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Essential Oil


Body and Face Oil

Face Mask

Hair Care


New Items    

Lucky Yellow Heng Ball
SGD 68


Auspicious Medallion

SGD 28

Himalayan Crystal Salt


 SGD 15


BBC Coin


 SGD 48


Heng Ong Huat Mala


 SGD 108


Big Jing Gang Ball


 SGD 150


Phoenix Healing Pendant


 SGD 68


Aromatherapy Bracelet


 SGD 88


Mini star abundance harmony set




Incense set ( free incense young Agarwood)


 SGD 68


Affirmation bracelet


 SGD 88


Healing Medicine Ball


 SGD 55



Brain Stone


 SGD 25


Flower Detox Body Massager (Use with lotion or rice oil combine with 3 oil)
SGD 35

Porcelain healing face Kwa Sha
SGD 25

Healing Pendulum (pure Silver)
SGD 50

Organic High Mountain Gold Tea


 SGD 28


Heng Ball 30mm

Heng ball was designed based on flower color frequency therapy activation for balance of body mind and emotion. Is a wonderful piece feature in magazine and also (under heng ball label)

All heng ball has properties no matter of what color to block the negative energy in places. The colors are extra guide for those who want to collect heng balls. All should have a clear heng ball at least. As it amplifies all other colors.

nb : first Heng Ball omhealth will choose for you
Clear hengball amplify good energy
Blue hengball Healing , communications
Red hengball fame, auspicious, circulations, motivation
Light yellow hengball Heng, auric protect, Prosperous
Deep yellow hengball Digestive, abundance, thoughtful, networking
Light green hengball happiness and wisdom, clear misunderstanding,Ensure well being and health, and symbolise of removal illness
Antique green hengball growth and compassion , help from ten directions, Healing
Emerald green hengball blessings, healing , support mentor luck
Pink hengball Heal relationship, harmony, contentment, Divine love, self worth
Light purple hengball sooth emotional stress, sleep
Deep purple hengball Purifying, mental release, relieve tension

SGD 68


King/ Queen Heng Ball  40mm

SGD 228/ SGD 338


Birthday Ball 40mm
in comments state the name and DOB when order)

 SGD 138


Organic Nepal Dried Ginger 100mm


 SGD 20


Back Neck Kwa Sha Plate


 SGD 25


Liu Li


 SGD 55




 SGD 25

Good Luck Items

5 D coin Activated

Reduce sharp edges and bad energy effect

 SGD 38


6 D Hulu Activated

Reduce disaster star and illness star

 SGD 48


Peachwood TianLu

Attract wealth and wellness

 SGD 68


Peachwood Hulu Tian Lu

Health and protect

 SGD 68


Peachwood Fu RuYi Tian Lu

Activate of ur auspicious star and calmness

 SGD 68


Travel Protect Bag or Luggage Charm


 SGD 18


Tzi of Hengness

 SGD 188
 SGD 218

Healing Abundance Tzi

 SGD 228
 SGD 280

Heng Elephant


 SGD 68


Mystic knot Activated


 SGD 68

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