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Since 1998 Bryan lao Shi has created (click to read the profile) with quality fresh products; enjoy this simple shopping cart done for you; for more health news u can visit; Bryan life stories on aroma can be found in


Essential Oil


Body and Face Oil

Face Mask

Hair Care


All skincare is good quality and fresh , fun to use. Colors and texture of natural cream may varies depends on batches. Enjoy simple skincare and yet powerful

Wonderful Soap Bar
SGD 12

Dragonblood Series


 SGD 168


Bulgaria Rose Shea Butter


 SGD 50


Plants and Planets Body Lotion 250 ml
SGD 50

Antiage Set (Antiaging : ( choose one) Serum, Rose Water or Lavender Water, Moisturizer (choose one))
SGD 215
Bryan's Skincare Series

Astiquer Facial Treatment Cleanser 160ml
SGD 50

Raffaele Facial Purifier Cleanser 160ml
SGD 50

Anti-Age Renewal Flora Facial Scrub
SGD 45
Facial water or skin softener or toner    

Lavendula Flora water with grapefruit extract 110ml
SGD 45

16 Herbs Heng Heng Body Scrub 200 ml
Smooth and natural
SGD 55

Witch Hazel Facial (mist) Toner 100ml
SGD 35

Glamour Skin Dew ( mist) 100 ml with Frankincense and Dragonblood
SGD 50

Rose Otto Bulgaria Hydrosol (eczema and sensitive skin) 110ml
SGD 45
Facial Serum    

OMG Ultre Serum
SGD 55

Magwhite Serum (Evening)
SGD 45

True Brightening Serum Rose
SGD 55

Antiage Serum (Day or Night)
SGD 68

OMG whitening Emulsion
SGD 68

Synergy Moisturiser (Matured, night but some can use in day) 50g
SGD 55

Marine Collagen Moisturiser (Not for sensitive skin) 50g
SGD 55

Dragonblood Gel
  SGD 80

True Brigtening Moisturiser 50ml
  SGD 55

Day Hydration Milk 50ml
  SGD 55
Sunscreen SPF 25    

SPF 25 Super Collagen
SGD 55

HA Eye Serum
SGD 50

Ginseng Eye Cream
SGD 50

Dragonblood Ultimate Eye Gel
SGD 55

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