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Protection and Space Clearing Spray

Healing flora water specially blended by Bryan 老师 and activated with high energy crystals. Keyword: Protect, Cleanse, Cleanse Space.




S$ 50


1 Year

About Product:

Blended with a base of pure botanicals, herbal extracts and exquisite aromatic oils to create and encourage positive healing environments. It rehydrates, moisturises, creates protective environments and clear any bad emotions. They can be used anytime to create a safe healing environment, at home, at work, while travelling and with those you love.

  • For Office > Clear negative "Qi", negative emotions and unwanted negative energies once spray into the air. No chemical but it is fresh flora water
  • For House > Spray to improve house "Qi"
  • For crystal > Spray for cleansing and charging
  • For face > Spray for toning
  • For bed room > Spray at bedroom or above pillow for good sleep
  • For hotel > Spray for protection and calmness

Direction of Use:

It is an organic flora water that can spray around face area, bedroom and office. For healing and calming effect. It can be sprayed in the air. No harm inhaling because it is fresh flower water.