmade by Bryan at $88 each. Specially activated by Bryan with love and light for all.


S$ 88

About Product:

Infused with different good quality stones such as :
1) Smoky Quartz
2) Yellow Tiger Eye
3) Red Tiger Eye
4) Blue Tiger Eye
5) Clear Quartz Ball
6) Lotus Clear Quartz

Ruled by the sun and possessing a golden flash of light, this stone is worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence. It is a warm stone, andpromotes energy flow through the body when worn. It is also quite beneficial to the weak or sick. It can help one to find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the will power to carry them into the physical realm. Blue tigers eye can be used for protection. It is also said to bring good luck to one who wears or carries it.

Red tiger's eye is useful in slowing down the third chakra and flushing out excess energy. In general is an emotional balancer that soften stubbornness and gives clear insight. It will ground and center, thus strengthening the connection with will and personal power.

Only 38 pieces made for this auspicious Moon Cake Festival . Use forever to hold and say positive things. Rare and good. Email your order to

Affirmation Bracelet