Special Blend
Bryan's Special Blends

As the essential oils used for blending are of therapeutic grade, one will reap the highest effects from these special blends.




2 Years from opening


BRYAN's Relaxation Blend - 2001 : S$ 45
BRYAN's 5 Elements' Oil - 1999 : S$ 38

Bryan's Healing Trees Oil -2012: $45

About Product:

Bryan's Relaxation Blend - 2001 :
- Calm one's mind instantly and releases long-term stress.

Bryan's 5 Elements' Oil - 1999 :
- Five element oil balance five organ in body cleanse body and environment.
- It cleanse the environment to remove unwanted negative energy.

Direction of Use:
  • 5 drops in a pail of water for final body rinse

Cotton/Tissue Inhalation
  • 1-2 drop on tissue/cotton
  • Inhale and place the tissue/cotton in pocket

  • 4 drops in pail of warm water
  • Perform footbath for 15 minutes, 3 times a week

  • 4 drops in 10ml of Rice Bran Oil (Shelf Life: 3 mths)
  • Massage onto neck, shoulder or body when needed

More Usages is at HERE