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Flora Water Hydrosol
Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora Water Hydrosol

Suitable for all skin types.




S$ 45


6 Months

About Product:

It is a high function water which tones, detox and energise your skin. It dramatically reduce the sign of tiredness and dullness of your skin. It is packed with the essence of true Lavendula Vera, which can help to sooth allergy and dull skin. Its natural power eliminates the toxins and irritants within skin's surface. Like a professional beautician, it gently calms your skin and you will have a brighter, more radiant skin with frequent use. I called it the miracle water and the proper term for it is called HYDROSOL.

It is a healing water that balance your body, mind and skin. Often used for acne, stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis. It is baby friendly and can dap on baby skin to calm them. Emotionally, this flora water attunes your mind to calm and promote balance.

Lavender Water Fresh: Colors differ from clear to Pink depends on the color of Grapefruit extract in it:> Enjoy this wonderful Flora water fresh everytime you order:>


Essence of True Lavendula Vera essential oil

Direction of Use:
As a Toner
  • This Floral Water Hydrosol functions as a toner which can be applied directly onto the skin any time of the day. Pour some on palm and dap onto face.

As a For Rashes, Eczema
  • It can also be applied directly onto the body and due to its refreshing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties, it is especially effective for treating rashes, damaged skin and eczema.

Eye Compress
  • Pour the floral water onto a cotton pad. Place the cotton pad over each eye and compress for 5 minutes. This is especially effective for reducing tired and puffy eyes.

Special Anti-Age Treatment
  • Dap the Floral Water Hydrosol onto face. Apply Neroli Facial Oil on the whole face and massage. Thereafter, dap the face with tissue paper to remove excess oil residue if any.

As a Mask
  • Add the Floral Water Hydrosol to Sandalwood Powder as a mask to be applied and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off.

As an antiseptic for cleaning wounds.
  • It's soothing and calming properties makes it safe to use even on babies as a linen spray in baby's room, as a natural baby wipe after change of diapers.

  • Apply before and after shaving to prevent inflammation and in-grown hairs.

Do You Know??   

Do not confuse mists (water with added essential oils) with Floral Water Hydrosols (also known as Herbal Water or Hydrolates). True Hydrosols obtained ONLY from the distillation process which carries minute particles of essential oil (in suspension) and the hydrophillic (water-loving) properties of the plant.

Lavendula Vera Organic charcoal flora water can be sometimes pinkish, and sometimes clear. Do not be alarmed if you see a different color :) It depends on the flowers extracted at the point of time. As it is organic flowers, the color may be different sometimes but rest assured, they are extracted directly from the actual flowers. Absolutely the real flora water. Have fun with this flora water!


Q: What is the difference between Floral Water and Floral Water Hydrosol?

A: Hydrosol is a floral water made with the water (100% naturally distilled) used during steam distillation of essential oils whereas floral water is made with essential oil which is added to water.


Q: Are the properties of the Lavendula Floral Water Hydrosol same as the essential oil?

A: Hydrosol has the same therapeutic properties as the essential oil. Lavender Floral Water Hydrosol hydrates, refreshes and soothes all skin types. This hydrosol is made from organic Lavender which originates from Provence. It contains no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, alcohol, preservatives or any other forms of toxic ingredients.

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