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Anti-Age Serum
Anti-Age Serum

Suitable for all types of skin (including sensitive skin too).




S$ 68


1 Year

About Product:

Rich in collagen and contains Green Tea extract which hydrates the skin and prevent free radicals from oxidising, thus slowing the ageing process.


Collagen and Green Tea extract.

Direction of Use:
  • Apply after floral water hydrosol
  • Followed by moisturiser thereafter
  • Suitable for daily use
  • For Day and/or at night


Q: Serum sold over the counters after often expensive. Why?

A: With the built-in expense factors such as space rental, advertising & promotions and attractive packaging, consumers often have to pay a high price for a bottle of serum.


Q: Why is applying serum to the skin important?

A: Serums are important as they are created for the purpose of delivering various ingredients with therapeutic effects to the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin effectively. They are typically thinner than creams, but not completely liquid.


Q: My skin is super sensitive. Do you think I can use the Anti-Age Serum without causing any skin allergies?

A: Unlike Skin Vita Serum, Anti-Age Serum is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Alternatively, perform a patch test by applying the Anti-Age Serum at the inner arm before applying to the face.


Q: I have never use serum before, which one should I get? Skin Vita Serum or Anti-Age Serum?

A: For sensitive skin, it is advisable to start with the Anti-Age Serum. You may switch to Skin-Vita Serum thereafter. You may wish to perform the necessary patch tests before applying on the face.


Q: I have acne skin. Which serum would you recommend?

A: Acne is form of skin disease and should be resolved before applying any serum. You may start with using Anti-Age Serum for skin repair once your acne problem is resolved.

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