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Marigold Day Protective Cream
Marigold Day Protective Cream   AM

Marigold Day Protective Cream comes with natural sunblock, it is a good protective day cream.
It is hydrating yet gentle, soothing yet revitalizing. Ideal for dry, mature skin. Protect from Sun and Office lights that dull your skin, try this and let the herbal extract heal your skin.




S$ 55


1 Year

About Product:

All ingredients work together in synergy, so their combined anti-aging effect is much greater than the sum of their individual benefits.

Design for sensitive skin.

Day cream are important to the skin and to the prevent wrinkles and future skin damage. They shields your skin from the elements, especially the sun and office pollution. Marigold and herbs can even replenish skin and reduce wrinkles and other common signs of aging. Day creams can truly be packed with the best ingredients, and they are essential for the purpose of protection.

  • Powerful yet gentle, Suitable for daily use
  • Standalone, need not apply moisturiser before it (REMEMBER)
  • Nourish yet non greasy
  • UVA & UVB Protection from Zinc Oxide
  • No chemical UV absorbers
  • Non-Whitening
  • No Eye Sting
  • Non-Nano
  • Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Ethoxylate-free; Propylene glycol-free, Silicone-free, DEA-free and Artificial colour-free.


Contains Nourishing Carrageenan and Marigold , Vitamin E, Macademia extracts, Zinc Oxide and extracts.

Direction of Use:
  • For Day Use
  • Cleansing > Tone with Lavendular Vera Charcoal Flora water > Antiage Serum (optional) > Marigold Protective Day Cream


Marigold Day Protection itself is a mosituriser for Day, is 2 IN 1. Perfectionist is for night, but some use for Day because they have their own sun block or they dont use sunblock. Please don't apply Perfectionist and apply marigold Day Cream ok. One is enough.

Do You Know??   

A famous makeup artist told me many people experienced dull skin texture due to long hours in front of the computer, and using too heavy sunblock which can block the pores.

Facts: Many sunscreens with sunblock contain synthetic chemicals which can cause allergic reactions or more serious complications. Physical barrier-type sunscreens such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are assumed to be safer products. However, research now shows that though titanium dioxide sunscreens are safer than products containing chemicals such as benzophenone, they are not something we should be putting on our children's bodies on a regular basis. Titanium dioxide has the ability to cause DNA damage in human cells and there is concern that it may be carcinogenic.

Zinc oxide is a mineral that provides complete UVB/UVA protection, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is considered a safe sunscreen ingredient. Zinc oxide is the only FDA approved sunscreen for use on children under 6 months of age.

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