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Essential Oil


Body and Face Oil

Face Mask

Hair Care


A series of gently not much Bubble shampoo... With true goodness. A lot hair issues also due to internal body. u can see blog for recipes for hair. Also dandruff sometimes see one time TCM is good.
Hair Items

Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo 250ml
SGD 45

Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo
SGD 45

Dandruff Shampoo 110ml
SGD 28

Balance Tonic Conditioner
SGD 45

Herbal Blend Shampoo and Conditioner
SGD 70   (100 sets intro price)

Shampoo omhealth herbal shampoo
SGD 35
Hair Serum    

De Beaux Hair Serum
SGD 55

Bio follow Hair tonic 60 ml
SGD 38


Hair Set A
SGD 110

Hair Set B
SGD 68

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