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Well-Being Healing & Tranquil Spray

Healing flora water specially blended by Bryan 老师 and activated with high energy crystals. Keyword: Restore emotion balance and happiness from within.




S$ 50


1 Year

About Product:

Flowers combinations in this floral water heals, purifies and strengthen the heart as well as emotions concerning love. Promotes emotional balance and well being.

If you are always impatient, rushing, always no time for yourself, panic, distress, fear for no reason, exam stress, mood swings, feeling down or insomnia due to worries, let this Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray can help to heal your heart and emotions . Besides that, it also help to release and break away from sadness.

Direction of Use:

No limitation; No strict rules to abide with. You can spray it on painful area, around the air, heart area or on your palm and dap the water at your heart or area that need healing. This spray helps to speed up healing process.